Who is the best Caster for High Magic?

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Who is the best Caster for High Magic?

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Between the options of Teclis and Alarrielle, who do you think is the best Wizard we have access to as the go to caster or High magic? I know it isnt the most powerful of our lores, or the best use of Teclis (selecting loremaster of high magic) but in a 2500 or 3000 point list who reins supreme?

If I ran Teclis, I would put him in a unit with an annointed of Asuryan (likely with a crown of command if not with white lions) to get the ward save started. the upside of Allarielle is that she brings her own 5+ ward vs Mundane, so you dont really need to spend the points on the Annointed. of course she gets a smaller pool of spells and has to roll for them.

so whats better? Teclis, with an innate +6 to cast spells from high magic, a choice of all the spells, with the once a game ability to absolutey dominate a good roll on the winds with his staff ability? or the lower points cost of allarielle, her healing ability and innate 5+ ward vs nonmagical damage?

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Re: Who is the best Caster for High Magic?

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taldarinzphoenix wrote:
Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:26 pm
I know it isnt the most powerful of our lores
This is interesting. High Magic was the go-to for a lot of tournament lists. In particular Shield of Saphery combined with Phoenix Guard is very strong, whilst a Star Dragon list for example benefits greatly from the movement and healing. Teclis though, probably wants to be in a big unit of White Lions, which the army will build around. This kind of roster arguably benefits less from High Magic.
taldarinzphoenix wrote:
Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:26 pm
5+ ward vs Mundane
Yes, I think this is really key. Teclis needs to be cautious exposing himself to combat, even with an Anointed. He can probably only count on getting off one High Magic spell per turn against good defence, to boost his Ward save. He can have one supercharged phase but after that he has to be very careful. He can be pushed to the second rank for safety, for example by going really narrow with the Lions. Then though, the unit won't do much damage in melee.

The Everqueen on the other hand, can count on at least a 4+ Ward every turn and this extends to her unit, which becomes an absolute steamroller. I just feel that HIgh Magic makes more sense on her than on Teclis because of this unit mechanic. Big T is of course awesome (my HIgh Elves went down 8-12 to him and I didn't play badly). I do feel though that he needs the flexibilty of all the Lores and can't make full use of High Magic.

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