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Bitz, pieces, and other stuff

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Hey ho! Since the online bitz stores are constantly and consistently out of EVERYTHING, I was thinking if I might have better luck here. I'm really looking for pretty much any and all bitz that people might have left over, particularly from the newer plastic sets (especially anything "Chrace" related) but really any will do. I also find myself in need of:
10 old metal Maiden Guards
10 plastic Phoenix Guards (or at least their legs and halberds)
10 plastic White Lions (or at least their torsos and heads)
Prince Deral Lionbane, head of the House of Lionbane, Lord of Lionstone and Warden of Tor Charta

Luna, try not to beat them too hard. They are proud about their pseudo-glorious past and their present nothingness, you know.
-Elmoth, about Caledorians

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