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Help for first list in Phoenix theme

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 4:53 pm
by Dastan
Started 9th age somewhat recently, but I have played in 8th and have some ideas of how things work
Mostly needing some help to see if I jump into the noob traps or stumbling over something that works
I'm painting my army in the red and yellow of Eataine, and with a Phoenix theme.
I really wanted to bring both my Dragon and my Phoenix as I think they are some amazing models to look at.
And trying to make everything WYSIWYG
I have made a mock up of a list to have somewhere to start.

-- Characters ---
875 - High Prince - Dragon(440), Shield(5), Dragonforged Armour(30), Lance(15), General, No Honour, Lucky Charm(10), Potion of Swiftness(20), Nova Flare(75), Daemon’s Bane(15), Star Metal Alloy(30)
570 - Mage - Pyromancy, Wizard Master(150), Asfad Scholar(95), Book of Meladys(100)
335 - Commander - Battle Standard Bearer(50), Elven Horse(30), Shield(5), Heavy Armour(10), Great Weapon(10), No Honour, Death Cheater(100)

--- Core ---
310 - 20x Citizen Spears - Champion(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10), Banner of Discipline(30)
525 - 30x Citizen Archers - Champion(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10), Flaming Standard(35)
290 - 20x Citizen Spears - Champion(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10), Legion Standard(10)

--- Special ---
542 - 21x Flame Wardens - Champion(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10), War Banner of Ryma(60)
100 - Giant Eagles
100 - Giant Eagles
420 - 5x Knights of Ryma - Champion(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10), Rending Banner(50)

--- The Ancient Allies ---
370 - Phoenix - Frost Phoenix, Warden's Bond(60)

--- Total ---
4437 pts

All the models I have to choose from so far is
Prince on Dragon,
Warden on frost phoenix
Prince on Griffin
Prince BsB on horse
Mage on horse
Prince on foot with axe and shield
A master of canreig tower
A flame warden master
3 mages on foot

32 archers
21 spears
10 sea guard
18 lancers
5 reavers

20 flame wardens
22 blademasters
10 knights of ryma
2 great eagles

10 queens guard
2 bolt throwers
And unit fillers for days

Re: Help for first list in Phoenix theme

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:48 pm
by SpellArcher
Unfortunately we haven't had any 9th Age posts for some time Dastan. I would comment but I haven't played it since the very early days so have no idea now. Hopefully someone with knowledge will post.

Re: Help for first list in Phoenix theme

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:46 pm
by Elithmar
You could try the 9th Age forum - it seemed pretty active the last time I looked and there's a separate section of the forum for each army.