Element Games Prize Voucher Event on the Warp Storm Forum

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Element Games Prize Voucher Event on the Warp Storm Forum

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As you can see here over on the new forum the Warp Storm, this site is hosting an event where you have a chance to win vouchers from Element Games. Here are the most relevant parts of the announcement, but you can find it in full through the link
Pawl wrote: Entry requirements are nice and easy: simply reply to this topic! (In order to reply to this topic you must be a member of The Warp Storm, with a post count of at least 10. Board staff members are excluded from participating in this event.)

This event will run until 23:59 12/02/2022 (GMT)

There are three available prizes. Each will be issued as an online voucher (as described below in 'Issuing prizes') valued at £60, £30 and £10.

Prizes will be drawn at random from the pool of members that have replied to this topic. Each member is restricted to a maximum of one prize.

Winners will be contacted via board PM within seven days of the event closing. They will have a further seven days to reply to this message to confirm their win. Should a winner fail to reply the prize will be re-drawn.
It's easy to register, offer compliments on hobby logs and the like, and then post in said topic. Also, the people there are nice in my experience.

Happy new year!
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