Ulthuan Rallies for War

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Re: Ulthuan Rallies for War

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What a fantastic looking army, congratulations!
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Re: Ulthuan Rallies for War

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Thanks Olthannon! Looking forward to a game against those dastardly Skaven something next week. I'm starting to get curious about the White Lion Chariot I've got assembled but unpainted... don't think I've ever heard the best things about High Elf chariots in 8th, but if I've got one, might as well paint and run one!

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Re: Ulthuan Rallies for War

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Sounds fun!

The White Lion Chariot isn't bad by any means. But they (and all High elf chariots) have a few issues. The main one probably is that there are better choices out there. SH perform the same sort of mobile role, but they're cheaper, core, and more mobile because they can march.

The chariots are also a bit flimsy. With just 4 wounds they don't like being stuck in a prolongued fight, and as a single model they really don't like cannons. This is made worse by the fact that you only get impact hits on impact (surprisingly enough...). So they lose a lot of oomph after the first round. And with the larger units you tend to see in 8th edition this means that chariots are usually not the optimal choice.

However, if you keep that in mind I do think they can be a fun support unit. I've taken it and the other chariots a few times. The WLC is by far the best choice of the bunch. The S6 of the charioteers and S5 of the Lions makes all the difference, and I find that bows on chariots rarely do anything. And don't forget about the fear tests. Even a LD9 rerollable test can fail at times, and it makes a big difference in combat. They also synergise well with infantry focussed lists. They move at about the same speed (a bit slower, but they charge further on average), and the infantry unit can help break steadfast to deal with the issue of being stuck in combat for a long time. And if you roll decently, then they can pack a good punch into a small frontal area on the charge.
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