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Hello everyone!

Although I'm a committed Dwarf player (And with no love for the Elgi) I really like the game Shadow of Mordor so I decided to write and end times story based on something like it, and naturally Shadow warriors came to my mind. Therefore I named our Shadow warrior Talion. So if I get any facts wrong don't be too upset because I'm not an elf player but I wanted to share this with you

PS I really hate Tyrion so this will be very biased towards Tyrion, so that's just a warning to you guys.

Shadow of Khaine
Chapter 1 Defender of Nagarthye Autumn 2523

On an island shrouded in mist there lay a mountain range sitting within it was a shadow warrior resting calmly on a rock. As the ranger lousily awoke from his slumber he pushed away his blanket and neatly folded it up before packing it away in his pack.(Shadow warriors never slept on mats when they were out patrolling) As the elf drew his bow he kicked out the embers of his makeshift fire and slowly crept down into the wooded are below. His name was Talion and he was a shadow warrior, this group off elves unlike their brethren inhabiting the other 95% of Ulthuan the shadow warriors in the state of Nagarthye were brought up to be hardy, and as rangers patrolling the western invasion routes into ulthuan frequently used the high elves twisted kin the Dark elves (Or Druchii as the high elves call them) they were silent and lethal killers. Talion himself bore a finely crafted sword as well as a dagger and sturdy bow, he wore a short and torn navy blue cloak with a hood to keep him camouflaged; as well as sturdy silver breast plate over his blue overalls, he also had pair of black but resilient boots (About the same size as a shoe).

As Talion descended down the rocky mountain slope, he sat down next to small stream running down the mountain into the valley below. There the ranger proceeded to strip off and bathe in icy cold water, as cold as it was Talion sis not mind for shadow warriors were often forced to live nomadic lifestyles for sometimes months on end if they had to and in fairly harsh conditions as well. They were the total opposite off all other high elves, and Talion took great pride in this as he left his early morning bath and shook of the water (Shadow warriors carried no towels) he then put his cloths back on and left. As he looked up at the dawn sky, he knew what he had to do.

Talion wandered down the slight slope with the same fever he had done several thousand times before. The trees were slightly withered but still standing strong and ever so often he had to nimbly dart aside or over a fallen stick or twig. Ulthuan was changing and not for the better, for as the Chaos gods heralded the end times huge demonic legions ravaged Ulthuan, from the mountains of Chrace down to the forests of Caledor Ulthuan was set afire as the Dark Gods servants bathed in the destruction. In the cities of Elisia and Tor Dynal the Daemons of the blood god Khorne bathed in the blood of their citizens and slaughtered the militia armies of the 10 kingdoms (Ulthuan is divided up into 10 kingdoms each ruled by a royal line which is them ruled by the phoenix king) with ease, in Chrace the Daemons of the god of change Tzeench set alight and destroyed the forest with fuming warp feulled fire tainting the lands about them with the pollution of Chaos and the shores of the Saphryian coast came alive with withering tentacles, Meanwhile in the kingdoms of Ellyrion and Cothique the rivers were stalled and became full of noxious slime caused by the plague god Nurgle which caused countless high elves to perish in violet and horrific deaths as the 10 kingdoms became infected, leaving the cites hardest hit as bountiful loot for the daemons of Khorne who basked in the gore and destruction. Nevertheless the high elves would not give up their ancestral home without a fight, and the 10 kingdoms mustered their armies and fought a gruelling war of attrition to the last breath sadly in their current situation the elves stood no chance of breaking the tide but fought back nonetheless. However, this spirit was broken when the phoenix king disappeared to his tower and seemingly despaired, and the everqueen Alarielle loved by all disappeared.

In Nagarthye however, the Daemons found no purchase and whilst the 10 kingdoms burnt Nagarthye remained strong and life more or less continued as normal. This glimmer of hope was sparked by the heroic and deadly feats of the shadow warriors. For centuries these deadly rangers had defended the kingdom from the corrupted Druchii with a fever and hared which was unmatched by any other elves, for each and every shadow warriors hate for the Druchii is a hard burden on their heart, which can only be achieved by casting vengeance on the Druchii for their betrayal from the elven race 6000 years ago where the high elves of Nagatherye were most badly affected. The shadow warriors are there descendants and had sworn to destroy the Druchii or die trying. This meant that their struggle was not influenced by the disappearance of Ulthuans monarchy because the shadow warriors had their own king Alith Anar who had been granted immortal life and could travel as wraith due to his commitment to his cause, and nor did the shadow love or know the everqueen, as well as their distrust for the haughty and glory hungry kings of the other 9 kingdoms which was frowned upon by the high elves of Nagarthye. All In all their will was their own, and they drove the daemons back into the sea like they had done to the Druchii for the servants of Chaos were just another enemy to vanquish.

As Talion’s movement became a run he hurried downwards darting through the trees with a skill which would even put a wood elf to shame. Soon he came to camp where he found a small group of three shadow warriors sitting by a fire
“Morning Talion” said a voice
“Morning” Talion spoke back
“So Elroth” Talion asked “Seen anything?”
“No Druchii actually” Elroth sounded surprised
“Seriously?” Talion replied before gazing out to sea
“Not even a single cursed sail” Elroth said with grim satisfaction.

Although none of the high elves new it Naggaroth the kingdom of the Druchii was being slowly but surely torched to the ground by the hordes of the blood god. And although the Druchii were trying their best to hold back the tide, unity was never a common trait for a Dark elf; therefore as each Dark elf lord fought the legions of Khorne alone and was defeated and slain the bleak kingdom began to fall apart as its lords fought for personal glory and caused each of the kingdoms cities to be besieged and razed one by one. Talion took great delight that his greatest nemesis was falling apart and its leader Malekith could well be slain. However, although Talion loathed to admit it Malekith was certainly no fool and after being rejected as phoenix king 6000 years ago, his Iron determination and cold hearted ruthlessness had claimed the lives of thousands and had caused many civil wars, he was no ignorant child, and Talion knew that he was most likely preparing some sort of master plan at this very moment.
“I don’t think we should dismiss them though” Talion said “The Druchii aren’t gone yet”
“Of course” Elroth replied “but Ulthuan has other problems now”
“And the largest one will be within probably” Talion said gravely “those nobles of the other kingdoms will do anything to gain any fame and glory, and don’t say we are going win this struggle because Tyrions coming back. Oh yes he can win any battle but the battle within him he is no match against”
“You never licked Tyrion did you” Elroth said
“That’s right” Talion replied coldly and stared out across the sea
Autumn 2524

After several months of hard fighting the daemons had finally been banished from Ulthuan but at terrible cost. But the shadow warriors of Nagarthye this meant little for their land had been virtually untouched by the recant wars. As Talion retreated home to rest after the final battle of the “war of reclamation” as Tyrion named it Talion at last found some comfort.
“A shame really” Talion said as he walked through the door to his home
“Is this another quote about Tyrion then?” his wife Lestarielle asked
“Well kind of, all I’m going to say is that after watching him fight and slay tens of thousands of Daemons alone I’m quite impressed but it’s just his inner self which worries me, for his lack of patience and his constant surges of anger lead me to fear for him greatly. Because only our queen can control his anger.
“Hold on” Lestarielle said horrified “Is Tyroin engaged to our queen?”
“Yes Talion breathed, although I away thought them to would get up to something, in fact some of our queens handmaidens are angry that she chose to take Tyrion”
“So did Tyrion marry are queen whilst she was married with the phoenix king” Lestarielle asked
“Yes” Talion replied sharply “that guy Tyrion is a magnet who has certainly attracted some attention by some bad people. Morathi to name one”
Lestarielle laughed at this and so did Talion “That one I knew about but how did Tyrion get away with that”
“That’s Tyrion for you I’m afraid” Talion replied sadly he is such the local hero that not even Finubar could stop him from tacking his wife and providing him with a daughter not his”
“How do you know this” Lestarielle asked
“Oh I’m a shadow warrior you know what it’s like we can find out anything given the choice, as well as murdering anything. But I never licked Tyrion he is such a glory hog and despite being the greatest warrior of the age and being the grandson of our greatest king Aenarion the defender, the curse of Khaine is gradually striking”
“You think Tyrion will drew the widow maker?” Lestarielle asked
“Of course” Talion shrugged that is what the curse of Khaine will likely lead him to and for a man who can’t control his anger, I’m sorry to say that if Malekith attacks now or his daughter is slain (She had been captured by the vampire Manfred von Carstein a year ago and was required to be sacrificed for his ritual) I can imagine for someone like him it will be unavoidable ecy as well as his recklessness. He almost got himself killed twice the war against the Daemons; anyway how is Dalorian”
“Your son is fine” announced Dalorian as he walked into the room
“Ready to become a shadow warrior like your father soon”
“Of course”
“I’m a shadow warrior as well Lestarielle” said.
Suddenly Elroth burst into the room panting “Talion he said breathing heavily I have been ordered by the shadow king to take up arms Eagle gate has fallen to the Druchii”
Talion banged his fist against the table and swore. He had figured out Malekith’s plan, to sacrifice his realm and lead a full scale assault on Ulthuan with everything he could muster.

“Stay quiet” Talion breathed softly as him and his son traversed the wooded plains of Chrace
“Father I think you should finally tell me why mother always dyes her hair blonde and does not leave it black, mean she has become a shadow warrior and that will make her stand out more” Dalorin asked quietly
“Because it reminds her of her... tormented first part of her life” Talion hissed quietly under his breath “And it would be best not a to talk about it right now, as it will cause us to blunder and make mistakes which all shadow warriors should not”
“Ok father but please can you not keep this from me forever, because mother is the perfect women for anyone so why would she need to change” Dalorin asked as loudly as he dared”
“If I told you what mother was and what she would have gone through had I not happened to find her alone, then I would find it hard to persuade you, and I doubt she would like to hear about it much” Talion replied again
Suddenly they the sound of thousands of boots down the pathway
“Quick” Talion hissed leading his son down to a patch of trees overlooking the road. “See that army of Druchii we are going to kill it”
“Father you can’t be serious two vs 500?”
“Yes we can as a shadow warrior you have to do things far more dangerous than this. For example have you been to Naggarond and tried to assassinate the witch king?” Talion replied firmly
“Wait you did th..” Elroth muttered before he head an arrow fly
Using his instincts alone Daloirn moved silently to his father’s side.
“Alright son aim for the leaders, this is just a vanguard so this should not be too big on heavy hitters, plus they will be very overconfident”
As his son made ready Talion felt the bow fit into to place
“Another Druchii for the shadows” he thought with grim satisfaction, as he let the arrow fly like stormwing and heard it puncher a dreadlords throat.
With their leader dead the Druchii were thrown into disarray and began arguing amongst themselves about the course of action they should take next.
Talion saw his chance and told Dalorian to keep firing and leapt over to the over side off the road. Seeing a stray Dark elf moving into the woods to escape, Talion inched forward.
He knew that if he was spotted the ambush could be spotted and perhaps the Druchii could form some organisation. Eyeing up his quarry Talion moved in for the kill putting his sword back into its sheath he swiftly drew his dagger and prowled forward. The Dark elf meanwhile was playing Talions game perfectly as it wandered a foot away to the tree which Talion was hiding behind he struck.
As Talion leapt out he cupped one hand round the Druchii’s mouth and slit its throat. He then resumed to send the arrows flying as the Druchii hurried forward Talion noticed that Dalorian had moved further up and was picking off any Druchii which escaped Talions field of field of fire the remaining Dark elves were dead within an hour.
“Good work son” Talion said as he walked out his hiding place within the trees
“What now?” Dalorian replied
“Well said Talion” quietly and paused for a moment before speaking again “The darkness is a powerful ally we will harry Melakiths’s forces until dawn then we will be off again”
“Where too?” Dalorian replied
“The blighted isle” Talion said sourly “as that is Malekiths destination”

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Looks like Headshot's Nagarythe stories got as far as Dawi fortresses. He should also take the blame for them being somewhat exaggerated. 8)
The only downside of the Nagarathi is that they apparently do not know where their towel is. (Hint: Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy)

PS: Hero of Rome, do you want the story to be part of End Time story competition? In that case you might want to revise some autocorrections throughout the text.

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Thanks for the offer of putting it in the competition but because this will most lickley take along time to get finished and because I'm not going to be posting much here I think that I will politley refuse this time

Oh and thank you so much for the reply I rearly appriciate it loads I am also writing an end times empire and dwarf story as well so I plan to create an uber 3 man Dwarf,Man,Elf team.

1 last thing Talion WILL get revenge on Malekith!

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