Learning Elvish

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Learning Elvish

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I've always been very interested in languages and what we hear of Quenya or Sindarin in Peter Jackson's version of LotR sounds nice, have any of you ever tried to learn Elvish (any variety), how did it go and which books dfid you use ?
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Re: Learning Elvish

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Tolkien made those languages up. If you search google or Amazon, then there are a few books that dig into them and teach them.
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Re: Learning Elvish

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One of the most comprehensive books for learning Sindarin is “A Gateway To Sindarin: A Grammar Of An Elvish Language from JRR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings” by David Salo. This book provides detailed information on the grammar and structure of Sindarin, which could be a great starting point for your learning journey. Additionally, there are online resources such as the Sindarin Hub which offers a searchable database for words, verbs, and phrases in Sindarin, and the Council of Elrond, which provides an extensive database for Elvish translations and dictionaries.
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