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Re: Warhammer Armies Project: a search for experience.

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Tethlis wrote:
Sun Mar 12, 2023 11:45 pm
Dragon Princes are a more difficult sell for me. I typically like Silver Helms because they're a Core Choice, and make for a good escort for a Cavalry character. In both cases though, Silver Helms and Dragon Princes alike, Strength 3 is just very poor after their charge. Since they rarely break ranked units with frontal charges, and I can't count on my opponents to be incompetent enough to give me a flank charge, I rarely invest in Dragon Princes over straight Silver Helms. I'd rather use those precious Special + Rare points to provide something my Core can't do, such as elite infantry, Strength 4 shooting, or a combat monster. Perhaps if Dragon Princes had something to set them more apart from Silver Helms, I'd use them more often.
They're an interesting unit, that's for sure. I think Dragon Princes are more viable in WAP than in 8th ed. They're only 4 points more than SH (assuming you're taking heavy armor, and why wouldn't you...). And you get a lot for those 4 points. +1WS, +1I, +1A and +1LD. Which means you're more likely to hit stuff (you only fail to hit on a 2 in a lot of cases), you're more likely to go first, you're more likely to do more damage, and if you lose combat or need a LD test, you're more likely to stick around.

SH as a unit are either a complete support unit or a character delivery unit. They wont do much on their own. However, 5-7 DP or even 10 are a fine unit out on their own. I disagree that your opponent needs to be incompetent if they offer you a flank charge. With 18'' movement and a 16'' average charge, you are very fast. And then it's about offering your opponent bad choices. He might block your flank charge, but that can very well open him up to another charge from you or disrupt his battleplan.

In that sense they offer something very different from your core. They're a fast sledgehammer, a lot more so than SH.
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