An army from Cothique - plans for the future

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An army from Cothique - plans for the future

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When I returned to Warhammer I was already aiming for a Cothique army. I also wanted to be true to the background and try to avoid obsessing too much about building optimized lists.

Well, my first game was with all I had, and some of it was what I transferred from Oathmark.

And I started to think about efficiency and started to loose sight of the story and the background.
Well, I will try to get back on track and create that dream army. But what is characteristic of Cothique?

Here is my take and I am happy to hear your take on it as well.

Character units:

Well, what pops up again and again are two units. Silver helms and spears. Very basic stuff but a start.
But the Silver helms of Cothique are extremly skilled and agile, and this can be represented with two banners. The Banner of Ellyrion and The Ranger standard.
Both gives Strider so there you go

So whatever I do, my Silver helm will be a bit pricey since they need a standard bearer and then one may aswell take a full command. But they will be flavoured and having the ability to just take a shortcut through that rough terrain gives options.

Then there are spears. I have 29 but I think I will rebuild my sword and shield warriors and add some spears that served as Wood elf Ethernal guard to make another unit of 25 spears.

The elves of Cothique are more wild and rough than others so I am working on a unit of 10 warriors with two hand weapons that will also be skirmishers. Sailors forming a raiding shore party.

I am creating an elite unit based on a veneration of Mathlann that will count as Phoenix Guards.
A unit of Sisters of Avelorn and a unit of White lions and a lion chariot feels okay since they are neighbouring kingdoms. But I really want to get my own elite unit project finished so I do not feel I need to relly on the White lions all the time.

Preferably in the future I will only have the Sisters and the lion chariot (some Chracian relative that wants to tag along) as mainstay allies, bringing the White lions only now and them.
My archer unit is painted for Chrace but they are core and could be a retinue for said Chracian charioteers.

Add an RBT, an eagle for scouting the seas and it feels pretty thematic.

But what abour characters?
I can see dashing nobles leading the Silver helms as they leap of the ships and up on the shores, rough veterans keeping the line of spears steady.
And some mages. They are high elves after all. But maybe having a Mistweaver together with a standard household mage is more fluffy.

A prince on a Griffon is already there and maybe a hero riding an eagle scouting the seas.

Suggestions are more than welcome, both of units, characters, fluffy magic items to bring.

And maybe ideas on how to make the army work as I face of against the undead of my main opponent.

Now, what characters

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