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New Game!

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Hi all

Pleasure t0 be here after many many years.
We are launching a new game called Glory or Death (God)
It "feels" a bit like warhammer though it introduces many many new things while killing the bad ones.
So far we have amassed a fine group of people, like a history researcher to help us with weaponry, move relativity and all, some former ETC legends for our tournament pack, ex GW designers and some experienced playtesters.
So far, in our 7 day existence there has been some good traction mainly in FB.
The game will be groundbreaking and has the following goals

1. Fun
2. Strategy
3. Each game max 2 hours

I wonder if people are interested to throw regular updates and / or teasers or should they require a complete announcement when everything is ready. Personally i feel a direct community link
is much much better so that we get good - or bad - feedback!

Thank you and boy am i honored to be in the shores of Ulthuan once more :)

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