Warhammer Armies Project parry save rule

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Warhammer Armies Project parry save rule

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I have been away for so long that I have lost touch with many concepts.

The Shield of the Merwyrm grants a 4+ parry. But if I remember correctly it was always the case that it was only when you use a standard hand weapon that you get parry.
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Re: Warhammer Armies Project parry save rule

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Normal parry saves require a non-magical hand weapon, yes. However, the shield of the Merwyrm's entry specifically states that the 4+ parry save functions even with a magic weapon.

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Re: Warhammer Armies Project parry save rule

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Indeed. However, do note that the other parry rules still apply. So it's only on foot, and only when attacked from the front etc. Which makes it less good than it appears
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