Dread Elves of Maphria Island (T9A Zanzibar)

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Dread Elves of Maphria Island (T9A Zanzibar)

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Dread Elves of Maphria Island

We are developing Dark Elves based on the slaving Sultanate of Zanzibar and colonial safari.

Matthew Klaas de Witte accepted a commission from me to design a Dread Elf from Maphria, with a leopard skin and an enslaved Pygmy Halfling. Gut feeling told me he was the right man to pioneer this field. Be welcome to leave a comment for him under the artwork on Deviantart. Master de Witte has a deft hand at playing with historical styles in fantasy artwork, as can be seen in his gallery!


Please share ideas of your own for this exotic colony faction!
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