2500 points vs VC (Warhammer Armies Project (Edited)

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2500 points vs VC (Warhammer Armies Project (Edited)

#1 Post by Ramesesis »

So I am assembling a list to face Vampire Counts under Warhammer Armies Project rules.
I am considering taking a Prince on Griffon

Prince Ramesesis 366
Armour of protection, Amulet of Light, Lucky trinket
Shield, lance
Griffon with Shredding talons and Swooping strike

Celenna - Lv2 Magess 145
Starwood staff - High magic

Finlir - Lv2 Mage 145
Dispell scroll - Lore of Light 145

Selenoa - Battle Standard bearer 137
Sword of Anti-heroes, Enchanted Shield, Amulet of Fire - Heavy armour

Wardens of Tor Eloc 359
29 Spearelves, Full command & Lichbone pendant

Amaranthine arrows 188
14 Archers, Hawkeye & Musician

Waveriders 187
6 Silver helms with Heavy armour, Lance and shield with Full command & Ranger standard

Mistnar reavers 215
20 warriors Full command medium armour & shield
Gleaming pendant

1 Eagle claw Bolt thrower 60

1 White lion chariot 110

Silver manes 345
20 White Lions Full command & Banner of Courage

Crimson sisters 190
10 Sisters of Avelorn, High Sister

1 Great Eagle 50

2497 points

This is what I can field now. But I am not certain about the warriors. I shaved some points on the princes magical kit to make room.
Either that or I fiels the warriors with light armour.

Still, is there anything I should take instead of the warriors?

I really wish I had more Silver helms, RBT:s or chariots but this is what there is at the moment.

I have 20 Seaguards in reserve and could make 15-16 more spearelves and maybe 4-5 more archers from my bits.


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Re: 2500 points vs VC (Warhammer Armies Project (Edited)

#2 Post by SpellArcher »

I don’t know the specifics of the Warhammer Armies Project. In general though, I like the Griffon and Lions because they focus killing power and offer ways of not getting bogged down in long combats. Having a reasonable amount of shooting and magic should always be helpful.

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