Exploring Worldbuilding in Tabletop RPG Settings

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Exploring Worldbuilding in Tabletop RPG Settings

#1 Post by nolanmaris »


Most captivating aspects of tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) is the rich and immersive worlds they immerse us in.
What elements of worldbuilding do you find most interesting in tabletop RPG settings? Are you attracted to detailed maps that bring the world to life, or do you prefer deep histories and lore that enrich the setting?

When you're creating your own RPG worlds, what aspects do you prioritize? Do you focus on creating diverse cultures, fantastical creatures, or complex political landscapes?
How do you integrate your worldbuilding into the gameplay experience?

Discuss what makes them unique from your perspective. Refer viewforum.php?f=2

Thank you
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Re: Exploring Worldbuilding in Tabletop RPG Settings

#2 Post by Csjarrat »

I play cyberpunk settings most (carbon 2185, shadow run etc). It thrives on oppression, crime, vice and sleaze, so my games tend to focus heavily on those aspects. Usually try and put my PCs in places where they have to make a choice, usually between two or more evils just to keep their heads above water in a dark gritty world
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Re: Exploring Worldbuilding in Tabletop RPG Settings

#3 Post by Nicanor »

Just about all rpgs I do now I gm for my kids so the overarching world isn't too terribly important. It's there but it's not the focus for them. Instead, the world is not too terribly detailed until it needs to be and the focus is on what the players are dealing with at the time. They enjoy twists and secrets more than cultures and politics.

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Re: Exploring Worldbuilding in Tabletop RPG Settings

#4 Post by Morgen »

I try to have a general idea of what's going on and I try to keep the stakes small in the adventures and then it builds on what the people in the game like or don't like. There's often lost technology hiding under the world of magic and swords.

Honestly I'm big for the idea of communal world building to have as a groups place of adventure more than showing up with a fully built world they're playing tourist in.
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