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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 2 part 4

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Ah there should never be a rush to read :wink: I'm just mad it took so long to get this one out! :P

Part 5

* * *

“You can not just leave them to die! The town is under attack, do you not care for your people?” Exclaimed Adalinusi, she was furious.
“My son is down there!”
Tears were in her eyes as she was held back by two armored Asur, ensuring no harm would come to Philtorik who stood but a few paces away.
He had an arrogant look that was somehow accented by the pure white armor he wore, and seemed to provoke a similar fury inside Althran as he watched from nearby.

They were all standing on the top deck of the flying ship, it was rather awe inspiring and seemed to attract his attention. It had no masts or sails, nor a raised command deck that would be on a sea going vessel. Just a massive flat deck that carried deadly eagle claw bolt throwers near its prow and aft(which you would find throughout Ulthuans navy), while its port and starboard sides were armed with dozens of smaller, almost hand held bolt throwers that could be handled by one warrior.
A set of stairs could be seen near the rear of the ship, leading to the lower decks which most likely housed the sleeping quarters and supply rooms.

“The colonies are to be protected by their own, the fact that two hostile vessels could launch such a surprise attack. Is a testament to our strained resources and the dangers they accepted by not returning to the holy island.”
Philtoriks response was even more enraging and required all of Althrans strength to keep him from becoming aggressive. He even walked in an infuriating manner, to which he moved to the edge of the port side and looked upon the burning village. His dark brown eyes met Althrans for but a moment as he walked by and seemed lost in thought from the ensuing silence.
A growing tension could be felt upon the deck as the ship rose higher into the sky and through the many trails of black smoke.

“Toleran, bring us above those ships in the bay, stay out of reach from those damned cannons and rain Asuryans wrath on any human you see... one pass then we head for Lothern.”

A brief pause came across the deck to the shocking orders... until Toleran shouted to stations and made his way to the front of the ship.

Silver armored Asur scrambled with precision and within seconds, were lined up along the port side of the ship. Armed with notched bows and loading the many bolt throwers... including one of the eagle-claws.

Though how they controlled the ship was still a mystery to Althran, and he watched closely as Toleran stood near a number of leavers at the front of the ship. He proceeded to pull one and pushed on another, to which a rumbling below deck could be heard and a slight retraction of one of the massive chains attached to a great eagle, could be seen. The chains seemed to shift in length, and within moments he felt the ship bank and dip towards the ground. The eagles knew exactly what it meant, as if they were reins on a horse.

* * *

Soretu found himself shuffling a bit nervously as he stood across from a dozen or so armed humans. Some carried the deadly rifles, while others with an array of halberds and short swords. He knew his bow could drop a few with one shot, yet Kendrik, Gidras and Eilesa were rather vulnerable and poorly equipped for such a reckless act.
The one in the crimson long-coat and hat, was rather unsettling as well, as if he itched for such a move.

“Rather unfortunate you were able to find your way here Lucius.” Said Gidras with a wince of pain as he held his wounded left arm.

“Well you gave me a general area, though I did not expect you to run as soon as you did, now tell your friend to drop his weapons.” Lucius responded with a haunting smile and took a step forward.

Yet before he could continue, piercing eagle cries from above turned everyone's gaze to the sky. The massive ship was making a curved pass over the town.

“What... damned daemon magic!” Growled Lucius briefly before cowering to the hissing sounds of arrows and bolts erupting all around them. A few found there marks in the humans nearby , and throughout the town with piercing cries of pain.

Perfect thought Soretu as he notched his own arrow and prepared to raise his bow.

“For Ulthuan!” Came a howling battle cry, and startled Soretu enough to see a black arrow pierce the chest of a nearby human guardsman. And seconds later, numerous white arrows which sent their foe running for cover amongst the houses.

It was Velnos! Accompanied by a rag tag group of a dozen militia, they must have been hiding nearby. Some wore armor, while others were still in their casual robes, yet they charged to his position none the less.
Soretu released an arrow of his own which brought three down as they ran for cover.

“It is about time you showed up!” He yelled to Velnos with a humorous smile , whom as usual was not overly impressed.

“We move north, to the cove!” He replied and continued past while releasing arrows.

“Lets go Kendrik, everyone follow him!” Ordered Soretu as he grabbed the boys shoulder and pushed him in the right direction.

“What cove?” Came a quick question from Eilesa as they all made into a sprint, with the militia in tow.

The guns were responding now and finding their marks as he watched a few Asur drop to the ground while covering their escape.

* * *

They had marched for most of the day as the sun was low in the sky, they passed through a small and dense forest that Kendrik had often explored in his youth. Many of the trees were familiar to him and he also knew of the large stone quarry that they were presently passing... though a cove? No one had ever said a word or even a hint about it.
And yet, as they walked at the base of the tall dull gray rocks that rose some forty feet up. They made their way through a small single file path that almost cut through the hill, and finally to the cove. An inlet protected and hidden by high stone cliffs, and within it... a ship! Though it was only a small sloop class vessel, it brought hope.

He knew his mother and a few others had left upon the mighty flying vessel which he was still trying to comprehend. Though Soretu had kept from going into details, as it would be discussed when they were clear of their pursuers.

The small path turned into a steep set of winding stairs, cut straight into the rock. And as they made their way down, Kendrik noticed it wasn't the only thing cut into the rock cliffs. A few small houses or what appeared to be houses, rested near the small wooden dock. And there was movement! What could only be assumed as his fellow Asur, were loading cargo and preparing to set sail.

They finally reached the docks and were approached by an armored warrior who seemed to be in charge.
“My look out saw the smoke, we've been expecting you.” Came a feminine voice as the warrior took off the silver helm. She wore the silver armor of the militia, though without the helm; she revealed flowing golden hair to her shoulders, and the same tanned skin and red hued eyes that were prominent in the colonies.
She also embraced Soretu, and as the two stood next to each other... Kendrik realized the similarities.

“It is good you are safe brother.” She continued and looked over to Velnos with a quick familiar nod of acknowledgment.

“Arleni” Came a short response and a nod from Velnos, before Soretu took charge of the situation.

“Help the crew with anything they need, we have pursuers so time is of the essence... and there is another problem Velnos.”

The militia immediately moved off towards the ship, though it was where Soretu was pointing which brought a nervous feeling inside Kendrik. The stranger that had saved him, was standing nearby and shuffled uneasily as his eyes met those of Velnos.
It took but a moment before the Nagarathi's dark eyes became venomous.

“Gidras! It seems Khaine has brought me a gift, I will gut you here!”

Daggers were in both his hands by the time he finished speaking and his pace quickened as he approached.
He had always brought a fear within Kendrik, a fear to act in his presence. Yet at that moment, he felt nothing as he stepped in front of Gidras with an outstretched hand.

“Velnos, he saved my life and helped me save Eilesa... I am in his debt and I have questions, he comes with us.”

“Move Kendrik, he is an enemy of our family.” His eyes were full of a deep hatred as he spoke, yet something inside Kendrik refused to give way and came out as a simple answer.


A still silence followed... until a shriek from a bird of prey echoed through the cove. The hawk nimbly landed on Soretu's shoulder-plate and brought a small smile to Kendrik.

“They grow closer, come we need to leave... you can kill him on the ship. Even I am curious to hear how he arrived.” Spoke the captain in a rather jovial tone and with a grip upon Velnos that practically dragged him towards the ship.

“Arleni, take Kendrik to the vault.”

“The what?” Came the confused question as he looked about. To which the warrior maiden walked with a gesture to follow.

“Come, I have something that belongs to you.”

Kendrik followed her to one of the stone houses nearby, they were directly cut into the stone work as he had thought. Though instead of a barren living quarters, they were rather inviting with wood floors , ambient candles and comfortable furniture.
Yet they passed all this through a number of rooms and came upon a large stone slab. There were runic symbols along its edges, and she removed her gauntlet to allow her hand to lightly brush over a few runes in a particular order.

Arleni took a step back and after a few moments the stone door shifted and opened outward. The room was only illuminated by a few candles, yet it was enough to shine light into the small closet room beyond.

It was a set of armor, displayed upon a wooden rack. The light reflected off its dark red plate and golden scales, its helm was magnificent with tall golden eagle wings rising above it. Its sheen seemed to radiate from a fresh polish and the set of ruby stones reflected with the flickering candles. The stones were set upon the shoulder-plates and were the eyes of golden dragon heads shaped upon the red plate armor.

“It was your fathers, brought here before you were born... he left a request to bring it here.”

“...Why ?” Kendrik asked as his hands felt the strong plates and scales.

“It is runic armor from the times of Aenarion and the wars with the daemons of chaos, one of the many relics of power and symbols of status, any who wears this may be called a prince... After the fall of your house, I could only assume he chose not to wear it...”

“The fall of my house... Allegedly destroyed by Druchii cults... it does not explain why it was brought here, why I have to live here?"

He looked back at her and noticed an expression of shock, to which he narrowed his eyes .

“None of this makes any sense, I have grown up on the edge of the world and I was never told about this armor..."

“It seems there was only so much they could tell you... you are very young and should not be burdened with such vengeful knowledge.” Arleni spoke quietly and moved to start grabbing pieces of the armor.

“What vengeful knowledge?” He pressed as he felt his head spinning with questions and confusion.

“It is not for me to say, come let me help you bring this to the ship... it is going to be an interesting few weeks of sailing.”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 2 part 5

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So they did get away after all. And there will be a lot of explaining to be done. And probably at least one murder. Heheh

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 2 part 5

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lol it seems you have me painted with a certain story telling brush hmmm Aicanor? Going to have to see if I can change that :wink:

Chapter 3
Part 1

The clouds were illuminated by the moons pale blue light and created a contrast with the rippling sea below; which was breathtaking.
Dethadrin had seen it before, yet it was from the mighty Asur towers... even the White tower of Hoeth. Though being on a flying contraption such as this, with the wind and but a few pieces of wood to keep them from falling a thousand feet below... would be exhilarating if not for his panic ridden fear of heights.

Though even despite his fears, he still found himself on the top deck of the ship... however not due to his own free will and rather to the beckoning of Lucinia. Her dark red dress seemed to glow and shift in the incandescent light along with her jet black hair. A striking beauty matched with equal deadliness, and intimidation despite their friendship over the years.

The two of them were standing near the rear of the ship and awaiting Toleran. Whom had wished to speak with them, yet was taking his sweet time to meet.

The atmosphere of the ship had become much more relaxed since leaving the island, though Adalinusi was still stricken with grief and guilt over leaving Kendrik behind.
However despite it all, Dethadrin was confident he was in good hands, they had planned for such events... and with Velnos and Soretu, there would be no one better to keep Kendrik safe. Hopefully...

Lucinia gazed upon the same view of the clouds as he, until they both turned to the sounds of boots upon the deck. Most of the crew including Philtorik were down below, save a few sentinels and of course Toleran who had the watch for the night.

Upon his approach he lifted off his dark silver helm and brushed his long brown hair back with his free hand.

“Sorry to keep you waiting... though in reality I should not be speaking with you.” Toleran said with a hesitant tone and looked over his shoulder at the few wandering sentinels.
“But this is my watch and I believe we have much to talk about, it has been years since we've been able to contact you.”

“Well that is not entirely true, Ceicil sent a message only a few days ago... at the cost of one of our own and a skilled adversary that Dethadrin put through a wall.” Her tone was serious yet mocking as she sent a sidelong glance towards him, and a small smile.

To which he shrugged his shoulders and continued listening to Toleran.

“That is the very thing we feared, someone has been ever watchful, and there have been many incidents... and changes since your banishment. To my self included as you can see, very few were happy on the decisions we enacted that day.”

“I assume the king was not overly impressed on your exercise of power.”
Dethadrin spoke quietly and shook his head in disagreement.

“Nor was the White Tower, especially with their primary investigator being sent off... a cover up it seems to be called these days.” He continued with a nod in Lucinia's direction.
“Though Ceicil has a way with words does she not? And keeps things from us that could have helped earlier.” He continued and looked off into the distance for a moment.

“Oh by the exchanged looks I noticed those many years ago... I wouldn't say it was just words Toleran.” Lucinia responded with a sly look and a matching smile.

To which his eyes narrowed and brought a smile of his own.
“Let us just say there was a time... long ago when a betrothal with a Caledorian suitor, did not warrant a rash challenge of honor and an untimely death on my part.” Toleran's eyes turned into a reminiscing glaze and brought a small silence of thought.

“Never thought I would have made some of those decisions, but the situations were dire and they seem to have become worse.”

“You mentioned incidents?” Lucinia queried quickly and took a slight step closer.

“Yes...” Toleran hesitated again.” About eight years ago, an Asur trade and envoy caravan was overtaken near Copher. Survivors spoke of black powder weapons and the tell tale signs of the human Inquisition... Wide brimmed hats, torture and executions.”

“The Empire would never be so foolish.” Dethadrin interjected in his horror.

“Of course not, though controlling every aspects of it can prove challenging. Yet our own inquiry with them found an extremist that had a history of extremism even too much for the Inquisition and was in the area. Known for taking his antics to where he liked, even the human prominent families... He was arrested and due for trial and an execution witnessed by our own envoys and members of the affected families... yet extremists gain followers and as you could guess, he escaped.” Toleran took a big sigh and looked up into the sky.

“There have been retaliations in the outrage, Asur nobles partaking in random raids for blood. A rather large mess, and to make things worse, we believe this extremist... Lucius is his name, has continued his deeds, though how we are not sure... his family has abandoned him and his assets were stripped, the Empire assures us.”

“And the incidents you just witnessed? Human galleys sacking an Asur town? Does that not seem a bit too coincidental?” Dethadrin asked in a rather sarcastic yet angry tone.

“I could not agree with you more Dethadrin, yet you have witnessed my replacement. The one who never strays from the mandate, though I was surprised he intervened at all.”

“These deeds of Lucius, to what end?” Lucinia pressed and gave a worrisome look in Dethadrins' direction.

“Searching for some lost Inquisitor, last seen near Copher years ago. He is mad and obsessed over his mission, and to make things worse, one of our own is funding these retaliations. Though I have lost my right to inquiry a long time ago, yet thanks to having a few friends in the right places... and being the chauffeur of the Agent of the King. My questions have revealed some answers... yet have reached only so far.”

“And where has it stopped Toleran?” Dethadrin asked wearily, such a deterioration of an alliance would not bode well for the Asur Ever Empire. And this lost Inquisitor seemed a bit too ironic...

Tolerans' features turned grim and his eyes shifted with suspicion.

“The White Tower.”

“What?” Questioned Lucinia with an extremely puzzled look. “Ceicil would surely never allow such actions? Let alone the High Loremaster and council?”

“Normally yes, however she does not wield the power she once had, and is no longer Adviser to Teclis. She is attempting to council the king as we speak and is why we came to retrieve you. Also our High Loremaster is upon the seas with a mighty fleet and many Asur battalions, a show of strength, friendship, and to help put an end to this confusion. No one knows the empire as well as Master Teclis.”

“So he sails with the Phoenix fleet?” Dethadrin pressed as his mind tried to put the pieces together.

Toleran gave an ominous look. “ As if we could risk weakening the Lothern fleet for such an errand, the Druchii still scour the seas with risks of invasion; no he sails with the might of the White Tower... Primarily the Silver fleet and the broken battalions of the Royal Company. They have been gathered under one banner.”

“What? Those battalions were destined for the Phoenix throne and militia throughout the ten kingdoms, how could the Brakists'...?” Lucinia questioned further and tried to comprehend the shocking news.

“It is not the Brakists'... their house fell along side the Draconis family, with Gidras lost at sea no primary blood line remained. Only a note of inheritance to the hero of Copher, the great Anoras'se Cruen, adviser to Teclis... and presently acting Loremaster...
No one wanted to risk obtaining battalions of Asur warriors that could still contain cultist sects... save him.”

Dethadrins eyes started to grow hot and gleamed a burning white as he spoke the name he hated most.

“Anoras'se Cruen is no hero.”

* * *
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 3 part 1

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lol it seems you have me painted with a certain story telling brush hmmm Aicanor? Going to have to see if I can change that :wink:

Seems you can after all. At least for a while. So... Anoras...

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 3 part 1

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Aicanor wrote:
lol it seems you have me painted with a certain story telling brush hmmm Aicanor? Going to have to see if I can change that :wink:

Seems you can after all. At least for a while. So... Anoras...

Haha well that is a good thing then :mrgreen: yesss yess Anoras... what is that short little Asur up to I wonder...

Part 2!

The creaking of wooden planks disturbed the silence throughout the small captains quarters of the ship. The groans of each wave from the sea, accompanied by the lifting and swaying motion of their height. The weather was rather timid in comparison to some of the storms he had witnessed, and perhaps the sickening feeling he had was from the story of his family's past. The true story from Velnos that he could not have contemplated until now.

Kendrik sat upon a bench next to Eilesa and stared across the room towards Velnos and Soretu, in which the Nagarathi leaned against the wall and showed a hint of guilt over the tale. To his right was Arleni, siting on a plain desk covered in parchments and maps of the sea. While staring with red amber eyes that looked more like daggers towards Gidras; whom was upon a small storage chest near the door and thankfully a few paces away.

“Well it is true... our families have had a dark history, however we were friends once Kendrik and it seems a biased story it has become. A few pieces are missing.” Gidras spoke with a confident yet quiet tone and prompted Velnos to turn off the wall with anger.

“You stand on the edge of the abyss Gidras!” He growled in response and took a step towards his hated enemy.

“Velnos, I allowed you to speak your peace. Now I want both sides of the story, stay your hand until we are finished here.” Kendrik stood as he spoke and gained the attention of the Nagarathi... who reluctantly took a step back with his arm being pulled by Soretu.

“I do not question your facts Velnos, though I do recognize that certain details have not been revealed, a distinct trait of Ceicil Fei'kin no doubt... only telling you what you need to know.” Gidras paused and gazed upon the wood planks of the floor for a few moments.

“After Ithenias claimed Copher... we had many decades during its rebuilding to try and study the amulet or well our families did, as I was very young; about your age Kendrik. I had two elder brothers, Sefian as you know and Orlias... both whom were older by about one hundred years. Though it was Sefians' voice that represented us by the will of our parents in the matters of Copher and the amulet.
Our families were in disagreement from the very beginning on how to use it and the more we learned the further our goals became. To the point where Ithenias convened a meeting between our families.” Gidras smiled for a brief moment.”Ithenias... always the keeper of the peace...”

Gidras sighed and looked towards him.

“Your Grandmother Ceicil and my brother Sefian never truly saw eye to eye and so we were all summoned, including your grandfather... the great Kendrakor Draconis.” Gidras slowly shook his head and continued.

“My parents, Orlias and I traveled by convoy to the city of Copher, they were always insistent to teach us the ways of trade and politics. Though it was a time where the Druchii appeared at random upon the seas and so they did, taking half our ships with them... including my parents. I survived upon by brothers ship and we were forced to watch them sink while we fled for our lives. We arrived in Copher with dark tidings, yet it was only a few days later that we were forced to convene and discuss the matters at hand.” For a brief moment Kendrik watched Gidras become grim with remembrance and a look of pain.

“To keep a Caledorian waiting... is to ask for fire, they are more comfortable with death. Throughout the meeting Kendrakor would not waiver to the use of the amulet, choosing rather to believe in his own strength and that of the Asur people then to depend on some dark power of old... Now that I think on it, he was not wrong.” Gidras leaned back on the wall and looked up at the ceiling.

“There was so much shouting... my brothers both competed to speak for our house, stricken with grief and anger. Sefian was far more composed, more of a diplomat then my brother who thought himself a warrior of strength and had not the wit for a silver tongue... The discussion became rash, your grandparents against my brothers with Ithenias stuck in the middle, though slowly siding with Ceicil.
Until Orlias with his blunt tongue went too far in the Caledorians eyes. In Caledor, words of insult are the very same as drawing your blade... And Orlias could not see the error in his words while his pride was too large to decline Kendrakor's challenge.”

Kendrik looked over to Velnos who seemed a bit calmer as he studied the Brakist nearby... It appeared he had no knowledge of this part of the story.

“It was quick to say the least, Kendrakor was a master of war and nearing the age of an elder, yet with his wisdom he did not withhold his wrath. Our families had been allies, our parents murdered and yet no compassion for my brothers insolence was given.
I watched Orlias fall with the most brutal of wounds across his chest, while Sefian howled in anger. The house guards rushed in and a melee ensued, yet Sefian did not charge for Kendrakor... he went for the amulet. And as Ithenias's warriors interceded and cared for the wounded, the amulet broke between Sefians' and Ceicil's grasp.”

Gidras looked in Kendriks' direction once again with tears in his eyes.

“The line had been drawn in my brothers blood and the war began.”

“Poison for our minds!” Shouted Velnos while being held by Soretu.

“Believe what you will Nagarathi, but my words are true... and there is more.” Gidras responded solemnly.

“Revenge upon your grandfather filled Sefians' mind... and the study of the amulets power. His anger was the true poison fueled by the amulet, though we were unaware at the time. It took many years for him to discover ways to use it, yet what almost came from his lust... we could have never imagined.”

Velnos had stopped fighting and narrowed his eyes to the tale.

“You had a hand in what happened during the invasion...” The Nagarathi queried with a darkness in his features.

Gidras turned in his direction with guilt upon his face.

“My brother had gained an informant close to those in Kendrakors' inner circle, to which we arranged to meet one of his closest friends... my brother then used the amulets power to control his mind.
The informant brought this close friend back to Kendrakor without knowledge of our intentions... as far as he knew we had just talked. But in reality he would be used to kill your grandfather in Tor Yvresse.
However as you all know, the goblin invasion occurred during their time there and put our entire race at risk with the disruption of the watch-stone.
The three of them were part of the four that joined the great Eltharion into the tower to restore control of the watch-stone. It was there the amulets power decided to try and kill Kendrakor, though why we do not know... it seems to have a will of its own.”

“No one survived the tower save Eltharion, you speak lies Gidras!” Countered Velnos, whom was once again very angry.

“Our informant survived the ordeal... said he watched Kendrakor cut down his own friend, and even with a grievous wound he stayed to help with the watch-stone. The amulet not only went for Kendrakor... but cut down a nearby mage in the process. It was a horrendous report, the informant tried to save Kendrakor... though the wound allowed the wild magic to poison his body and he did not survive long after.
Many have pondered to the grim darkness that Eltharion has carried since that day, though I have known most of my life. To watch your fellow brothers kill one another while the very existence of our race hangs in the balance...”

“And where is this informant now then you snake!” Velnos asked and attempted to free himself from Soretu.

“My brother ended his life... it was a loose end that could destroy our family... though ironically the amulet did that for us. We made a vow that day to never use its power again... at least until it was made whole, a broken power from a broken amulet.”

“This is a dark story indeed Gidras... why are you here.” Kendrik asked as his distrust seemed to be rising.

“You require my help and I yours.”

“All you will receive is my blade Gidras!” Shouted Velnos and pushed Soretu aside.

“Hear what I have to say Velnos... I am not as I once was.” Gidras replied and stood while undoing the buttons upon his white collared shirt.

“I was betrayed by Anoras, and it seems you all were as well. For thirty years I have been a slave upon an enemy ship, scarred in more ways then you could imagine. I should have died that night Anoras threw me off my own ship, but it was my brothers gift... enchanted armor that saved me, it unbuckles with the pressure of the sea."

He was now standing before them in nothing but his loincloth and showed scars beyond counting, every inch of his body was covered in long gashes and burns which reached from his feet to his neck.

“An evil witch was master of that Druchii ship, and she found joy in tormenting my body and mind. She said she'd leave my face for last, the final straw to break my spirit. During those years I also tormented my self with guilt over my weakness with the daemon and getting my brother killed.
Yet with your tidings about Toran and him killing my brother, everything seems to make sense. I could not understand why my brother trusted Anoras so, and why we enacted a plan that had been spoken of, yet agreed to disavow. Our disdain for your family remained over the years, but our revenge was fulfilled... my brothers hate quelled. Destroying your family's name in such a way was not supposed to happen.
Toran was getting too close... too arrogant and mad over a second rise of Tiranoc. My brothers contempt for Toran grew and despite my reservations against it, the cultist plot was meant for him and him alone.”

“Get to the point Gidras.” Soretu injected and seemed tired of controlling the restless Velnos.

“When Lucinia raided Copher in a hunt for the hierarchy of the Royal Company, I believed my brother had changed his mind due to the death of Ithenias.
Yet you say he was not my brother at all, which completes the puzzle with Anoras. Before reaching the Citadel of Dusk, I remember he spoke about that damned short abomination being the key witness for testimony... to complete the investigation against your family. And here is his weakness and why you require me. He thinks I am dead, he has claimed my family's assets... yet if I return with claims of attempted murder and support your claims in the matter of your family, he will be discredited and held on trial. Without you, I would be killed upon arrival and so... I will help you reclaim your house and mine.”

He was staring at Kendrik with eyes gleaming and a look of sincerity.

“Get me to Copher, I have hidden documents for my family assets and some that can help discredit Anoras. Upon arrival I shall sign them to you, to help you restore your family's wealth... as a sign of good faith. I do not see you as my enemy, nor do I wish for the amulet. My enemy is Anoras and the Druchii... as it should have been, let us put our bloody past behind us and start anew... what say you?”

The room was silent and Kendrik felt beads of sweet dripping into his hair, could this Brakist be speaking the truth?

Kendrik turned to Velnos with a questioning look.

“Your thoughts Velnos?” He queried wearily.

Velnos gave him one quick glance and walked towards the door. And as it opened he stopped momentarily and said.

“He is right, we need him.”

And proceeded to slam the door as he left the room.

Kendrik turned back towards Gidras and paused before asking.

“Tell me more about this human.. Lucius.”

“He was the one who freed me from the Druchii and he seeks your mother... though he has peculiar knowledge about the amulet she protects... what your blood protects. I fear he is working with Anoras, there are no other explanations for it. His knowledge of its power is slim but there is no denying his involvement in this.”

Kendrik paused in thought once again and observed the Asur before him.

Then with an outstretched hand, he grasped that of Gidras and said.

“We will take you to Copher.”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 3 part 2

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But you still have to have a few elves at least in the past. But it is a good chapter anyway. ;)

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 3 part 2

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haha well I can't give anything away so I guess you'll just have to read :wink:

Part 3

The transfers of night and day seemed to fly by below deck; as this was the first time Adalinusi had seen the blue sky since leaving the island.
They had been flying for a few nights straight without stopping, though it seemed they were growing closer to Lothern. She guessed this by the rise of commotion within the crew, whom were gathering crates and chests upon the main deck.

Ada was standing near the prow of the ship in her long white silks and golden chest-plate, which was starting to itch as it was the same robes from the day they had left. The odor would reach her nostrils during random moments where her mind was not transfixed upon the mighty eagles ahead.
Their large wingspan seemed to carry themselves and propel the ship in an effortless manner. The chains attached to their harnesses gleamed a sparkling silver in the sunlight and only added to the inspiring sight before her.

“It is Ithilmar.” Came a voice nearby and drew her attention.

It was Philtorik, standing tall in his magnificent white armor that she noticed was inscribed with subtle silver engravings upon it plates. His white robes beneath the armor created an illusion to which she found it hard to see the joints between.

He turned his gaze upon her and lifted his tall peaked helm off his head. His hair was a light brown that matched his eyes, and attempted to conceal a large slanted scar that ran down his forehead and stopped just above his left eye.

“It is our precious metal used in our armor and weapons... and a number of other things. It is as light as a feather and as strong as a stone from the earth.” He continued and closed his eyes while taking a deep breath of fresh air.

“I always enjoy breathing the air of my home, it is rather distinct... welcome to Lothern.” He said and pointed with his armored gauntlet.

Ada turned her head and noticed that the ship was descending at a rather steep angle. Below them was a large canal that connected the ocean to a large inner sea... two massive gates barred passage through the gorge and protected a beautiful city a few leagues away.
She had been so busy admiring the eagles that she had not noticed the large land mass that they were now passing.
They were heading straight for the impossibly tall spires throughout the sprawling city that seemed so full of life, even from such a height. Hundreds of different sized ships filled the port and its bay of water between the gorge and the sea, a clear sign of trade and wealth.

The closer they came to the white stoned city, the more inspiring it became. She could now see the intricate homes and mighty palaces that differed from one another with the most exquisite detail. Beautiful slim bridges connected the tall spire towers that were littered with gardens and terraces on their outskirts.
A true metropolis that brought shock and awe with every glance, Copher could not compare in size or glamor. Its towers only measured perhaps a third in height to what stood before her. Even some of the statues of glorious warriors would rival some of the buildings in Copher.

The ship was circling the city as it descended and seemed to be destined for a palace that had no rival. Its arches were tall and carved into statues that acted as its pillars, further on a high peaked dome reached for the sky and was accompanied by numerous towers built with the same intricacy; yet were clearly strong and would be a formidable defense.

She could only assume that this was the palace of the Phoenix King, leader of the Asur people.

* * *

Althran grunted as he was pushed rather roughly forward by one of the many guards that now surrounded and separated them all in the main terrace of the palace. The ship had landed in a wide courtyard that seemed particularly made for it, as it was rather barren with only a few trees on the outskirts near the walls.
The group stopped before a large archway and awaited a group that were walking in their direction.
As the figures drew closer, it was clear that it was a group of great importance. First came the wide shouldered warriors with braided hair, white lion cloaks and carrying mighty axes that gleamed along with their silver armor in the sunlight.
The legendary bodyguards of the king, derived from the northern kingdom of Chrace where they gained their fame on countless battlefields.
They fanned out in a semi-circle formation and parted at its middle allowing Althran to view whom they protected.

And of course it was Finubar... the king, standing tall in rich white and red robes. His hair was a long brown and carried a gem engraved circlet upon his brow, which accented his slim and royal features. His poise was calm as he watched the group before him take a knee and bow in his presence, including Althran.

Beside the king stood Ceicil, dressed in a silver gown that matched her eyes and long hair.
She brought a reassurance to their current position and calmed his nerves as the king gestured for them to rise.

His gaze turned from one side to the other as he examined them all and then stopped upon Ada, the kings eyes seemed to capture every detail in the lingering silence... until he spoke.

“Search her for this amulet and take Dethadrin into custody... the rest will go to the Fei'kin quarters while we sort out this mess, like we discussed.” He turned his gaze upon Ceicil as he finished speaking, whom had a look of shock across her face.

“My king you cannot...” She started in response yet was interrupted by a faint voice from the archway.

“Yesss, yess he can.”

The irritating Anoras walked into view dressed in his usual sky blue robes and carried a sly smile upon his face.

“I have taken both your counsel regarding these matters and though I appreciate your new found honesty Ceicil, there are a few things that Anoras has brought to my attention. We will continue this on a later day.”

He turned upon his heels as he finished and began to walk back into the corrider. To which the Asur warriors enacted the orders of the king.

* * *
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 3 part 3

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Chapter 4

It had been a couple nights since learning of his families past, and the more he reflected on it the more his mind was at ease. Kendrik had always known there were parts missing and some that were false... deep down he knew, yet it was the reasoning behind it that tormented him so.

Now that he had the full story, he seemed at peace... though it was a dark tale indeed. Nothing close to some of the mythical tales told to him in his youth, but it was his story... his family's past.

He was staring at the dark red chest-plate which he carried in his hands, the armor that had been passed down through his forefathers. Kendrik had practiced donning the armor every morning and would walk upon the deck of the ship to watch the sun rise. This morning was no different, and he quickly clasped the remaining leather straps that fit neatly underneath the golden scales, which protected the areas that the plate could not. Though for some unknown reason, he would not wear the helm nor touch the mighty silver sword... he would only ensure their safety upon the small wooden stands before leaving. And so he did once again.

Stars still covered the night sky as he climbed a short ladder to the main deck, though a glimmer of orange light could be seen in the distance.

A few sentinels were still upon the deck, the last of the nights watch who seemed exhausted and ready for rest. They sent him a slow nod of acknowledgment as he passed them by and made his way to the prow of the ship.
He climbed a set of small stairs that led to the raised deck and noticed a shadowed figure ahead. It turned towards him from the sounds of his plated greaves, though it took him a moment to notice it was Eilesa standing before him in the dim dusk light.

He drew closer and noticed that she was troubled, as the small smile she sent him quickly diminished with a rugged wipe of her eyes with one of her sleeves. She was wearing a light green gown that seemed a bit loose for her slim features and had been most likely found in the ships storage.

Kendrik came to a stop at her side and gazed upon the endless sea before gathering the courage to ask about what bothered her. Yet he stopped as his eyes met hers and realized what it was.
He had been so preoccupied with his own problems that he had neglected to see it all along. His memory flashed to the island and the sight of her parents... murdered before he arrived.

So instead of speaking, he turned and embraced her in his arms to which she began to weep.

“I did nothing...” She said softly between her sporadic breathing.
“I froze in fear, I could have protected them.” She continued and curled her hand into a fist and hit his armored shoulder-plate.

Her anger diminished into weeping once again as she rested her head between the crook of his neck and shoulder, she was almost as tall as he was.

“I am sorry... I did not arrive in time Eilesa.” He responded and sighed with disappointment. To which she abruptly distanced herself to where she could see his eyes.

“I had the strength but not the will, it should never have come to that point... I was so scared, their eyes were so full of hate. I am a coward and I failed them when they needed me most.”

Tears filled her eyes once again to which Kendrik lightly shook his head in disagreement.

“What happened that day was not your fault, they searched for my family and many died because of it.” She paused for a brief moment and reflected on his words.

“I never thanked you for coming for me, I always knew you were fearless... so full of courage.” She said softly as her green eyes glimmered with the rising sun.

“I was scared Eilesa... beyond scared.” He replied to which she smiled and leaned in with a kiss upon his cheek. She was close now, inches from his face and he was frozen... unsure how to respond.

“That is not what I saw that day.” She replied and began to close her eyes, yet was interrupted by shouts above them.

“Mast on the horizon! Straight ahead!” Came the voice of a sentry from the top-mast.

Kendrik turned and noticed the sea was a glowing orange and allowed him to see far into the distance.
It took him a moment, yet he found the small object... a speck of a ship and in regards to its direction, he could only guess.

* * *

“That is the second turn it has made within a quarter of the hour... tacking into the wind.” Arleni said as she gazed through the field glass and then turned her attention to the maps set out on a small portable table in front of her.

“That is the time since it came about? She is hauling wind” Responded Soretu and gained Kendriks' attention. The prow of the ship had become a rather crowded place and had interrupted the moment with Eilesa. Whom was standing nearby and sending him the odd glance accompanied with a smile.

“She?” Questioned Arleni with a shake of her head.

“To me... every ship is a fair maiden upon the high seas.” Soretu continued casually and sent a wink in Kendrik and Eilesa's direction.

“No time to be blithesome brother... it is Druchii.”

“How can you be sure?” Interjected Gidras and looked about as if someone else shared his thoughts.

“Very few ships can sail so well into the wind, or with such precision, it is Druchii... and we sail a trade wind.” Arleni looked over to Soretu with fear in her eyes. “We cannot out run it, not with it ahead of us.”

“A damned Corsair vessel... bloody pirates!” Soretu exclaimed in anger and gazed into the distance.

“If we stray off the trade wind... we risk being dead in the water, the wind is too sporadic the more south we get.”

“And we are still too far out for a chance of a patrol from the Citadel of Dusk...” Soretu said as if he were finishing Arlenis' thoughts.

She continued staring at the maps and paused.

“Those galleys can only be half a day behind us, maybe a bit more from our speed. Gidras... you mentioned they were capable?” She questioned and tapped her fingers with anticipation.

“From what I could tell, they seemed organized though I was truly never a sailor.” He replied and narrowed his eyes to the chuckling Velnos nearby.

“A Lothern prince who knows little of sailing and navigation? Now I have seen everything.” Said Velnos in response to the questioning gaze of Gidras, and then proceeded to chuckle even more.

“Come about! Hard to starboard!” Arleni exclaimed and began to roll up the maps. “ We bring them in close then jibe and run them downwind.”

“That will involve a turn into the wind.” Protested Soretu.

“ Those cannons will tear us to shreds!” Seconded Gidras, to which Arleni paid no heed and made to leave with the equipment.

“This is my ship, it is the best chance we have to out run all of our pursuers... besides we have some that are blessed with Isha's gift to keep us safe.” She turned her gaze upon Kendrik and Eilesa with a smile, then made her way back to the stern deck.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 4 part 1

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Part 2

* * *

Dethadrins' mind seemed to grow cloudy with the thoughts of what the little traitor was up to. He had been taken unaware those many years ago and he was not ready for it to happen again... he could not let it happen again.
Though he was in no real situation to act upon any of his thoughts, as the two sword-master guardians were close and ever watchful.
They wore the blue and gold armor of the 'se Cruen house and were presently escorting him from his “chambers”. Which was a small living quarters for a member of the palace's staff, yet was acting as his dungeon for the time being. The two blades-men were on either side of him, walking in a composed manner down a wide hall. It was decorated with a long red velvet carpet that spanned its length, and was aligned with marble sculptures that ranged from mythical beasts to great warriors.
It had been a few nights since being seized by the kings guards, though his transfer to those belonging to Anoras... had come rather quickly. The little bastard had plans for him which was rather unsettling.

Their small group reached the end of the hall and stopped before a large oak door that was flanked by two of the kings bodyguards. They examined them with dark brown eyes and seemed to be deciding on whether to raise their great-axes in their hands and cut them down, or to open the door.
After a few moments, one finally moved his hand and opened the door. An argument could be heard within and as Dethadrin was guided inside, he could see Anoras and Ceicil shouting before the king.

“He knows nothing of what he is trying to do, it cannot be destroyed... and to use it... well it will be the end of us all.” Ceicil spoke with a dire tone, sounding as though she was losing the ground on which she stood.

The door closed behind Dethadrin, still accompanied by his guardians and gained the attention of the three before him.

Finubar stood between them in long red robes adorned with a large golden sun upon his chest. While Ceicil wore a humbled white gown with dark scroll work upon its extremities, her pure silver eyes returned to glaring at Anoras; who was dressed in a plain dark blue robe.

“I do not seek to destroy it or to use it for the purpose that you believe. I wish to unlock its power... to bless it upon the one chosen by Asuryan, the one who will lead our people and destroy our enemies.” Anoras responded calmly and paid no attention to Dethadrin or the threatening eyes of Ceicil.

She made to speak once more, yet the king lifted his hand and brought silence to the room.

Dethadrins mind started to wander and he found his eyes observing the room in which they stood. It was designed in a tall and wide circle with large arcane runes carved into the stone work. Three perfectly alined oval holes were carved into the walls at specific intervals and brought in rays of daylight from the outside, which met in the center of the room and rested upon a marble pedestal. This brought out some suspicions in him... he was standing in a arcane channeling circle, required for spells of great power.

“My kingdom is rife with internal struggle, realms grow weary of one another, noble families have been drawn into struggles in the colonies. Our High-Loremaster sails with an army to restore our alliance with the human empire, my kingdoms dark corners are plagued with cultist sects; and the Druchii raid as though they smell our weakness. Times are dire Ceicil.”
The kings words were moving and brought yet another silence as Ceicil seemed lost in thought.
But only for a moment before she turned back towards Anoras and asked.

“What do you mean... unlock.”

“I know of the amulets corrupting nature.” He replied and pointed towards the amulet that rested upon the marble pedestal.
“I know that its prolonged use brings unwanted consequences, but where you have tried to destroy it... I will bring its true power out and separate it from the darkness that clings to it.”

“Its power is the darkness Anoras!” She shouted in return and took a step towards the short elf.

“Enough, Ceicil leave us.” Ordered the king unexpectedly, which brought a paleness in her complexion.

She bowed quickly and walked past Dethadrin without a word, and left the room with a slam of the door.

“It is good you do not listen to her lies my king, this is the source of their families corruption. It is why you have lost the Royal Company.”

“You are a snake Anoras! He lies my king!” Shouted Dethadrin in anger and began to channel his power.

Though only momentarily as the handle of a great-sword was burried into his stomach and another brought ever so closely to his neck.

“I shall demonstrate its power my king, show you how corrupted and controlled they all can be.” Anoras said and picked up the amulet.

Dethadrin coughed and watched helplessly as the small mage walked towards him.

“You shall do what I say Dethadrin, you shall obey my will and protect my well being.”

Dethadrin felt as though a force enveloped him, his mind grew cloudy and dizzy to words that echoed within his head. Then without a thought, he heard himself say.

“I shall obey.”

“Remarkable, do you require a coven of mages to help you with this task Anoras?”

Dethadrin could faintly hear the kings words, but could not move or say a word... he was paralyzed. He watched Anoras smile and point towards him as he answered the king.

“All I need is him.”

* * *
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 4 part 2

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Part 3

They had seen the two specks of the human galleys in the distance just before night fall, while behind them the triangular sails of the Druchii corsairs had closed the distance; and would be upon them by day break.
This is exactly what Arleni wanted and they had worked through the night to ensure the ship was sailing as fast as it could.

The atmosphere was tense on the ship to say the least, though rightly so as they had little defense other then the speed of its hull and the longbows they carried.

Kendrik slowly placed the tall helm upon his head as he watched the sun start to break over the horizon. Despite the tall golden wings, it felt light and as though he barely had a helm at all. The silver great sword was the same, no where near the weight of a wooden practice sword... It felt masterful in his hands and able to respond to his every whim.

“You look... both frightening and exhilarating at once.” Came a light voice from behind him, whom he turned towards expecting to see Eilesa.

Yet it was Arleni, fully armored in her silver scales and her helm held at her side. Golden hair shifted with the breeze and brought his attention to the gleaming scarlet eyes which reflected in the sun, she was a striking beauty and no doubt fiersome.

“I hope you know how to use that.” She continued and walked towards the rail to stand beside him. “This maneuver is not going to be easy, they will likely try to board us... can we count on Eilesa?”

She was staring at him with a vivid passion in her eyes. Almost as if she feared the moments to come.
He gave her a slow nod of approval and said.

“I have seen it in our training together, her gift is strong and she controls it well... far more then I can.”

“Good, then you will use that to protect her.” Arleni said and gestured towards the great-sword before him.

She turned and began to walk away, yet stopped with a final word.

“Oh, you look good in that armor, it suits you... a rather handsome prince.”

She sent him a smile as she finished and walked down the stairs while donning her helm.

Kendrik now had a smile of his own and turned his attention back to the sea, the sun was visible now and as he scanned the rolling waves... he stopped just off center from the ships prow. Watching the two looming shadows approach, it was most certainly the human galleys.
They were only a few hundred yards away and most likely surprised that they had continued straight for them during the night.

He turned back to make his way to the stern of the ship, the crew were busy and Kendrik had to step past a few arming them selves, checking weapons and preparing the sails for another turn.

Arlenis' voice could be heard shouting from the command deck and upon his arrival he realized he was the last.
Velnos, Soretu and even Gidras were standing near Arleni in full armor... though they gazed upon the Druchii vessel behind them. It loomed in height, size and seemed to have thousands of dark metal teeth on its extremities. Those on its deck could be seen bustling with activity as they were only about a hundred yards away and had clearly not expected to see two more ships so close in the morning light.

A light grip met his armoured gauntlet and turned his attention to Eilesa standing beside him, she carried a worrisome look though still managed to smile in his direction. She still wore the light green gown from the night before, though now it was accompanied by a sparkling silver breast-plate.

“Did Arleni give you that? Will it not impede your channeling of the winds?” He questioned a bit frantically, and continued before she could answer. “Are you ready for this?”

She simply continued smiling in his direction before answering.

“Yes, though I feel as though my heart will jump from my chest... I should be fine with the armor.”

“Bring us further to port! Get us as far away from those cannons as we can and prepare for the jibe to starboard!” Shouted Arleni to her officer at the helm and any of those nearby on the main deck. She then turned her gaze to Eilesa and said.
“It is your turn now my lady, you must shield us or we will not survive this.”

Eilesa gave a quick nod and relinquished his hand, her eyes turned to a flaring white as energy coiled around her.

Then the staccato started and smoke filled the air, the human galleys were staggered to where only one could open up its broadsides, but one was enough.

Splinters started to fly through the air in a majestically slow fashion as Kendrik could make out every boom from each cannon.

“Now!” Came a distant shout though all he could see was his hand coming up to block his face from the fragments in the air.
Then the cannon fire seemed ever so distant, and as he dropped his gauntlet, he could see marvelous golden particles of energy protecting the ships starboard side. Explosive impacts could be seen irrupting harmlessly a few meters away from the ships hull.

“Damned black-powder!” Came a familiar shout nearby, and brought his attention back to Arleni who stood grasping a large wooden shard in her arm. Soretu was next to her with a look of concern and trying to keep her from touching it.

“You are doing great.” Kendrik said as he turned to Eilesa with praise. He smiled towards her until a large crashing sound came from behind.

He was jolted off his feet along with everyone including Eilesa. To which he quickly rolled onto his back to see the massive prow of the Druchii ship... acting as a battering ram and lodging itself upon the stern deck.

Velnos was already back on his feet and loosing arrows towards any of their kin that dared to come aboard... which were many. Yet they fell to the deck and water below with carefully placed shots of dark bodkin arrows.

“Keep them from boarding!” The Nagarathi shouted and gained a response of white arrows from the main deck, then followed by dark bolts from the Druchii themselves.

Kendrik gained his feet and helped Eilesa upon hers, she was a bit stunned but seemed physically fine. Her green eyes met his and flashed with danger, he spun upon his heels and brought his great-sword up and ready... and thankfully so. As it was met by a corsair saber which streaked towards him with the intent to cave in his skull.
Sparks flew through the air as his legs moved forward without thinking and thrusted the pommel forward with his momentum, which was followed by a satisfying crunch of his opponents face.

Kendrik watched the corsair stagger back with blood gushing from his nose and a gaze that knew what would come next. He was already in mid swing of his sword with an angled arc that met the Druchii chest and cut towards the deck... cleaving completely through the skinny torso and sending the corsair to the ground in a eruption of dark red blood.

The sight gave him a moment of disgusted reprieve as he realized they were growing outnumbered upon the stern deck. Everyone was locked in some sort of combat and the magical shield was no longer protecting them.
Cannon fire irrupted once more and sent splinters from their ship and that of the Druchiis' into the air. Screams of pain could be heard as it knocked Asur warriors off their feet.

He turned to see Arleni drop to the ground and attempt to distance herself from an approaching corsair. Though before he could move towards her; it was captain Soretu who jumped between his sister and the adversary, which was followed by a clash of brilliant sword-play.

Then Kendrik was unexpectedly knocked off his own feet... a shoulder met his side with brute force that sent him sprawling to the deck and knocking his sword from his grip.
He rolled and adjusted his helm in time to see a large Druchii warrior standing before him, carrying a large jagged cutlass that he held high in the air.

“Time to die!” He exclaimed in anger, yet his arm was stopped by two grasping hands and a flurry of green. It was Eilesa!

She was able to grapple for but a moment before the stronger corsair threw her to the ground and turned his attention upon her. Kendriks' heart raced as he sprawled forward to grip the corsair at the ankle.

“Run!" He heard himself shout and gained the attention of his adversary. Whom had a confident smile which subsided quickly to fear; Kendrik realized his vision flared white and a powerful energy coursed through his body. Within moments the Corsair was a walking pillar of white flame who screamed in agony and disappeared over the rail.

Eilesa was now beside him and helping him to his feet, he felt exhausted and dazed. Though her scream echoed in his ears and brought another surge of needed energy. Kendrik followed her gaze to where Arleni attempted to gain her feet and nearby was Soretu, with a Druchii saber being pushed through the side of his chest-plate.

Kendrik was now blind with rage as he mindlessly picked up the Corsair cutlass nearby and sprinted across the deck. Arleni had caught Soretu during his fall backwards and was screaming in horror while completely oblivious to the Druchii poised to strike again.
Though the corsair never received the chance, as the cutlass Kendrik carried found its way through the back of the elfs neck. He then proceeded to use all his strength to push the Corsair over the rail and into the water below.

“We cannot keep this up!” Arleni shouted in defeat with tears in her eyes.

All seemed lost... until a cracking blast of heat and flame caught his attention.

There standing nearby was Eilesa with pure white eyes and a whirling of energy around her. And there a few meters away was the human galley with its two main masts ablaze in beautiful white fire.

The foremost mast came crashing down in a heap of flame and landed upon the Druchii vessel with a thunderous smash of wood and canvas.
The force was so great that the corsair prow heaved downwards and brought the stern of their ship down with it, then back up from the force of the sea and within moments their ship was free.

“Hard to starboard!” Arleni shouted with all her might to her designated crew still at the ready, which they enacted her orders and turned the masts to catch the wind.
Velnos and Gidras were still engaged nearby with a number of Asur warriors, dispatching the remaining corsairs aboard the ship.

Then a second crash filled the air as the second mast of the galley fell, though this time onto its fellow ship who was trying to get ahead and target the Druchii vessel.

Deadly white flames filled the air with dark black smoke from the now three burning ships, and provided a marvelous view as they all watched from the broken stern deck of the small sloop... the plan had worked, yet not without consequence.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 4 part 3

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Hey all, by the views I see people are still reading the story lol, unfortunately I will have limited access to the internet for a few more weeks at the least, so updates will be delayed for a bit. :( ill try to get some up as soon as I can
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 4 part 3

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Sorry for the delay! Been super busy with a new job, though now my internet is good to go. So my updates should come along a bit faster now.

Part 4

The distinct smell of gun powder filled his nose, as the accompanying smoke filled the air; and impeded his vision upon the unfortunate corsair that fell to his knees a few feet away. Lucius was standing upon the bridge of his ship and observed his crew's dire situation. The dark elven corsairs had somehow managed to extinguish the burning canvas, and now used his ships own mast as a bridge. Their dark jagged armour could be seen like a growing plague amongst his men, while his second ship was now a burning pillar upon the blue sea and would be of little help. Any who survived the flames were now jumping into the water below, and either sinking from the weight of their armour or being eaten by devilish sharks that feasted amongst the bloody battle.

He fired his pistol once again which brought down yet another dark skinned elf, who had a look of what he would describe as surprised hatred. The eyes were wide, yet the face was twisted with an anger of defiance to an untimely death. Lucius had seen it for most of his life and paid it little attention as he walked by his opponent, casually dropping the empty repeater pistol upon the deck. His movements were instinctive and his hands grasped the double headed war-hammer upon his back... As they had done so many times before and with a bit of flare, it was brought before him ready to take another life.

Lucius felt surprisingly calm despite the impending defeat, he had been tricked and unprepared for such antics. Yet things were out of his control now and all he could do is meet his death head on and bring as many as he could with him.
His hammer lifted swiftly in his numb hands and came down with a cracking force upon the head of a nearby corsair, sending him to join those he had just killed. Lucius counted as he went, this would be eight he thought and swung the hammer low taking the knee of another corsair at the top of the staircase. The elf wailed in pain and tumbled down the stairs in a backwards roll which brought a few of his brethren with him. He smiled at the sight until he noticed a sharp pain in his lower stomach, he tilted his head to see the end of a black bolt protruding out of his crimson coat. The inexperienced would try to immediately remove it, yet this would only cripple him into a slow death. So he continued.

He took a step forward and hurled the hammer down the stairs, connecting with an elf trapped between the rails.

"That is nine you cursed heathens!" He shouted and drew the sword at his side. Lucius now stood at the top of the stairs and stared down at a sea of dark armour. His ship was lost, his crew all but dead or taken prisoner to be used as slaves. Yet he stood and smiled, then adjusted his crimson red hat just before a bolt pierced his left shoulder and caused him to stagger back and drop his sword.

This provided room for the elves to encircle him upon the deck, their dark almond eyes watching with consumed hatred. One bold and rather larger then the rest, took a step out of the developing semi circle and moved towards him. The dark jagged blade the elf carried was dripping with fresh blood, the blood of his men... So he drew one of his single shot pistols with experienced speed and fired.

The large corsair fell to the ground amongst a cacophony of angered elves speaking in their native language, to which he could not understand. So he smiled once more, dropped the pistol and drew out his last; pointing with a casual sway towards them all.
As he expected they brought their hand held cross bows to the ready, yet the bolts did not release. Instead he heard a faint yet stern voice that sang a bit more softly to his ears. Then his hands began to shake and his knees collapsed as if he carried the weight of the world upon his back. Their ranks parted near the staircase and revealed a striking maiden in black leather that revealed more then it covered and intertwined with a dark silk robe. Her hair was a jet black that almost reached the deck and swayed with each of her steps. Clicks from her heeled black boots echoed in his ears as she approached with a wicked smile.

"Damned daemon magic, brought down by a tavern wench." He cursed and tried with all of his strength to lift his arm holding the pistol.

"Petty humans, so naive and... Foolish." She replied almost cheerfully as if she enjoyed toying with him. "You can die, or serve me." She continued in his human tongue.

Though he knew all about the humans 'serving' these dark skinned elves, and slavery was not a way to die.

He met her gaze with his and gave her a sly smirk as he watched her dark eyes examine him. "Your time will come wench." He said and fell forward in a slight roll, twisting his wrist as much as he could so the pistol barrel pointed towards the sky and fired.

He laid upon his back and gasped for air, breathing was becoming difficult and by the way she stood above him, he had clearly missed. Though the smoke cleared and her eyes flared with dark energy, while her left hand clenched her ear and tried to stop the bleeding. Lucius had not completely missed.

"Death it is human!" She shrieked and brought her free hand into the air. A large spear of ice formed in her hand right before his eyes and within moments it rested in his chest. Blood filled his mouth and his eyes blurred to darkness.

* * *

Kendrik let out a large exhausted sigh of relief and leaned against the nearby wooden planks that made the wall of the captains quarters. Though watchful as he did so, as there were many holes from cannon fire and much of the rear section was completely missing along with parts of the roof! The prow of the Druchii ship had destroyed it without mercy, yet despite its condition it acted as a healing room for Soretu and Arleni, Eilesa was proving to be a well trained and invaluable part of the group.

Arleni stood nearby and watched Eilesa's healing arts with an intense and interested gaze. Her arm was now in a sling resting comfortably over the plain white robe she had during the battle, still stained with blood.

Eilesa turned towards them both with a tired expression and said. "He needs rest, but he will live."

Velnos was near the open door way and gave her a nod of approval. "We need you below deck, many of the crew require your aid." He responded and gestured for her to follow. She sent Kendrik a small smile as she passed and followed the Nagarathi out of the room.

"How could she be so skilled at such a young age?" Arleni questioned with tears in her eyes and gazed upon her brother.

"Dethadrin often spoke about her rare natural gift, not to mention being privately tutored by someone as powerful as he." Kendrik replied casually and shared her gaze upon Soretu.

"She's not the only one... I saw what you did to that Druchii corsair... The power of the Phoenix is not something someone can use idly Kendrik."
His mind flashed back to the deck, what had come over him? He had never felt such power before, though Dethadrin had insisted on concentrating their studies to True magic; as it was the Archmages' lore of mastery. Yet Eilesa seemed to wield any form she applied herself to.

Kendrik responded with a slight shake of his head and a shrug of his shoulder plates. He had yet to take off the armour as it was surprisingly comfortable, while his helm rested on a small table near the bed with his great-sword nearby.

"I have yet to thank you Kendrik... You showed the courage that runs in your family, you stood tall when we were on the brink of destruction and carried on; while I fell apart..." Arleni was looking at him now, her scarlet eyes gleamed with passion and brought an uneasy feeling from within. "I know you have eyes for Eilesa, but that does not mean I can not thank you for saving my life." She took a step forward and gave him a light kiss before quickly turning and leaving the room. To which he stood in a paralysed shock.

"Khaine be damned... She is thrice your age, I taught you too well!" Soretu spoke and disrupted the silence amongst a myriad of coughing. "My own sister falling for your charms, I am to be punished by my own antics."

Kendrik responded with a light laugh to the captains untimely thoughts, as he had nearly met death.

"How are you feeling? And worry not, my actions do not follow in step with yours at the taverns." Soretu raised his eyebrow in response and sent him a small smile.

"I suppose you are right, how close was I to the end? That damned corsair was quick."

"Too close, but he rests at the bottom of the sea...that you can be sure of." Kendrik responded confidently and gave the captain a quick nod.

"Well I see Althran's training came in handy then, well done Kendrik you will carry on your fathers legacy. Noble blood runs through you, blood of a prince... Never forget that." Soretu spoke with an almost stern tone, which was rare. Then continued to cough.

"You need rest." Kendrik replied and put a hand on the captains shoulder.

He nodded in agreement, " that I can not argue with, send Eilesa my thanks... She is a good choice." Kendrik smiled once more in thought and watched Soretu close his eyes. Things could get complicated...
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 4 part 4

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Chapter 5 part 1

Dethadrin could feel the exhaustion through his entire body, yet could do nothing but watch as his mind forced him to channel his energy. A helpless puppet bending to the will of the one he hated most, the one who had betrayed them so many years ago... The one who had a hand in Norein's death.
Now here he stood, directing Dethadrin to a similar fate with an unknown power... Forcing him to take part in a bizarre ritual with forces of energy he had never seen before.
The magical winds twisted in bright violet and amber shades, swirling through the channeling room with vigorous gusts of speed and energy. They swept in and out of the ovals carved into the walls and blocked out the light from the outside world.

Dethadrin had been kept in the servant chambers for a few days by his count, though his passing of time had been distorted as if he were in a dream. Anoras now carried an ancient script in his hand, which was the source of this new spell and most likely the reason for delaying any action on the amulet.

"Anoras! This is rather unsettling, I have never seen such magic and it now brings a concerned mind." King Finubar said wearily while standing off to Dethadrins left in majestical silver and red silk robes, which whipped back and forth with the gusting energy. As did his long brown hair that covered his face in periodic bursts and would momentarily reveal his nervous eyes with the random intervals of calming energy within the room. He was surrounded by four prepared sword-masters from the tower of Hoeth, with swords at the ready and protected by magical silver armour; there would be very little that could pass through their barriers. Known for their skills of combining the art of swordsmanship and the channeling of energy to create a stalwart defence against magical entities.

"The world is full of ancient power if you look in the right places... Lost knowledge from a time where the Asur were but children to the world. Once I remove the wards upon this prison, you will gain the power to bring our people together once more. To turn the Druchii away from their dark hearts and bring them back to the light... Even he who shall not be named... the Witch King of the North will bow before you." The short arch-mage exclaimed, and glowed with an amber hue as the energy coiled around him. His voice sang with a powerful resonance and his eyes were a menacing yellow. "You are Asuryans chosen, have faith in your power and end this ever lasting war."

Dethadrin watched the king who seemed to hesitate on those words, yet only briefly as his features hardened and his eyes darkened with passion.
"Prison...? I will not seek such power to achieve a wishful goal, our kin are lost... Their souls blackened by the dark gods. No Anoras, this ends now." The king demanded and waved an open hand, signalling the sword-masters to advance and end the spell.

"It is too late my king!" Shouted Anoras in defiance and brought both his arms into the air. A bright yellow sphere appeared between his hands bringing a blinding light with it. A powerful pressure seemed to envelop them all and halted the sword-masters in their tracks. Then the room became still, the faintest shuffle of armour could be heard as the warrior scholars attempted to move yet to no avail. A high pitched ringing followed and grew to a deafening pitch which brought a mind numbing sensation. It lasted for what seemed to be hours, yet was likely only a few moments and ended with a booming thunderclap that unleashed the built up pressure.

Dethadrin was lost, unable to move on his own free will and stop his head from spinning. Though he slowly noticed that his body attempted to lift itself up off the ground and return to the standing position he had been in. His eyes only showed him what direction this controlling power allowed him to see, but it was enough.
The sword-masters were already on their feet and helping the king upon his, Anoras seemed unharmed with a look of awe spread across his features; eyes locked on something out of Dethadrins' view. The same surprise found its way across everyone's features including the king, to which it started to torment his mind... What were they all staring at?
Then he noticed something particular, something he had witnessed long ago. The dull grey gloss that accompanied the amulets power... Was now showing in the eyes of Anoras, the sword-masters and even the king.

Finally Dethadrins head turned and allowed him to gaze upon what everyone else could see, it was a tall figure that resembled an Asur... Though differed with long jagged cheek bones, a bare pale scalp and pure white eyes that were more wide than tall. The figure was naked and revealed a body without definition, no muscle outlines could be seen... Just a smooth white surface that made his movements look as though he slithered about like a snake.
It's head turned back and forth, watching them all and opened its slim mouth to speak. It came out as a stutter at first, broken words and slurs... Until it became fluent amazingly quick.

"Listening to your thoughts has been entertaining, yet trying to speak this archaic language is rather difficult." It's head shifted sporadically as it spoke and finally fixed its gaze upon the king. "We have work to do little king."

Dethadrins mind raced with both panic and rage, desperately trying to regain control. Though it's progress was as though he was trying to chisel through marble with naught but his fingers as tools.

Then he heard it, a faint laughter within his mind and shortly after received the cold gaze from the figure before him.

"It is useless, you all now serve me and will help me gain more... Yes my penance has lasted long enough... It is time for war."
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 5 part 1

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Blah sorry for the delay! The military has a way of keeping you busy! Here's the next part :mrgreen:

Chapter 5 part 2

Adalinusi watched the first morning rays of sunlight give an orange glow to the many spires and buildings throughout the city of Lothern, the sky was clear and the wind was but a subtle whisper. She was enjoying the silent company of Lucinia, whom stood off to her left and scanned the city before them. She wore a dark silk gown which reached the floor and gripped tightly to her tall lithe features.
They both stood upon the open balcony of the small two floor house that had become their home for the last week or so. The city itself was extremely busy with ships, trade caravans and regiments of Ulthuans finest troops arriving daily. Though dark rumors were starting to spread amongst the populace, talk of war and the mustering of troops was on the rise. Some spoke about a gathering of Ulthuans high prince's, or an impending invasion from the dreaded dark elves, which was spreading panic to say the least.

Though Ada knew better, Lucinia had engaged in some deep conversation with her and Althran throughout the night. This commotion was definitely related to Anoras and his webs of deception. He seemed to be one step ahead of Ceicil and brought a rising anxiety from within, as it had been a few nights since she returned to the city core. Ceicil had used her resources to smuggle them from the Phoenix palace, and had brought them here without being followed. They were safe yet no longer protected the amulet... they had failed after so many years of being careful... after so much sacrifice. Ada started to run her fingers along the white bow slung across her chest and then to the golden breast plate. Ceicil had managed to retrieve their belongings, and thankfully so; losing Calehir's bow or her fathers swords would have been devastating.

“Ah if it isn't my two dark haired and blue eyed vixens, you both look stunning in this morning light.” Althran gallantly joined them upon the balcony and rested his arms on their shoulders. He smiled and gave Lucinia a light kiss upon her cheek before raising his head with a confused look.

“Do you hear that?” He queried and looked about the street below.

He was right, a faint noise of shouting could be heard and it started to grow in volume. Then after a few moments a figure appeared around the corner of a house with a narrow corridor beside it, then another carrying someone limping along. Followed by one with a sword drawn and deflecting arrows that hissed in their direction; the first few were cut by the blade yet there were many and soon the figure was pierced with multiple arrows which brought him to the ground.

Ada had drawn her bow and readied it with an arrow, very few were known to have the skills to hit an arrow mid flight. Meaning it was most likely a swordmaster, which was verified as the remaining figures were close enough to see. It was Ceicil and two of her guardians.

“Damned we are! Where is my sword.” Shouted Althran as he sprinted back into the room.

“I'll cover you from up here, get them inside.” Ada said calmly and loosed an arrow towards the pursuers rounding the corner.

One figure dropped to the ground as Lucinia vaulted over the balcony and nimbly landed down below. Dozens more continued on past their fallen comrade and began returning arrows in her direction. She let another fly before sidestepping into the room and using the wall for shelter, white fletched arrows ricocheted off the stone and down onto the balcony .

Ada heard the slam of the oak door down below and followed by the clang of metal greaves upon the stone stairway. Two dark armoured swordmasters entered the room carrying Ceicil, who wore a silver gown stained red from an arrow through her lower back. Lucinia followed close behind and stood next to Althran whom had found his sword and quickly donned some silver armour.

“What the hell is going on?” Shouted Althran as Ada spun on one foot and quickly turned the corner to loose another arrow. The pursuers were close now, and would be on the door in a matter of seconds.

“The king will not see me, yet he has called for a gathering of the high prince's.” Ceicil replied with difficult gasps for air.

“Our own turned on us, agents within the palace that had worked with us for half a century. Ceicil's personal tower was hit, we are all that survived.” Continued one of the swordmasters while the other tried to tend to her wounds. “I am Itheil and this is Dulmas.”

Banging could be heard upon the door below, and was accompanied by a large crack and splintering as if an axe were being used.

“You've led them right to us.” Stated Lucinia woefully.

“Our own have been compromised, most likely the amulets power at work. We needed to warn you.” Ceicil interjected and tried to move herself with a cry of pain.

“There is no where to run to.” Ada said softly to which she was sure they all already knew.

“There is about fifteen in number outside.” Dulmas said and stood up to yet a another thunderous crack from below.

“Then we make our stand here, you two follow me...” Althran ordered and turned his head towards her and then back to Lucinia. “Wait for the door to come down, then jump in from the balcony.”

They both nodded as the trio made for the stair way, then Lucinia joined her along the wall and waited silently for their time to join. The banging and cracking continued until one final blow seemed to unleash the chaos, or well Althrans battle cry anyway. As those attacking seemed to be oddly silent and unnaturally focused.

To this they both moved to the balcony and prepared for the jump, Ada loosed an arrow at an armored Asur below while Lucinia immediately jumped down. Her arrow hit its mark and brought down the elf with an arrow through his chest, by the armour it seemed they were up against the city militia.

Ada lifted herself up on the balcony and watched Lucinia unleash a flurry of dark energy upon a few Asur warriors still outside of the house. She landed as the three elves fell to the ground, she then proceeded to draw her sword and long dagger while walking towards the doorway.
Althran and the sword masters could be seen swinging their blades in deadly arcs against multiple foes.
Two warriors unfortunately noticed the commotion outside and began to charge towards her, though one was immediately thrown into the wall by a blast of smoky dark energy which blocked the vision of the second. Ada took advantage of the distraction and parried the lowered spear to the side with her sword, while she took a step forward and drove the dagger underneath the chin of her attacker. She quickly withdrew the blade and let the elf fall to the ground in a pile of blood.

A few of the attackers remained which included a large and tall Asur dressed in the armour of the Phoenix kings guard. The white lion pelt covered his back and his long brown braids swayed back and forth as his axe streaked through the air in large arcs. The first swing was parried by one of the faster swordmasters, yet the second came downward with such a force that it broke through the horizontal block brought up to stop it. Dark red blood gushed from the Asur's shoulder as the axe went deep, the large warrior released the edge with a kick to the chest that sent the swordmaster to the ground in a crumpled heap.

Althran brought down his foe with a quick parry and a thrust through the chest, leaving the large kings guard along with a militia as the only foes remaining which were both moving towards the lone swordmaster. Though the bladesman was ready with a quick sprinted jump off the nearby wall, followed by a flying kick that connected off the chest of the larger warrior. The force sent the Asur reeling backwards as the swordmaster finished his jump with a nimble backflip, and a flashing swipe of his long blade that cleanly took the militia's head with it. Althran seemed to see it coming as he was waiting to pounce, and drove his blade through the back of the kings guard and brought him to the ground.

Ada sheathed her blades and gazed in amazement at the carnage in the room, bodies of Ulthuans militia were strewn about with blood staining the carpets and dripping off the walls.

Althran was panting and staring at the swordmaster... who was upon one knee and cleaning his blade. Until his head raised in panic. “Ceicil!” Itheil shouted and sprinted up the stairs with the rest of them in tow.
They found her in a seated position with a still gaze towards the balcony. Itheil dropped to his knees and tried to gain a response, yet only silence followed.

“Their eyes... Anoras has used the amulets power, he will corrupt the courts!” Lucinia said with a look of shock. “ He will pay for this.” She continued with tears in her eyes as she looked upon Ceicil.

“What are we to do? More will surely come...” Ada responded solemly, they had always had a purpose of protecting the amulet... keeping it a secret and keeping it safe. How could they go against the Phoenix King now?

“We will need to gain the advantage... or at least some people we can trust.” Replied Etheil as he stood and looked at them all. “We still have some contacts in Copher.”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 5 part 2

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I finally got up to date with the story. Well, nothing less than the Phoenix Court? . I am quite curious how you'll get out of this mess. :mrgreen:

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 5 part 2

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Whoaa Aicanor has returned! and here I thought I'd lost my #1 fan lol :wink: or that you'd joined the readers who come by but stay silent! [-X ...though I have fallen off from the rest of the forum, I have yet to play a game with the new book! perhaps one day soon when I return home to the local community. As for now I will remain here and figure out as you said... how to clean up this mess. Glad you caught up, as there is a lot to read 8)
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 5 part 2

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Part 3

A faint chanting voice he could not understand, grew in volume and contained an odd rhythm that was almost soothing. The numb cold turned to warmth and was accompanied by a sharp pain in his chest. The taste of dried blood filled his mouth and cracked his lips as he wet them with his tongue. Although Lucius could feel the world around him, his vision was still dark and brought confused thoughts to mind.
The chanting turned to a long held shriek and then silence... to which he began to cough, painfully. Then a faint light grew in brightness and gave way to a wooden ceiling with shadows that danced in candle light.

“He lives.” Came a voice that sounded familiar and caused flashes of his gruesome life that had supposedly ended on the bridge of his ship.

Lucius shifted his eyes so that he could see who was speaking to him, and surely enough it was the witch maiden who had drove the ice spear through his chest. His hand instinctively reached over to the area which now contained a large scar.

“What is this trickery?” He queried with a coarse voice and coughed .

She laughed and ran her fingers along her long black hair that reached the floor. “ Do you think I would allow you to die so quickly after what you did!” Her response turned to a shrieking anger as she pushed her hair back and showed her torn left ear, which was now half the length that it should have been.

“The dark powers have many secrets and your death will be long and painful... unless.” She continued and returned to a calm tone as she turned and walked towards a nearby table.

He looked about the relatively large room that was full of candles and runic items of dark power, simlar things to that he had destroyed during his time with the inquisition. They hung from the ceiling, rested upon the nearby tables and were inscribed in the walls. Though what she looked at were charts, maps of the sea and surrounding lands.

“I hate you for what you are...for what you did, though I hate my kin more and I can not help but wonder why you were even involved.”
She paused and turned with a dark glare in his direction. Her skin was a pale white with smooth attractive features and a smile filled of wicked intent. The long black and purple silk robe she wore accented her tall torso, and ran along her flexed legs from the healed dark boots that reached her knees.

“You were hunting them... though the real question is why.”

Lucius sat up and leaned against the wall with a painful grunt. His eyes looked down upon the large scar on his chest, as his shirt and jacket had been removed. He still wore his crimson pants and dark boots, though he noticed that his missing clothes and even his hat were resting nearby on a small chair. He returned his gaze and met her dark questioning eyes.

“What does it matter, they beat us both with damned magic and trickery... they are gone and I have no idea where.” He answered and slowly shook his head.

“Oh defeated so easily.” She said mockingly with pouted lips and came to stand but a foot away, leaning forward to attract his attention to her chest... that was guarded with but a small leather corset.
Then a sharp piercing pain ran through his right leg from her nails that were now as long as knives and oozing with his blood.

“As if they could escape my grasp so easily, my carrion flock follows... now tell me why!” She shrieked once more and twisted her nails.

He answered in a cry of pain to the onslaught of nails that moved with a blinding speed from his leg to his shoulder.

“They carry something!” He shouted finally to which the attacks stopped and gave a moment of reprieve.

“Continue.” She responded calmly with a keen interest.

“Or their family does, I do not know exactly, some sort of trinket... It is all shrouded in secrecy, and I am pretty sure the one I was hunting escaped on some damned flying vessel... I planned to capture and interrogate those on board that ship, there is one that knows more then he claims.” Lucius gasped from the pain and let any remaining resistance he had, leave.

The witch raised her hands and cupped them in front of her chin, then with a small smile she gave a light blow of breath that crystalized with ice. The magic drifted towards his wounds and numbed the pain while stopping the bleeding. He sighed with relief and looked back at her, she seemed pleased though had an expecting look of wanting more.

“I was hired by one of their own, some short mage with deep pockets... he financed me to continue my raids upon their colonies while also searching for a family of half elves. Keepers of a trinket he desired, and is all he wanted to be returned.”

“Internal conflict...” She responded almost joyfully. “They claim to be our betters and follow their false kings... there is only one true king!” Her voice turned to a passionate shout as she paced about the room. “And he will be ever so pleased once I return with such a prized gift.”

The sorceress stopped in thought once more and turned towards him.

“Tell me what you know about the city of Copher.”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 5 part 3

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Chapter 6 Part 1

Kendrik leaned upon the stone wall and shifted his weight upon one leg, he had his helm in his hand so that he could tilt his head back and see the full height of the wall. It was huge! The white marble was smooth and reflected the suns dying light, while the drum towers reached even higher with their blue peaked roofs. Copher was awe inspiring, built on a scale to withstand war on its own.

“Your father loved those mountains.” Stated Soretu and pointed East to the towering shadows in the distance. “Would apparently sleep there more then he would in the luxury of the citadels... until he met your mother that is.” He continued with a smile and turned his attention to the mighty wall.

“There used to be a gate there.... Before the siege, before I knew your father.” His eyes gleamed with reminiscence as they scanned the length of the wall. “ Still remember him charging through the sky upon his griffon as if it were yesterday. We fought against an undead army mixed with disgusting vermin, mutated rats...” He shook his head and took a few paces forward.

Kendrik just continued to stare at the white wall, until Velnos and Gidras joined them outside the small inn which was their new home for the night. They were all still garbed in their respective armour which was something Kendrik was getting used to... always being prepared for the worst.

“It is time.” Said Velnos as he came to stand near Soretu.

“Good, I take it Arleni is going to stay with Eilesa? And I think things would go smoother without you being near Gidras.” The Nagarathi had a sour look in response to Soretu, though the captain continued on.

“You should take Kendrik to the stables, see if you can find Khaine... Calehir had not intended to part with it for long but had made arrangements to have the griffon cared for. I bet it is still there.”

Velnos gave a rather reluctant but submissive nod, as the captain was right. The tension between them was hot and cold depending on the day and having him near Gidras as he attained his hidden documents... could lead to trouble.

“Good its settled then.” Soretu turned and pointed towards the three silver armored Asur that had the task of being their escort. “Stay inside with the maidens and keep an eye on who comes to the inn.”

The sentinels returned a nod of acknowledgement and made their way inside the inn, to which the group splintered off and he found himself walking beside Velnos.

Who was silent.

The walk went by quickly as they turned through alley ways and passed Asur and humans alike, some were the city guard, others traders and merchants. It took about a quarter of an hour to reach the stone building that spanned a large section of the mighty wall behind it. Countless horses could be seen within through the many windows that littered the outer wall.

Kendrik turned to ask Velnos about the griffon but stopped, as the Nagarathi was fixated on a rather large group of hooded warriors that were passing through an intersection further down. To which he changed his question.

“Those are not typical Asur warriors, where are they from?”

Velnos let out a small chuckle in response.

“They are from Nagarythe Kendrik, my home. Our blood runs in you as well, through your grandmothers side of the family.”

Kendrik could barely see the details in the diming light, and while most wore long hooded cloaks, there were some with the shaved scalps and the signature long braid formed from the center. The dark leathers they wore looked worn and dirty, as though they had come from a long march.

“Can I help you.”

Came a voice that caught both their attention and broke their fixation on the group.

“We are here to find a griffon, left here about thirty years ago.” Velnos stated simply to the stable master standing before them.

The elf was dressed in a long dark green robe and showed a glimpse of remembrance in his dark brown eyes. His hair was a long dirty blonde that reached his waist, and he brushed one side back behind his ear with narrowed eyes.

“I have one in my possession... though it was here before I took the position of stable master. Some backed payments are due, damned beast has been a nightmare to try and sell. Will not let anyone upon the saddle.”

“Payment will not be a problem, please take us to it.” Velnos answered calmly.

They followed the Asur inside and down the long length of the stables until they reached an especially large pen that housed the majestical creature.

Kendrik had never seen one before, only told stories about it or the dragon that his father rode before it.
The griffon was part eagle and part lion, where its head contained a razor sharp black beak, sky blue eyes and terrifyingly sharp eagle claws on its forearms. Its great brown feathered wings folded nicely along its side which transgressed into that of a lighter shaded lion’s legs and tail. It screeched and reeled up upon its hind legs as he approached the wooden gate.
It landed back on the ground and scraped its claws into the earth as its head drew closer and tweaked back and forth with keen examination.

“I have tried to sell it to numerous buyers, but every time they approach to ride the saddle it goes mad. Clawed a buyers leg once, nearly tore completely through the armour.” Expressed the stable master with an almost dire tone.

“You will be compensated for your troubles I assure you.” Replied Velnos as he looked over in Kendriks direction. “ I think it recognizes your fathers armour... and his spirit within you.”

Kendrik continued to stare into its eyes, it was true, Khaine was inching closer by the minute.

Then he lifted the metal clasp and entered the pen, all while keeping the gaze with the griffon. It screeched again, though this time much more calmly and did not move. Nor did it seem to mind Kendrik raising his armoured gauntlet and scratching its neck.

Velnos proceeded to give the stable master a few gold coins and signed some parchments while Kendrik remained with Khaine, who was growing rather accustomed to his presence.

“We will return tomorrow to take it off your hands.” Stated Velnos and led them out of the stables.

They walked back through the streets which were now rather dark and only illuminated by the street lanterns and the moons light.
Velnos was a bit more talkative on their return and reminisced about how angry Calehir had been over being forced to leave the griffon behind. Though the stories stopped as they turned the last corner and approached the inn which now had two hooded figures standing at the door.

“The inns closed, you will have to find another in the city.” Came a muffled voice upon their approach, the warriors wore a hood and mask which covered everything below the crook of the nose. Velnos stopped a few paces away and had a rather sinister look upon his face.

“Oh is it now.” Velnos refuted, “we have a room here already.”

One figure stepped forward and pulled down his mask.

“Did you not hear what he just said? Move along, your friends are no longer here.”

Velnos just stared in response with eyes that narrowed and brought a still silence.

“Interesting accent you have there, shadow warrior... where are your bows and who said anything about friends?” Velnos responded calmly to which the two figures shared a quick glance, then the one who had spoke attempted to draw the sword at his side. Though within a flash Velnos had drawn and thrown two daggers which now rested in their throats.
Kendrik stood in shock as he watched them both collapse amongst a gurgling of blood.

Velnos wasted little time and started to remove their hooded cloaks, he then looked closer at their necks which showed inked markings that had been covered.

“I knew it...Druchii!” He hissed and reclaimed his daggers.

Kendrik strapped on his helm and drew his sword, then with a quick nod they burst through the door and entered the inn.

The inn keeper was a few feet past the door lying in a pool of blood with three crossbow bolts in his chest.

The entrance to the inn had a large opening to the right which led to the attached tavern and to where the rest of the cloaked Druchii were... with their friends held captive.

“Kendrik run!” Shouted Eilesa who was then ruggedly grabbed from the corner by a maiden with dark hair. A wicked smile appeared as she held the dagger to Eilesas' throat.

Gidras was tied to a chair in the centre of the room, his face bloodied and beaten. Further on tied in the corner sat Arleni, Soretu and one remaining sentinel, as the other two were strewn amongst some tables and showed a clear sign of an earlier struggle.

“Oh more friends of yours... they wouldn't happen to have this amulet would they? If you have been lying to us... your death will be slow. Drop your weapons.” The Druchii witch commanded and cackled with laughter.

Kendrik looked over to Velnos who stood with gritted teeth and eyes that swirled with gray energy.

“Fight Kendrik! They are going to kill us all!” Eilesa shouted with tears in her eyes.

He wanted to run for her, he wanted to cut them all down but there were at least a dozen of them. All armed with swords and handheld crossbows.

“Lucius this better not have been in vain, if this amulet is truly in Ulthuan you will wish for death... Kill them all and search their bodies!” The witch shrieked and dragged her blade across Eilesas' throat.

“No!!!” Shouted Kendrik in horror as he watched Eilesa fall to the ground. He made to sprint into the room, but was harshly grabbed and pulled off to the side.
Dark bolts whistled through the area that he had just been standing and through the smoke of where Velnos had been.
Kendrik looked over to his rescuer and found himself staring at Lucinia, her bright blue eyes flashed with a moment of comfort; and then flared black as she walked out and unleashed a flurry of dark energy upon the nearby Druchii.
Kendrik followed in her wake and was forced to shield his eyes as a streaking beam of white energy blasted through the window and cut across the room, taking the witch and six of her warriors with it.

He lowered his arm to see his mother in full armour... with blades drawn, come running through the hole in the wall and engage the nearby Druchii. As Althran and three dark armored sword-masters followed behind her and began to cut down the remaining warriors. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Kendrik turned his head back to see Velnos appear behind some Druchii further in the room and cut them down.

“Keep that one alive, its Lucius!” Gidras blurted through his swollen jaw and stopped Lucinias' wrath amongst the commotion.

It seemed to take only a few moments as he ran towards Eilesa, whom was on the ground with oozing red blood pooling around her shoulders.

He collapsed upon his knees and shouted in agony.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 6 part 1

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Chapter 6 Part 2

Althran stood beside Lucinia and gazed upon a broken Kendrik who sat in silence, and had his eyes fixed upon Eilesa.
The boy had covered her with his dark blue cloak and not said a word, even with the loud interrogation of Lucius... which was rather violent from the vengeful Gidras.

They all had somehow arrived in Copher within a days time of each other, it seemed an odd happening of chance, and of course the death god 'Khaine' had shown himself and taken his due yet again. Druchii? Here? Damn it all he thought and looked about the room full of corpses.

“I told you! They raid your island and steal what they can, the witch followed you with her cursed birds and they anchored the ship a few leagues' to the south!” Answered Lucius, who sounded frustrated at this point, as anything he said was answered by a fist from Gidras.

Althran knew the human was telling the truth... he could listen to his thoughts, though telling the others seemed like something that could wait.

“How do you know of the amulet?” Continued Gidras after striking Lucius once more.

“Is this truly needed?” Interjected Etheil with a casual tone and a wave of his hand. He was standing near his two fellow sword-masters, who also were their contacts in Copher, and whom Althran had briefly met a few hours past.
A light haired maiden duo in dark armor, Tylsei and Denathy were their names and luckily they had worked with Velnos in years past. As Tylsei had been on her way to meet them when she caught a glimpse of the Nagarathi at the stables, and happened to be the first thing she reported upon meeting them all.
Though Druchii sneaking into the city and holding half their friends hostage was the last thing Althran had expected to come upon.

“Yes we know he has been working with Anoras, this is pointless Gidras.” Lucinia seconded with a shake of her head.

Adalinusi took the small paused opportunity and paced across the room to where Kendrik sat, she then kneeled beside him and rested one of her arms upon his shoulder.

“I want to hear him say it!” Gidras responded and glared into the eyes of Lucius.

“Oh so angry... even after I saved your life Gidras?” His jaw seemed to ache as Lucius stretched it with winces of pain.
“I have no name for that short bastard elf that hired me, though I assume it is Anoras. All I know is his face.” Lucius continued and spat blood upon the ground.

A brief silence followed until Soretu paced forward and threw two lightning fast strikes that hit Lucius square in the jaw.

“You will pay for my friend Zen'istor, and the town you massacred...” The captain growled with passion in his words and eyes dark with hatred.

Then Velnos took a step forward while releasing the great-sword strapped to his back and said.
"Something a bit more serious for his crimes."
He then brought the sword up and swung it down onto the arm rest of the chair... which also had the humans hand strapped to it.

Lucius howled in pain as he watched his right hand and part of his forearm fall to the ground staining the stone red.

“By the gods Velnos!” Exclaimed Arleni as she cut away a strap and part of a cloak off a dead Druchii nearby. “We need him alive.” She continued and began to dress the wound.

“It will be far worse if you do no cooperate....” Soretu said coldly and walked back to where he had been standing.

Lucius reeled in his chair with pain and eyes wide with shock. “Damn you!” He shouted. “Just kill me and be done with it!”

Velnos was still facing the human and held the bloody sword casually at his side.
“Oh no, we need you to confess and point to the traitor within our courts... only then will you perhaps receive a quick death.” The Nagarathi spoke low and seemed to chill the human to his very core with his dark glare.

The questions continued for some time and had caused Althran to move to an unbroken stool near the bar top. Corpses of Druchii were nearby, blackened and missing limbs or parts of their torso from where Ada's magic had struck. Not much was left of the dark sorceress that had killed Eilesa.

Althran then turned his attention back to where Kendrik had been, but the boy was gone, only his mother was now where they both had been.

“Ada... where is Kendrik?” He queried and drew her attention.

All she did was give a slight nod of her head towards the hole in the wall... and there stood something he had not seen in decades.
The mighty griffon Khaine, named after the blood god during Calehir's darker days....

Kendrik soon entered the room once again and slowly picked up Eilesa in his arms. The room became silent as he now had everyone's attention, though he said nothing and turned to take her outside.

“Kendrik, let me help you... we must discuss our next move.” Althran asked a bit wearily and broke the lingering silence.

“I will be back before day break, for now I go to build her a funeral pyre in the mountains overlooking the city...” Kendriks' response was low but firm, he turned in their direction after laying Eilesa upon the front of the griffons saddle.
His gold and red armor molded with the darkness and his helm seemed to swallow the light from the lanterns within the tavern.

“Then we go for vengeance.” Kendrik said flatly.

“We have already killed the Druchii witch and her accompanied guardians.” Responded Etheil and gained a few agreeing nods from the sword-masters nearby.

“No, there is a ship to the south.” Kendrik countered as he climbed upon the griffon.

“We kill them all.” He shouted as the griffon jumped into the air and flew into the darkness.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 6 part 2

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Chapter 6 part 3

Loklaris looked about his small camp built near the edge of the sea, then to his ship that was anchored not too far off and becoming visible in the dawn light. They should have returned by now...
Though Melbrith did as she liked... and how she had convinced him to come here in the first place, troubled him the more he thought about it.
He leaned towards the longboat nearby and grabbed his dark cloak, its sea drake scales glistened with the dull morning sunlight that was now cresting over the mountains.

“Gather your gear!” He ordered and scanned the two dozen of his crew that mulled about the shoreline. Melbrith was a lot of things... but she was never late.

And just as if she had heard his thoughts, one of his crew shouted. “ Captain! Cloaks up the coast!”

“Irlak, Dismrik! Go ensure it is Melbrith. The rest of you prepare to make way!” Loklaris shouted as he watched the group of cloaked figures draw closer, they had lingered long enough.

He then turned his attention towards his twin cutlasses that rested on the same longboat, his tools that never let him down. The belt clasped together with ancient familiarity and needed little adjustment as it found its place on his hips.
Once finished, Loklaris returned his gaze to the group approaching, his two sentries were close now.
Though a piercing eagle cry drew their attention to the sky... yet the suns light blinded their view and within moments his men and he were looking upon a mighty griffon in the midst of their camp.
And there, nimbly jumping from the saddle was a red and gold armored warrior who brazenly approached. The winged helm distorted his height, and his armor made him look larger then he was, yet Loklaris could see this immediately as he had fought his kin countless times. Though never one so stupid.

“What is this, are you lost?” He shouted to the approaching stranger while lifting an open palmed hand to signal his men with readied crossbows, not to loose.

The stranger just proceeded to draw the great-sword that rested upon his back and held it angled towards the ground in silence.
Loklaris stifled his laughter at first, then burst out loudly.

“You think you will receive a fair fight here!? A few bolts for your foolishness.” He continued the rather one sided conversation. To which he abruptly lowered his hand.

The arrows released with deadly speed... yet they were drawn towards the sword that was now glowing with a fluorescent golden light, and deflected harmlessly into the ground.

“Ah... well it seems you have some skill, though it will not be enough, you are all alone.” Loklaris retorted and drew his cutlasses simultaneously.
The warrior responded with a smirk as he took off his helm and dropped it onto the ground at his feet. His white hair shifted with the wind and his eyes were a dark brown, full of hate. But it was just a boy! A young and foolish Asur!

“Who said I came alone.” He spoke finally and kept the smirk upon his face.

Panic seemed to grip Loklaris from within as he quickly looked past his gathered men to those that were approaching in the distance. They were close now and had fanned out in a line while charging towards their position.

“Weapons at the ready!” He shouted to his warriors who were now facing the griffon, though too late as arrows whistled past and found their marks. Those wounded shouted in agony as the rest scrambled to meet the group charging. Yet the massive griffon only added to the chaos with wide swipes of its razor sharp claws.
Even twangs of his ships bolt throwers could be heard behind him, to which he quickly gazed upon to see a small ship sailing straight for it.

But it was a small class, no match for his mighty 'Dreadstar'.

“You will die here boy, your small force cannot defeat us all!” He shouted, and took a few paces forward.

Loklaris flashed his blades with precise strikes, as he tested the young warrior who parried one and feigned the other while circling him. Well trained, but so inexperienced.
His one cutlass streaked upward as he struck out with the pommel of the other, the boy stopped the first as foreseen yet did not expect the second, which hit him square in the jaw and sent him reeling backwards.

“Should have kept the helm!” He said and stretched his shoulders.
Though he was interrupted by a loud cracking blast from the beach that hit his ship with a beam of white energy... planks of wood , canvas and members of his crew flew into the air in the distance behind the boy.

Loklaris stood in shock as he watched his beloved ship begin to sink rather quickly, to which he gazed about him and realized his crew was on the defensive... how?
Then he saw it, the warriors no longer wore the cloaks from Nagarythe, now there were sword masters who danced with singing blades and flipped through the air as they made his warriors look like children. And magic users! Wielding the soul stealing death magic, or another that teleported amongst the fray with swipes of a mighty white sword, even one with an enchanted bow amongst the armored sentinels. They were outmatched, and trapped....

“My ship!” Loklaris shouted and renewed his attack on the boy before him.
Though the young warrior was faster this time, as he feigned both strikes from the cutlasses and answered with a spin that sent the great-sword in a horizontal arc and sparked off his armor. Loklaris quickly looked down with shock as his dark plated armor had been sheared open, an inch closer would have been the end.

The boy continued and came down with a vertical strike that he had to quickly sidestep. The blade missed by a mere inches as Loklaris threw his knee out and knocked the blade from the warriors hands. Then followed it with a sharp elbow that broke the boys nose and sent him to the ground amongst a splatter of blood.

“Not bad boy, not bad!” He shouted and raised his cutlass into the air, yet stopped as one of his crew was sent flailing past him in a cry of agony.
Loklaris quickly turned to see what he had only assumed and now dreaded.
Bright sky blue eyes met his gaze as the griffon stood barely a few feet away, and lashed out with a claw that lifted him off his feet.
He sailed through the air and watched his blood stream from the multiple wounds in his chest. The ground was soft and the water briefly refreshing until it entered the open wounds and brought excruciating pain.

The sky seemed to become hazy as Loklaris tried to focus, one of his crew washed up beside him, with a white fletched arrow through his chest. It was over.

Truly so as the young warrior came into his vision and stood over him, in silence. Then brought the gleaming great-sword into the air and embedded it into his chest, and brought on the cold darkness.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 6 part 3

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Chapter 6 part 4

The long and high arc'd throne room was magnificent to say the least, the mighty marble statues of past 'Phoenix Kings' towered over those in the room and acted as the pillars that supported the vaulted ceiling. Its many long golden heraldic tapestries depicting the rising phoenix, draped along the outer court area and were illuminated by the numerous open corridors that led to the veranda and gardens outside.

The palace had become his home for the last few weeks, and Dethadrin still had made no headway in breaking the control over his body. Though no open attempt had been made since the day the odd serpent creature had arrived, his mind did race with thoughts and past studies on how to achieve such a feat.
He was not ready... yet.

So for now he was forced to listen to the plotting of Anoras and the serpent... who had yet to reveal a name. If it even had one.
From what he could tell, it was a creature from Lustria... the land of the giant lizards and powerful Slann mages of old. Originating from a time where the Asur were but mere children to the world.
A prisoner or an exile, doomed to an eternity of darkness... is what Dethadrin gathered from the way the serpent preached and spoke of its plans. A war-monger, and extremely dangerous....

The entire palace was under his control, the captains of the city guard, nobles of the realm, mages and Archmages, even princes! And there would be more... A military muster had been ordered with the seals of King Finubar, the lords of Ulthuans kingdoms had been summoned, the Colonies had been summoned... everyone had been summoned.
The sheer rarity of it was gaining wide spread attention, colonial lords who would have once turned a blind eye, were now on their way.

Soon they would all stand within this room, and become taken into its power. Taken to war, or would the opposing armies just crumble under its influence... would they join its ranks? Would the dark gods allow such an imbalance of power to occur... would Asuryan? Would they all let the world burn....

“You should have sent more ! Such failure... to let those who would defy me escape!” The serpent shouted at Anoras and paced around the throne which still had king Finubar seated upon it.
The creature had dressed itself with purple and gold silk robes of the crown, though looked no more royal with its bald white head and snake like features.

Such heresy within the courts... unacceptable!

“They were stronger then anticipated, ready we will be on the next encounter... yessss.” Anoras responded in his suspiciously normal manner. He was being controlled, that Dethadrin was certain. But it was as though the creatures power had molded with his personality, where as any other, even himself were given a dark mind with a different voice altogether.

“How long until your little lords arrive?” Questioned the serpent, and stared at the small mage in blue robes.

“Soon for the majority, a few weeks at the most. Some must travel many leagues and will not arrive for months... but they will be yours none the less.” Anoras responded and looked about the room, then finally rested with a gaze in Dethadrins' direction.

His hatred raged within as those golden eyes (though now with a gray dullness), stared towards him... he had to do something....

* * *

“Will she be alright?” Queried Velnos with a hint of compassion, as he stood by Tylsei. She had been wounded by a Druchii bolt, a few inches lower and it would have pierced her heart.

“She needs rest.” Answered Arleni as she cleaned her hands with a wet rag, and moved on to check on Lucinia... whom had taken a corsair sabre through the leg.

They were all on the main deck of the small sloop 'Moons'Ril', and tending to their wounded. The ambush had worked well, but the Druchii were deadly in any circumstance.
The remains of a smouldering black funeral pyre was on the beach, yet another grave for their six fallen sentinels who returned to Asuryan. Further on were the bodies of the slain Druchii, piled unceremoniously and turned into a pile of ash from another fire.

Adalinusi had watched her son for its entirety... staring at the fires from the stern deck and accompanied by his new and faithful griffon. He had a look that she had seen before, but not for a long time. The look that his father once had, the look when she had first met Calehir.
A look of vengeance, to fill the void from a great loss.
She sighed and looked back to the group nearby, Althran and Velnos stood by the two wounded maidens while Soretu, Gidras and Etheil were below deck watching over the maimed Lucius.

“So what is our next move?” Althran questioned as he stood from his kneeling position next to Lucinia and faced Ada.

“Anoras has corrupted the courts and called for a mustering... the warden of Copher left four days ago for Lothern, and I suspect most of the Colonies and kingdoms of Ulthuan will be sending some kind of highborn to lead their garrisons for the army.” Denathy added and walked over to where Ada was standing.

“Then we go to court and end this?” Althran said coolly and brushed his dark black hair from his eyes.

“The amulet will turn you all against us if you get too close... which could be disastrous.” Ada interjected and gained the attention from those on deck.

“We have to try.” Stated Lucinia with a wince of pain as Arleni moved her wounded leg.

“We will, but we also need to keep Lucius and Gidras safe, to clear all your names... to restore what you've lost.” Ada continued as her mind filtered through ideas for a plan. “Kendrik has my blood, Anoras cannot turn us, if we can get close enough we can end it.”

Althran nodded in agreement and looked over at Kendrik. “With that griffon he can fly straight in, with so many princes' arriving... and with Velnos and I, we should be able to get you within the palace as well Ada. We take down Anoras and his power will fall with him.”

“Do we not need him alive?” Came Kendriks voice from the bridge, he had closed the distance quietly. His nose still had dried blood and a crook from where the Druchii captain had struck... also nearly taking his life, if it not for the griffons protective nature.

“Ideally... but if he has corrupted the courts, then the king has been taken as well. We should have little problem sorting it out in the aftermath.” Althran countered and returned an agreeing nod from Kendrik.

Arleni finished with tending to Lucinia's wound and stood with a gleam in her eyes. “ We have a heading then.” She said and walked up the stairs towards Kendrik.

“If you need...” Arleni stopped mid sentence and lightly grasped Kendriks arm and said something softly that Adalinusi could not comprehend from the main deck.
She watched as her son gave a simple nod and return to where The griffon rested near the stern.

Arleni then turned to her officer at the helm and said.

“Set a course... For Lothern!”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 6 part 4

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Whoa ! I have not written in a while! Sorry guys, with the site going down and 3 weeks of vacation, I'd have to say life got the best of me, but without further delay, here's the 7th and final chapter. I know some of you may have guessed the ending, but some things must be done! Perhaps I'll be able to trick you with how its done... haha enjoy!

Chapter 7 Part 1

Kendrik tilted his head left and then to the right, feeling the bones crack and relieve their strain from sleeping in the rather uncomfortable hammock. He did the same with his wrists before picking up his great-sword nearby. Its blade gleamed a sparkling silver in the dawns light and reflected the suns glow upon his armour.

Across the foredeck stood Althran, also geared in his silver armour and loosening his muscles with movements of his sword and shield. The prince was staring in Kendriks' direction as he did so, and seemed a bit anxious.

The 'Black Prince' took a step forward and said, “ I saw you fight on that beach... your instincts suit you well and unleash your true potential, I have never seen you wield Dethadrins teachings so well, when did this first happen?”

The question seemed unimportant for a brief moment before Kendriks' mind spun through his memories and stopped on that day. The morning where they were boarded by the Druchii, Eilesa had saved him and he had returned the favor by setting the corsair ablaze with Asuryans fire.
Althrans expressions changed as he realized the question had struck a nerve, most likely listening to Kendriks' thoughts. Yet he could not shake the memory of that witch, the hatred ridden eyes next to the pure green of Eilesa's, then the wicked smile as the blood poured forth.

His eyes began to water as a raging anger coursed through his veins, nothing seemed to quell it... not the revenge on the entire Druchii vessel or its captain, not Arleni's warm embrace for comfort... nothing.

Kendrik gave a quick wipe with his gauntlet and gripped the sword as he moved towards Althran.

“As if you do not know the answer to your own questions with that gift .”He responded flatly and began to circle Althran.

“You know I do not use it on every whim, nor on my friends and family... I am sorry we did not arrive sooner.”

“She was not yours to protect.” Kendrik said and swung his sword with an angled arc which was met by Althrans sword.

The steel clangs continued as his strikes became more ferocious, to the point where the prince chose to avoid them rather then parry or block with the shield.

“Control that anger!” He shouted, yet Kendrik only pressed harder. “These are live blades!” Althran continued and was forced to meet his swings.

The swords whistled through the air, left, right, down, up and so forth.

The prince was becoming angry and Kendrik could see it.

Althran came in with a high angled swing, to which Kendrik stepped in close with his sword held in front of him and vertical.
The prince's light sword recoiled back from the force of the block and gave Kendrik the opening he wanted.
He brought the great-swords pommel forward and hooked the inside of the shield with a hard jerking motion, then quickly followed it with a downward elbow strike to the hand and inside panel of the shield; Althrans grip released the outer strap and the force of the blow was enough to slip the forearm strap.
The shield hit the deck as Kendrik then pushed Althran back with an open palm.

Their eyes locked, and their feet instinctively began to cross step, returning them to the circling motion of the beginning.

“You still have much to learn.” Althran spoke and broke the silence, the comment brought a rising frustration, but his eyes spoke volumes. The prince had been taken by surprise.

Yet the frustration won him over and sent Kendrik forward with a high vertical strike. He could feel the force behind his swing and believed it would be able to break through Althrans high horizontal block, however the prince held the sword loosely and allowed it to move down and close to his shoulder.
Kendriks' sword glanced with the angle of Althrans' blade and cracked the wooden planks on its way down, to which was the exact moment Althran brought the pommel of his own sword downward and struck Kendriks' grip.

His great-sword seemed to hit the deck in slow motion as he watched Althran begin to step forward with an elbow meant for Kendriks chest. Yet as the prince moved forward, he felt faster... his hands were already up and moving to grab the outside of Althrans' arm and then he saw it, the princes' eyes were full of wonderment and surprise.
Time had slowed, but only briefly as it quickly returned to normal and caused the prince to miss his strike. The momentum sent Althran past Kendriks' side and into the rising knee meant for the stomach.

Althran keeled forward in painful gasps for air, then was sent to the deck by a two handed hammer strike from Kendriks' gauntlets... the anger had yet to subside and his rage gave him strength.

The prince rolled onto his back and watched as Kendrik towered above him with a readied fist, though it never fell as gray smoke filled his vision.

“That is enough!” Came a familiar voice and an unfriendly boot that hit him in the side of the chest, which sent him reeling backwards into the rail.
Kendrik roared in anger and took a step forward, though only one as a gleaming white sword tip appeared a mere inch or two from his face.

“You heard me boy!” Velnos continued and stared hard into his eyes.

Kendrik realized he was panting and his hair was soaked with sweat... he then looked down at Althran who seemed unsure on how to respond to the situation.

“I... forgive me.” Kendrik responded quietly and walked past them both towards the stern deck with a quickened pace.

As he climbed the stairs, his gaze met the red hued eyes of Arleni, who stood at the helm in brown sailing leathers with a worried and sympathetic look upon her face.

“What was that?” She asked as he walked by and stopped beside Khaine, who was awake and anxious over Kendriks mood. He stroked the griffons feathers to calm the mighty beast and sighed deeply from the shadow that appeared near his feet.

A soft hand met the back of his neck to which he made a half hearted attempt to pull away, but he was tired, exhausted really....

“We all miss her... I am sorry.” Arleni said solemnly and caused him to turn in her direction.
“They had taken Gidras and Soretu hostage at the entrance of the inn, and burst in while killing the two sentinels and inn keeper at the doorway of the tavern... Eilesa wanted to fight, but they had my brother... I... I should have drawn my sword.”

Her words seemed to strike him deep as he realized he was not the only one with someone at stake on that night... they had been lucky enough to save any of them.

Kendrik brought Arleni closer and embraced her in his arms.

“All I feel is hate, anger, guilt... and an overwhelming desire to rid myself of it, to feel nothing.” He said calmly and slowly shook his head. He then released her and moved towards the rail and looked upon the sea.

“Your instincts are unbelievable.” Came Althrans voice from behind him, which then overwhelmed Kendrik with a different type of feeling.


“Stop, you apologized already... and I now know what not to talk about when we train.”

Kendrik turned in time to see a small smile upon Althrans face as he finished speaking. Velnos was beside him and shaking his head.

“You are definitely your father and mothers son... and somehow you wield their ability to enhance their movements.” The Nagarathi said with a small hint of praise.

“He is right, your eyes were a burning white when you managed to sidestep my strike... damn your Caledorian blood wrath.” Althran continued and started to laugh.

To which Kendrik returned a smile, the first one in some time.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 1

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Chapter 7 part 2

“I have not seen these gates in some time.” Stated Soretu in remembrance.

He stood upon the stern deck, and observed the mighty height of the second 'Emerald' sea gate that barred passage through the Lothern straight. The high cliffs were littered with fortifications that overlooked the waterway, which now had a steady stream of ships passing through.
The vessels varied in sizes and ranged from small sloop classes to the mighty Dragon Ships that were rare and capable of carrying numerous battalions on its own

Lothern, Ulthuans capital city could be seen in the distance with its many spires piercing the low broken clouds. Its port and connecting bay bustled with activity from the countless ships that lay at anchor, to the point where they would be hard pressed on trying to enter the city in general.

Soretu turned his gaze and watched his sister bid farewell to Kendrik who sat upon the griffon in his stunning red and gold armour, which made him a spitting image of his father.
Adalinusi and Velnos were also nearby, fully armored and discussing the final details for entering the palace... as Anoras would surely have his agents searching for them. They were exiles after all, and who could determine the extent of the amulets dark power he had used.

Soretu sighed and lightly rubbed the tender scar where the Druchii blade had pierced, his wound needed more time and as such he would be tasked to remain with his sister and the crew. To protect their wounded and watch over Gidras and Lucius. How exciting.

“Something troubling you?” Came Arlenis' soft voice as she came to stand beside him.

“Why yes, the task of guard duty and your new found affection for our young prince.” He replied with a scolding tone and turned towards her.

“A light kiss is hardly affection...” She said quietly and glanced back in Kendriks direction. “His loss runs deep, I only wish to help.”

Soretu shook his head and paused for a moment.

“That damned human below has brought misery to us all.” He growled and clenched his fist. “ I should be going with them.”

“You can hardly pull your bow, let alone swing your sword...”

He sighed once more and turned his gaze to the sky as the griffon pierced the air with its eagle cry and rose into the air with hard beats of its mighty wings.

“Two points to starboard! Bring us in near shore and point us to the south, we cannot be blocked in if things go badly... and prepare the longboat!” Arleni ordered to her officer at the helm and those on the deck.

They were close to the harbour now, and the amount of ships was inspiring... What could Anoras be planning.

* *

Althran reached down and helped Adalinusi out of the small longboat , and onto one of many docks that comprised the Lothern port.
He then reached once more and helped the one of two sentinels that accompanied them.
A small group of six, Velnos and Denathy were already further down the dock and looking for anything suspicious. Both a part of the few remaining Shadow Knights Order... with Lucinia, Tylsei and Etheil, that made five, once a part of a far reaching network; now brought low, just like the Royal Company.

But despite it all, this was now their moment... to reclaim and rebuild what they had lost.

His wandering gaze scanned the coast line that was littered with pavilions which attempted to encircle the city and stopped upon a pair of figures on the beach, who were just... watching.

“My lord, they are waiting.” Came a stern voice from Yluias, the sentinel that he had helped out of the boat.

Althran turned and looked down the dock, the group seemed impatient... and rightly so.

He quickened his pace and gave a brief glance in the direction the figures had been, who were now walking down the coast... to which he continued on, perhaps his nerves were getting the best of him.

Then he stopped.

“Yluias, return to the ship, warn Soretu... I feel as though someone has seen us.
The sentinel gave a quick nod and made his way back to the longboat.

This was not the time to take chances.

Their travel through the city went without incident and was less chaotic then he had expected. The port was full, but it was full of regiments... which marched in formations and unloaded supplies with precision.
The few civilians who were in the markets, walked about cautiously with looks of confusion and... almost disbelief. So much military strength in one place would traditionally mean a Druchii invasion in the north, or an impending attack on the southern kingdoms... and never to such a scale, the amount of colonial troops was apparent. Banners that most had only seen in manuscripts, were now depicted on shields, pennants and ships.

If not for the knowledge of the dark power behind it, Althran would be impressed beyond comprehension, some said they were dying race... maybe so in comparison to the days of old where the Ever Empire stretched over the world in strength with full control of the seas.
Yet the magnitude before him showed otherwise, still a force to be reckoned with... a force to be feared by their enemies, by their dark kin.

They finally came upon the palace gates, its tall fortifications seemed impregnable and the amount of Asur that guarded its entrance and walls... was many to say the least.

The group turned and began to walk along the outside of the wall.

“I can get us in.” Stated Velnos flatly as he looked upon the mighty fortification.

“You know the wards engraved into these walls prevent such things.” Althran interrupted and gave the Nagarathi a reassuring look.

Though he just smiled in his direction... which he never did! Ever!

“Velnos you are smiling.” Denathy said with a light chuckle.

“I have not seen that since the days when we first met.” Interjected Ada with a tone of reminiscence.

“Our order is based on secrets.” Velnos continued as he walked and scanned the wall.

Then stopped abruptly and turned to them. “Some of us are more privy to certain knowledge then others.” He said with a sly look in Denathys' direction. “I can take us one at a time if we stand here.” He said and pointed at a spot near the wall.

“Althran Drokar!” Came a voice from a building nearby and caught their attention.

He turned to see a group exit the nearby alleyway and begin to fan out in a line. The one who spoke carried the signature great sword upon his back and the iconic armour of the Swordmasters of Hoeth. Though he looked small compared to the ten whom accompanied him, carrying mighty axes that rested upon their lion pelted shoulders.

“Well this has become interesting.” Althran replied coolly and gave a quick glance to Velnos.
The Nagarathi gave a nod in response and quickly grabbed Ada by the shoulders, to which she briefly protested before disappearing in a cloud of gray smoke.

“Any ideas?” Denathy said and placed a reassuring hand upon the shoulder of their faithful sentinel... who had softer features then the one Althran had sent back, and was clearly worried.

“You really think we did not prepare for such recklessness from you exiles? Kill them!” The sword master said plainly and nodded to one of his guardians. “Get to the gate and search for the two that disappeared.”

“I have a plan.” Althran stated and looked at Denathy.

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 2

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Part 3

“They will be killed!” Ada shouted at the stubborn Nagarathi who walked ahead of her in his usual dark and confident manner.

“Velnos!” She continued, and stopped in her tracks as her guardian spun on his heels and approached her.

“You think I am blind to that fact! There are greater things at stake here and you need to prepare yourself. Our priority is to get you into the palace Adalinusi! Kendrik needs your help.” His words sang true and silenced any protest she had left, he was right.

“Now come.” He said quickly after a moment of pause.

Ada followed in his wake as he made his way through the beautiful palace with an ancient familiarity, ducking into side chambers to avoid patrols, turning into others that appeared to be dead ends but would reveal otherwise with remarkable craftsmanship or magical illusions. And stairs, so many back stairwells, she had lost count... some went up, others down.

She wondered why they had to travel by foot, but only briefly as she realized the weakness in the energy around her. It was being drained... or controlled, someone was preventing any use of magic.

They finally stopped near a narrow and barren hall which would take them to a marvellous garden outside, or down another set of winding stairs. And there at the entrance of the gateway to the garden, were two sentinels... who were now staring in their direction.

“Ada, to the left of that tapestry on the wall is a corridor, it is an illusion. Go now, it will take you to a balcony overlooking the throne. I can feel the amulets power upon my mind, this is as far as I go.”

He then brought his long white sword in front of him and started to walk towards the two approaching guards.

“Quickly!” He ordered with a quick turn of his head.

She took a few brisk steps towards the wall and brought her hand near the smooth stones, they felt real until she pushed and her hand disappeared, to which she stepped forward and past the illusion.

“Forgive me... brothers.” Came a soft voice from the other side and was followed by the clash of sword play.

The corridor led to a small set of stairs and was illuminated by natural light through small holes in the ceiling, which were on a slant and seemed to reach the roof. The stairwell had a slight curve to it, and took only a few moments for her to move through.
Ada came upon a small open balcony of stone, which seemed to be cut out of a mighty statue. The looming head of the statue reached the arched ceiling above and its face stared towards another equally large and one of the many that were aligned side by side and acted as the pillars for the roof.

She approached the railing and realized the balcony was a part of the statues engraved shoulder plate, as they all depicted armoured warriors... or kings of old most likely.

Then she heard voices, and as she looked down below, she could see the gathering of Asur at the base of the statues, countless in number. More then likely the Prince's, nobles, and mages of Ulthuan. The leaders of the Asur people all gathered at the phoenix kings court.
They were all looking towards a small group gathered before the raised platform of the throne at the end of the hall, and almost directly bellow the statue she was on.

Ada could see the tiny Anoras to the right of the king, same with Dethadrin nearby... the agents of the king, Toleran and Philtorik stood opposite with a number of others behind them. Yet what did not seem right and was rather unsettling, was the figure with a bald scalp, robes fit for royalty and standing in front of the figure seated upon the throne. It was speaking for the king...

“Welcome, you have done well to heed your kings calling and uphold the oaths you have taken.” The... creature (as it resembled little of an Asur) stated with an almost slithering tone.

“Take your place amongst your fellow brethren, it is almost time to set things in motion.” It continued and brought its hands up into the air as though it were preaching scripture.

The small group began to break apart as they stepped almost simultaneously in different directions to join the commanders of Ulthuan. Save one, who stood proudly and became the sole figure between two tides of Asur warriors.
The figures' regal blue cloak draped to the floor and attempted to conceal the great sword resting on the warriors back, the signature red and gold armour gleamed with the sunlight from outside. Kendrik had made his move, gallantly... but rather foolishly. He was supposed to wait for her signal!

“What is this?” Came the creatures voice once again.

Ada quickly drew an arrow, yet paused while attempting to notch it... as she could hear footsteps echoing up the staircase.

* *

They had weaved through alleyways and terrace gardens in an attempt deceive their pursuers, yet to no avail. The sword-master seemed to know the streets well, and his Chracian guardians were strong, fast and surprisingly agile for their size, true mountain warriors born from the harsh conditions of their northern province.

And being lost gave them little chance of success, Althran had taken numerous turns, too many for that matter. He had tried to reach the docks, which were now close... however the ten foot wall that connected two spires, had been unforeseen.

“Trapped like the rats!” Came the mocking voice of their sword-master pursuer.

Denathy sent him a slow nod, they were trapped, but the fire in her eyes spoke volumes.

And so he drew his sword from the silver sheath at his side.

The sentinel Tilyas, adjusted his helm and readied his spear.

Althrans eyes met those before him, nine skilled warriors... not the end he had in mind.

“You will spill Asur blood in the kingdoms capital!?” Denathy answered while staring hard at the figures before them. The blade she carried was held with a casual comfort, yet her stance was low and ready.

“It is the amulets power Denathy, they will not be swayed.” Althran interjected and took a step forward. “We have no choice.” He continued and took another step forward as his eyes turned dark with deaths' energy.

“Let them come.”
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 3

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Part 4

“Immunity... the one who carried the amulet perhaps... no that was a maiden surely...” The creature pondered and examined Kendrik with a keen interest.

To which he responded by gripping the great sword upon his back and bringing it before him, the silver blade shined with the rays of sunlight from the gardens.

He took a step forward, and the creature smiled.

“You think your blade has the power to kill me? Come...” The snake started calmly and then shouted as its arms raised into the air. “Strike me down if you can!”

“You are not Anoras...” Kendrik stated flatly as he began to quicken his pace. His red steel greaves clanged upon the marble floor with an eerie solitude... as the hall was completely quiet.

“Anoras?” It queried and looked back towards the short mage beside Dethadrin.

“Ah yes...” It continued while staring in the direction of Anoras.

Kendrik wasted no time and broke into a sprint to jump up the small staircase, sword at the ready.

“He serves me...” It continued and looked back in time to see Kendrik only a few paces away.

Kendrik flashed his sword upward and took the creatures' arm at the elbow, causing it to wail in pain.
He then brought the blade back for a straight thrust into the stomach of serpent, the sword passed through as if it were cutting silk.

But the creature was no longer screaming, it just gazed in his direction with its ghastly white eyes... and it was now smiling.

“Your blade stings, something I have not felt in many ... many years. But no matter.” The serpent said and looked towards its limb upon the floor.

Kendrik looked as well, there was no blood... and the arm quickly turned into a fine white dust which floated through the air and returned to where the forearm had been.

It regenerated!

Then with its new hand, it gripped the sword blade and began to push Kendrik back with amazing strength. Within a few seconds the hole that his blade had left, healed in a string like manner until there was no evidence of a wound at all.

The serpent started to laugh.

Kendrik felt frozen... helpless. What was this creature?!

A white armoured warrior had approached during his attack, and now stood off his left shoulder. The Asur was much taller then Kendrik and strong, as he grabbed his shoulder plate and threw him back with a force that sent him sprawling down the staircase.

Kendrik hit the marble floor hard... this was not going as he had planned.

He reached across the floor and grasped his sword, then rolled onto his back to see the white armoured warrior draw his long sword, and start to approach him down the stairs.

“Your kind has always given me so much trouble... so much.” The serpent said and looked towards him.
“Never again.” It continued.

And as it finished, the tall Asur prepared to strike Kendrik down.

He lifted himself up to one knee and reacted quickly.

The long sword streaked downward to which Kendrik parried it with a wide angled swing, allowing him to regain his full footing.

His foe recovered calmly and continued to press the attack, which was relentless yet calculated.

The clash of metal echoed throughout the hall, as the lords and ladies of the kingdom looked on with a still and un-natural silence.

“Finish him!” The serpent shouted, as the white armoured warrior slowly circled him.

Kendrik keenly watched his adversaries footwork, following the teachings of Althran.
And sure enough the warrior crossed his step and sprang forward.
Their blades met and brought them both in close, grinding the sword edges with all their strength.

Then the warrior smiled, and released a hidden dagger from the hilt of his sword. Kendrik tried to distance himself upon seeing it, yet it was too late.

The dagger pierced through the gap in his plate and entered his shoulder with excruciating pain. The Asurs' same hand then clinched into a fist and struck the side of his helm, sending him stumbling backwards.

Kendrik tried to fight through the pain and ready his sword with both hands, but the blade shifted with his movement and caused him to cry out in agony and drop to one knee.
He watched as the warrior before him brought the long sword high above his head to finish him.

Yet before the sword fell, a white fletched arrow embedded itself into his left arm.
The long sword fell to the ground and Kendrik seized his opportunity.

Grasping the dagger in his shoulder, he rushed forward and pulled it out with one motion, then used his momentum to thrust it into the thigh of the Asur before him. His attacker fell to the ground holding the wounded leg and allowed Kendrik to see a second arrow hit Anoras in the shoulder.

Magical energy returned with a weak yet noticeable force as the wound broke the Archmages' concentration.
Though to Kendriks confusion, his once silver great sword was now a ablaze with magnificent white flames...

“Now Kendrik!” Shouted a familiar voice, which drew his attention to Dethadrin... who had pulled his own sword from its sheath while charging towards the wounded Anoras.

The serpent at the top of the stairs was distracted and looked... well rather stunned. The Archmage had broken its control over him.

A new found vigour coursed through his veins as he channelled the small amount of available energy and charged forward with the flaming sword.

Once again the creature turned to see Kendriks' assault, but this time was different.

Fear... he could see it!

The fiery sword pierced the centre of the snakes chest, searing the skin black.

Kendrik withdrew the sword as fast as he had made the thrust and readied it high above his shoulder.

The creature gasped for air.

It looked at him in disbelief and then down at the hole in its chest... which was not healing.

Its eyes met his once again. “I can never die!” It shouted as Kendrik screamed in anger and swung the sword ... striking the creatures neck.

As the head hit the ground, its dark power seemed to go with it... The entire room dropped to their knees with their hands clutching their heads, as dark purple energy swirled about the creatures body until nothing remained...

Kendrik watched the flames on his sword slowly disperse and return it to its original shinning silver, then he looked over to Dethadrin who stood before the shorter Anoras... his blade protruding through the back of the blue robe.

“This is for Norien... Calehir... and all those who suffered from your actions.” Dethadrin growled and started to twist his sword.

Anoras coughed up blood and said.

“It was... for the Ever Empire.”

Then collapsed upon the floor as Dethadrin removed the blade.

It was over.
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 4

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Finally caught up with you again. :) I enjoyed reading the story - as ever.
Now ... that creature was ... Lord Voldemort? :lol:

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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 4

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Haha I'm glad to hear it! Well I've never read the Harry Potter books and have only seen 2 of the movies randomly, more then likely not in order (voldemort is from Harry Potter correct?). So if there is a resemblance it was not intended lol although when I think back to the movie I see what you mean..

I was going for some ancient being from Lustria with ties to the lizards, but would also be considered an outcast among them.

Epilogue to come :)
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Re: Dark Skies- Chapter 7 part 4

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Well it's finally finished! There may be a few cameos as shout outs for fellow story tellers/fans that supported the story along the way :wink:

As far as the story goes, I hope you enjoyed it, for me Volume 2 with the intro of the 'shadowknights' is probably my favourite out of the three. So don't be shy to let me know what was yours, or who was your favorite character (quite possibly one of the many that did not make it to the end :( )

If I do write anything pertaining to this...pretty ridiculously long story that I was sucked into lol, it will be short stories of the beginings, perhaps re writes of when Calehir was young or something. Or on perhaps a character you give some feed back on :mrgreen:

But thanks for everyones patience, it was definitely part time story telling with some decent periods inbetween parts... life seems to get in the way lol. All in all I hope you were entertained!

Part 5

Dethadrin stood near the stone railling that made the perimeter of the palace's terrace garden, and also prevented any unfortunate soul from falling a hundred feet down to the ground.
The sun was low in the sky casting its orange and red hue of dusk upon all those that were nearby, which happened to be most of their group, and a handfull of the Ever Empires' nobility that weren't amongst those in the great hall still discussing what had happened... let alone the speech that King Finubar made; or the fact that half bloods stood amongst them.

He turned his eyes from the city before him and returned to admiring his companions around him, of which many were having their wounds tended to.
Kendrik was the closest, siting next to his griffon Khaine while having his wounded shoulder cleaned, and enduring a conversation with a noble from Yyvresse. Much of his red and gold armour rested near his feet and allowed the mage to see the deep wound next to his collar bone. The dried blood stained his blue robe and the ends of his white hair.

Dethadrin proudly gazed upon the young prince until he became distracted with the curses from Velnos, whom had a white fletched arrow embeded in his thigh... apparently Adalinusi (who was helping with the wound) had found him hard to negotiate with.

His eyes shifted to the hobbled Lucinia embracing Althran, who had almost met his end along with Denathy if not for the haste of the sentinel Yluias.
Soretu and Arleni had arrived in time to distract their persuers long enough to allow the release of the amulets power, the devoted sword-master had found himself rather alone once his Chracian guardians regained their senses; he now awaited interrogation alongside that human... Lucius.

Then there was Gidras... somehow alive and well... and working with them? He still was having a rather hard time comprehending it. Though the fact that he was alive, openly discrediting Anoras ( not that it needed reinforcement) and being more then supportive to them all... well he had clearly missed something.

The Brakist was standing near a hall entrance speaking with Soretu and Arleni, to which he began to walk towards and join their conversation.

“Have you heard what some of those ungrateful... pompous Dawii dogs are saying? The audacity!”
Soretu finished in grumbling anger as Dethadrin approached.

“Tainted blood, by the gods I will strike them down!” He continued, to which Arleni chuckled in response.

“In your condition? We both know your left arm is useless with a sword, and some things cannot be helped... it will take some time for the Drakonis name to regain its former status.” She stated and sent Dethadrin a welcoming nod with a smile.

“You can always sink their ships.” Gidras said as he turned and looked towards the harbour.

Soretu snorted,” the Moons'ril is but a sloop, or more half of one after what it has been through.”

Arleni turned to him with a scolding look.

“No I mean with that, my new gift to Kendrik.... it will need a loyal captain.” Gidras returned and pointed towards one of the dozen Dragonclass ships in the bay.

“The Sunblade will be his, to go along with some of my merchant assets here in Lothern. With a mighty flagship and you all to help him rebuild the Drakonis battlions, I foresee many within the hall will have no choice but to seek his council.”

The three of them stood in silence to the words of Gidras, whom once finished... turned towards them with a casual look with little concern.

“What?” He questioned to their looks of surprise. “His family is not the only one who is looked upon with suspicion, my return is a threat to many in this political realm... and I gave Kendrik my word.”

“I am not sure who stands before me, but surely it is not the Gidras I once knew... I feel I have much to catch up with, excuse me.” Dethadrin interjected and moved inside the hall.

He passed through the groupings of lords and ladies throughout the hall, some looking upon him with praise, others with silent scorn over damaged pride... and some with feared respect.

“Asuryan speaks to us in many ways.” Came a voice nearby, which caught Dethadrins' attention.

“He is but a youngling... saviour of the Asur, prince of Caledor... I think not.” Another replied as he stared through one of the many open arches and gazed upon Kendrik with one good eye. The other was shut by a long scar and partially covered by his long blonde hair. His silver and gold armour brightly contrasted with the dark haired warrior standing next to him in gold and black. Dethadrin had seen them once... long ago... The gold and black signified the shadow prince of Nagarythe... and the other, clearly a Caledorian prince... Malossar was it?

“He held his own against Philtorik, he will become strong.” Replied the dark haired warrior. To which the other snorted and shook his head.

“If not for my respect for his Caledorian ancestors I would burn that Darkonis fortress in dragon fire and send it into the inner sea with him in it! Damned half blood...” The Caledorian growled back.

“Lord Von'Sil.” Came a light voice from nearby and turned Dethadrins' attention from the bantering duo.

A young maiden stood before him, her light brown hair was tied in a long braid and her brown eyes distracted him from her accompanying pretty smile. She wore a white and green gown which reached the floor, a formal dress from an acolyte of the White Tower.

“I carry a message from Lady Aicanor Nenuvar of Saphery,she welcomes you to visit her in Tor Irian once you have your affairs in order... she wishes to discuss some changes in the White Tower with the great 'White Flame' and his rather peculiar ability to break from such a dark power.” The acolyte finished and handed him a white sealed scroll.

“She will surely hear from me.” He replied and gave her a nod of thanks before she smiled and swiftly turned to leave..

Dethadrin examined the scroll for a moment and looked back to where the bantering duo had been. They seemed to have moved on, to which he was able to see Kendrik finish his conversation with the Yvressi noble.
He took the opportunity to approach the young prince, who was tenderly rubbing his wounded shoulder.

“It seems we are making friends rather quickly.” Kendrik stated upon seing the archmage.
“That was Silueth. A noble in Lord Elessehta Silverboughs' court, it seems my family has many ties accross the inner sea.” He continued.

Dethadrin gave an agreeing nod and said. “Once the court found out who you were, well like it or not they remember what your bloodline accomplished...despite its recent fall. The road will be long, but we will rebuild it ... worry not.”

Kendrik gazed about the hall in what seemed to be deep thought.
“So where exactly is this 'Thalui' fortress that the king has returned to us?” The prince asked and turned his gaze back upon Dethadrin.

“Ah... The Dark Moon Fortress” Dethadrin answered with remembrance. “It guards the road near the inner sea, which travels to Tor Caldianis and then to the southern province of Eataine. A mighty bastion upon high cliffs with a deep bay for its guarded port...”

“It is home.” He continued and put his hand on Kendriks shoulder.

“There is no place like it.”

Character list (thought this might come in handy lol)

Calehir Draconis 'Thalui' "The Dark Moon Prince"

Ceicil Draconis ( Fei'Kin) -Shadow Knight Founder

Kendrakor Draconis - Lord of Thalui Fortress

Kendrik Draconis - Heir to Draconis line

Adalinusi Sora Tosh - inquisition Witch Hunter

Prince Autair'Sora Tosh - Lord of the Ethanus tower in the old world

Elandrel Arhain -Archmage in The Royal Company

Daherais Arhain - Officer in the Royal Company

Prince Althran Drokar the Black -Commander of Royal Company

Lucinia Silasi (Drokar) - Investigator of the White Tower/Shadow Knight

Dethadrin Von'Sil "White Flame" -Archmage in the Royal Company

Velnos Fei'Kin - Shadow Knight

Sontas Fei'Kin - Shadow Knight

Enori Fei'Kin - Shadow Knight

Prince Toran "The Wind Rider" -Commander of Royal Company

Anoras'se Cruen -Archmage in the Royal Company

Norein Delosir -Officer in the Royal Company

Fornas Satuin -Officer in the Royal Company

Sefian 'Asil Brakist -Commodore of The Silver Fleet

Gidras Brakist

Orlias Brakist

Prince Ithenias - Warden of Copher

Sincandric Von'Sil - Cousin of Dethadrin -Officer in the Royal Company

Soretu'Deflar - Captain of 'SilverMist'

Arleni'Deflar - Captain of 'Moons'Ril'

Darenusaka -Demon

Zen'istor - Navigator/ Captain of 'Elunas'

Tywin Talos - Guardian Protector

Teraskonarr'Isa'Emerikk- Dragon

Ledras -Brakist bodyguard

Silene - Human Amulet Guardian

Herasin -Acting Warden of the Citadel of Dusk

Toleran Finlais - Agent of the Phoenix King

Inquisitor Lucius - Witch Hunter

Eilesa Celinis - Gifted magic user / Student of Dethadrin

Philtorik Gar'is - Agent of the Phoenix King

Itheil -Swordmaster / Shadow Knight

Tylsei - -Swordmaster / Shadow Knight

Denathy -Swordmaster / Shadow Knight

Loklaris -Druchii Captain

Melbrith -Druchii Sorceress

Yluias - Sentinel

Serpent Creature (Voldemort lol)
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Re: The Royal Company - Complete

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Dethadrin of course, but you already guessed that. :lol: And Norein. Well done on not killing everyone in the epilogue.

PS:I like Harry Potter books, best as an audio book, there the style really shines. The movies after the first were somewhat lacking. Never knew Voldie was in fact wayward Lizardman. :lol:

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Re: The Royal Company - Complete

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Hahah yes I might have guessed that one ;) and I hope the rest of the story brought enough uncertainty to keep you guessing at least a little during the 'cliché' ending :p perhaps I'll check out these Harry Potter books one day haha lizardman indeed!

Poor Norein, an unfortunate victim caught between feuding families :( I was very close to having her survive that ordeal . But unfortunately she found herself on the rather long list of those who didn't survive that night at the citadel of dusk. (To be honest it was the dragon that finally made my decision. Such a powerful game changer I had no idea what to do with him after the siege of Copher lol! )

Though a short story of her earlier days with prince Toran is something I may consider :p
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