Chronicles Of The Royal Company

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Chronicles Of The Royal Company

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So I've completely changed the prologue as this all began with army list and no intention to write a story.. But things got carried away so I knew I had to change things and write a bit more properly lol :roll: so here's it is with a few reviews done to it.

If you're just starting this story, be patient during the prologues as they were never meant to be a story (more fluff) and while they do pertain to the overall plot. My writing in them is rather.. meh lol

Prologue part 1

A golden figure upon a horse overlooked a massive plateau that was flanked by rolling hills and the great Eagle mountains to the north. This was Prince Althran, one of the three Princes who each led the battalions of The Royal Company.

Althran slowly strode his horse towards the crest of the hill, and made an imposing sight clad with golden Ithilmar scales, plate armor and a helm ordained by tall gold eagle wings embroidered by purple scroll work . His beloved horse Elothinar was strapped in matching golden barding, as was his entire battalion in one way or another.
The Royal Company bestowed the golden scale armor and plates along with dark blue cloaks, and royal purple tassels to those who proved themselves worthy in battle. 

The Princes of the company had not been rejoined in some time as each prince had been assigned a task from the Phoenix king Finubar.
Calehir'Thalui, was the nearest on a similar mission in hunting the skaven threat near the Elven port of Copher . Though he had recently suffered a terrible loss in the battle that prevented an ancient and unknown Tomb King with his undead army from sacking the city of Copher . 

News of Calehir's recovery was slow and inaccurate, yet Prince Althran had known the fellow prince for ages and was confident Calehir would find his feet again.
The third and final prince who completed the trio was the wind rider of Tiranoc, Prince Toran. The three had forged friendship amongst war while some of the younger nobles in their service had grown up together and from there a brotherhood was formed. 

Althran adjusted his chest plate which was embroidered with two amethyst dragons facing each other and perched for combat. His long golden shield was sturdy and depicted the radiant crescent moon at its center. In his right hand was a magnificent and ancient sword which was forged on Vauls Anvil in Ulthuan. The sacred forge where weapons were made from the fires of the black volcano island located off the coast of the kingdom of Caledor.
Yet his most praised possession was that of the orb which hung along a golden linked chain and swirled with dark energy. Given to him by a trusted commander, good friend and now considered one of his brothers in the company. The Arch Mage Dethadrin or what many liked to call him The White Flame. 
Dethadrin had taught the prince about the sacred gem and how to harness the winds of death magic; as vengeance pushed him to become stronger, wiser and more deadly. 
Prince Althran had lost his brother to the skaven head taker, Warlord Queek. The foul rat warlord famed for killing noble heroes in single combat. 
Yet despite his anger and despair, Althran has mastered his emotions in belief that his duty to Ulthuan and its people would and should come before all else.

His current duty was to cover the western valley road which traveled around the base of the Eagle Mountains and to the city of Copher. 
Prince Althran watched as Dethadrin Strode in front of the massive regiment of Seaguard, the military core that is highly trained in both land and sea combat. 
Their endless golden shields and helms were abruptly interrupted by 'The White Guard' Swordmasters from the White Tower, personal bodyguard to Dethadrin and protectors of the sacred dragon banner.
They were looked fearsome, clad in white scale armor and silver plates, with white cloaks underneath and massive great swords near six feet in length.
Truly deadly he thought to himself, as he observed his sworn bannerman Sicandric staying near the battalions standard with the White guard not to far away. Sicandric was bound by blood through Dethadrin's household from the lower yet honorable line of Finlirion. His courage in battle could not be denied and he held his position with great pride. 

Althran turned his horse further to the left and faced his personal retinue, the famed Dragon Princes of Caledor and ironically named Caledors Thunder. Hand picked from Calehir who had insisted they keep Althran from harm. 
They armed themselves uniquely to represent each of their royal houses throughout Caledor. Some wore no golden armor at all, some wore a dark dragon blue, or green plated armor with red and dark blue robes, and others wore white plate while some had interesting gold and bronze. 
He was a Prince amongst Princes, yet there was no one he would rather ride with.

Two eagles swooped overhead as his retinue formed up around him and proceeded to follow him to the edge of the hill overlooking a great plateau that would be their battlefield. 
His Lothern Seaguard or better known as Storm Company, began to form on the long crest of the hill to keep the high ground and to truly turn the sky into a storm of arrows and death. 
The skaven rat horde was massing on the opposite end of the plateau, they were truly gruesome and vile. His heart hardened as he searched their ranks with his keen vision for the one he had hated for so long, the one he yearned to find, the foul rat warlord the Headtaker. Though he could not see nor feel his mortal enemies’ presence, he knew he would one day as slaying their treacherous race would be plenty for now. 

Althran turned to Cleriam, his trusted bodyguard and said “so it begins ..."
Althran then strode his horse a few paces ahead gaining the full view from his fellow elves. 
He spurred Elothinar into the air and shouted "For Ulthuan!" 
This was followed by a loud and thunderous cheer from his troops as they halted their advance. 
The Elven Soldiers then notched arrows to their bows in complete unison as captain Sicandric shouted to make ready. 
With a nod of Althrans head, the young noble stepped forward with the banner and shouted "send them back to the depths from which they came...Loose Arrows!"

Prince Althrans smirk from the arrows flying high into the air quickly left him as his officers shouted in unison to the massive cannon blasts in the distance....."Hold firm !!!"

White Flame was what his swordmaster guardians called him, and was all he could hear as they chanted it in glory to the massive white flames that engulfed the charging rats. The flames of the phoenix was a devastating spell from what the high elven loremasters called True magic.

The rats disgusted him and Dethadrin was intent on cleansing their filth from the field, as he watched the diseased bubbles that covered their bodies burst from the scorching flames that ignited their cloaks. 
He paused and smiled, as the enemies magical sorcerers were continuously drained by the stronger and ancient wards in the army’s standard banner. 

Sicandric stood by the pennant, as he notched another arrow in unison with the regiment and made to release on the impending rat horde. 

Dethadrin quickly raised his hand and signaled Sicandric to hold, as he watched prince Althran leading a mighty cavalry charge with his bodyguard at its center. 

"Sicandric reinforce the princes charge, target their left flank!" he shouted, to which the Young noble gave a quick nod. 

“Target the left Flank!” the young captain shouted to his officers, while the massive Seaguard formation, which covered the center battle line, shifted their bows and took aim.
“Loose Arrows!” Was the next command echoed by the Sicandric as Dethadrin swirled a magical spell of blessing in his hands.
As the arrows flew his spell erupted in a florescent golden shockwave, which guided the arrows with devastating accuracy. 

The elven cavalry slammed their deadly lances into the vermin horde, as the white fletched arrows from their brethren came in perfect unison.
The charge cut deep into the enemy lines as the arrows wounded the front ranks of the rat formation. 
The route was almost immediate as their disease ridden captain was trampled under the mighty hooves of the Asur cavalry. 

Their lines were broken and victory was at hand…yet something spoke to Althran. He could not understand the faint and ever so quiet voice, however his thoughts vengefully turned towards the foul rat sorcerer that desperately tried to overcome Dethadrins deadly spells at the elven center. 

With this thought Althran turned his cavalry back to reinforce the center, and to kill the sorcerer. 
Things did not happen as the prince had planned, the center met the rat horde with a deadly phalanx of shields and sleek spear points.
His cavalry took heavy losses to artillery as they attempted to reinforce the army’s center. A foul tactical error on his part as the sorcerer had proved to be strong and difficult to find in the magical shadow realm where death magic drew its energy from. 

The battle raged as neither side gave ground while suffering heavy casualties. Giant mutated creatures were brought down by arrows as Dethadrin burned entire regiments to the ground, yet the rats continued forward. Their massive numbers and odd creations took many Asur brothers with them once they met in close quarters. 

What started as a massive engagement dwindled to light skirmishes and then to further and further mid ranged projectile encounters as both sides became defensive. 
The elven battalion moved out of cannon range as eagle claw bolt throwers loosed hails of bolts over the Asur formations. 

Cleriam rode up with the remaining dragon prince bodyguard, many were taken from the enemies artillery onslaught. 
"My prince, do we make for the city of Copher?" The drake master asked as he slowed his steed to a stop. 

Althran gazed as the skaven horde marched north and showed no sign of wanting another encounter. 

“We have lost much of our strength.” Althran replied, as he silently paused in thought. 

They had killed much yet not enough to limit their casualties. A feeling of guilt rose within him as he began to blame himself for his lack of control. 
He had known those cannons should have been eliminated in his charging fury. But the pendant … It whispered to him, his lust for vengeance took control and he tried his best to kill the foul grey seer rat that unleashed such power. 
He cursed again and spurred Elothinar forward as he answered "we make for Copher, move out"!


Prologue Part 2

He breathed deep in the cool night air as drops of sweat came down his forehead, the nightmares were vivid tonight. 
Calehir’Thalui was a prince of Caledor, a kingdom famed for riding mythical dragons into combat for the armies of Ulthuan. Though their age had passed as the dragons slowly fell into an endless slumber of dreams few knew of. 

Since the prince began studying the dark lore of Death Magic, his nightmares seemed to turn worse. Ever since his fathers death during his youth, he had studied the winds of magic, True Magic in particular for a large part of his training.
Yet with the recent death of his dragon, who was both his friend and mentor… he lost faith in its power to keep those he cared for alive. 

He looked elsewhere for a power to attain revenge on the foul undead skeleton armies, which were led by kings long dead and coming from realms long forgotten.
The tomb king who hailed from the southern deserts of Araby, had engaged them on the Eastern plains from the city of Copher. His power was devastating.

Massive boulders and dark magic had taken his dragons life during the battle along with many Asur. A full route was avoided by the bravery of Daherais Arhain, a trusted commander who decided to lead a cavalry counter charge in order to allow the remaining elven forces to regroup. Daherais was slain by the undead king during his glorious charge which delayed the undead armies and saved many, including his younger brother Elandrel.

This is where Calehir found his link to the power he seeked as the Arhain family contained a traditional practice in the deadly death magic from the shadow world.
Together they studied dark spells as Elandrels bloodline began to show its true power from the fuel of vengeance. The mage gained tremendous power as Calehir did his best to keep up to the clearly more magically attuned brother. 
Soon they would meet the undead king again, very soon. 

The prince laid back on the soft feathers of his mighty Griffon who he had named Khaine. He spite'd the gods for leaving him such a dark hole to live with and found looking to the death god a comforting thought. 
The Griffon was a gift from Prince Ithenias or more known as the Warden of Copher. 
Though defeated by the undead army, the engagement weakened the enemy enough to prevent a siege of the city itself, and for this he was rewarded for his sacrifice. 

Calehirs’ bond to Khaine was growing daily as they would occasionally fly high into the northern mountains and ride the wind currents for hours on end. 
The griffon also gave the prince some measure of peace in the night as he found sleep came easier with Khaine nearby. 

The Prince’s eyes slowly closed as he viewed the city of Copher from a high ridge on the northern mountains. He had found a large cave in the side of the cliff that could comfortably fit the two of them with a small fire when needed. This is where he collected his thoughts this is where he escaped to clear his mind. 


Prologue Part 3

The sun's heat bore down on the ancient chariots that raced along the fracture of what was left of the plains in Tiranoc. Three soaring eagles watched with keen interest as the five chariots attempted to keep up with their noble lord Prince Toran or more known as the Wind Rider.
Clad in golden dragon plate armor, which was engraved with a royal purple scroll work that bestowed his title and bloodline. He truly fit the image of a great prince, as dark blue robes flowed underneath his golden dragon scales. This was followed with a dark blue tassel, which streaked through the wind from his tall golden helm. 

He raced his chariot with a grace that could only be attained over a thousand years of practice and mastery. The wind was what he loved most; the cold and fresh coastal currents coming in from the west filled him with memories of glories past and to come, as he led his escort on a rampage across the plains in the golden sun. 

The great Tor’an Roc watch tower loomed in the distance to his left, as prince Toran scanned the horizon and became lost in a magical daze, the horizon would swell for only a brief second before seemingly coming back to its normal state. He raised his hand for a general halt, which took only a few seconds as the escorts mastery of their chariots were second to none other then the noble lords who led them.

Norein Delosir watched her lord gaze into the distance, as the gem that hung from his neck pulsed with a magical flow of faint colors and slow swirling energies. In fact there were two talismans on golden links that hung from his neck and to the side of his plated chest; gifts from the mighty White Tower of Hoeth.
The tower was the magical learning center for the mages of Ulthuan and its surrounding forrest was the home of the famed and skilled Swordmasters.
Norein was aware that her Prince had studied the teachings of life magic at the tower and had become attuned with the wind that he loved so, and the earthly plains that he rode. These energies spoke to him and their energies flowed all around them. 

The company sat in silence as they all knew to well that to interrupt their princes concentration, would bring grave consequences. 
Norein glanced over to the young noble, Fornas Satuin who shrugged his shoulder plates with a smirk that showed a hint of mischief. He was a brave but over zealous noblemans son who dreamed of glory, and had the skill to achieve it, if he could control his passion.
Fornas's dark blue cloak snapped in the occasional gusts of wind, as he ran his fingers through his dark brown hair. His right arm gripped his golden helm to his side, which gave him a truly heroic look.
The gauntlets he wore were truly remarkable, bestowed with ward gems of protection that could save him from a fatal blow. 
Noreins armor came to sharp points, where as Fornas' were rounded. Her shield was an ancient family heirloom from when her noble bloodline was joined with that of a Caledorian nobleman.
The shield had dark red dragon scales with a red ruby encrusted at its center, her spear was always close and her long sword was slung across her back. 

She had grown up with the prince, which seemed to have been only a few decades past. This however she knew was not so, as the many battles that she followed prince Toran would never leave her. Each left their marks of glory and sorrow.
She had seen much, sometimes far too much that she cared to remember. Though for her memories, Norein was still fairly young compared to many and had served a life of protecting her mighty prince and would continue to do so until death. 
He held her heart though if he knew such, she was not sure. She loved what he represented, how he led his men and his prowess in battle was truly inspiring. His smile brought a warmth to her heart that she could not explain. She was his trusted friend and second in command. 

Prince Toran slowly picked up the reins to his chariot and turned to them.
"Something is amiss; the magical currents do not run in their normal course… They are manipulated and the horizon gives me an uneasy feeling… back to camp!" With that he raced his chariot ahead with a light flick of the reins, as he gently spoke to his horses.

The chariots followed the wide curve that brought them back the way they had come, and towards the elven camp where the rest of the battalion awaited.
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Re: The Golden Company

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So many names, I don't know how you came up with them all, pretty sure I had great difficulty coming up with the names my army has, actually I don't think I finished, not sure the second Sea Master is named yet, or my Paladins of Asuryan...
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Re: The Golden Company

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Haha yea I'm not sure how I do it either I just play around with sounds in my head as I'm thinking, then adapt other authors methods for elven names from books like sons of ellyrion and then finally settle on something I like :wink:
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Re: The Golden Company now with parts 1 and 2

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Part 1 

 Prince Althran watched his veteran Seaguard sharpen and train with their weapons in the courtyard of one of the many noble keeps that arose on the high hills of Copher. The Crescent Moon Keep was given to his battalion for as long as necessary by the Warden of Copher.
 Prince Ithenias had held the honorable title of warden for close to two thousand years and had seen to the many glorious defenses of this long standing and one of few Elven Cities left in the Old World. Though the number of travelers from other realms truly showed the changing of the age.
The Elven families that made up the citizens of Copher grew fewer each year by war and migration to the holy island Ulthuan. 

 Althran's dark black hair fell straight to his shoulders and shifted in the breeze, as he gazed across the blue roofs and white marble spires which rose high throughout the city.  The sun was lowering in the sky as he turned back to his chambers and made to sit at the table near the balcony door. It's ancient engravings depicted symbols of old which he did not understand but found them inspiring none the less. A detailed leather hide map of the old world, laid at the center of the table and was held down at the four corners by tall candles. 
As Althran made to sit at his table, a screeching eagle cry pierced the air as a great shadow passed over the balcony behind him. The prince immediately rose and made for a better view , his gaze was met by an enormous magical beast in the center of the courtyard. 

The Griffon was part eagle and part lion, where its head contained a razor sharp black beak , sky blue eyes and terrifyingly sharp eagle claws on its  forearms. Its great brown feathered wings folded nicely along it's side which transgressed into that of a lighter shaded lions legs and tail.
 The imposing figure aboard this mythical beast was no less remarkable. Clad in a darkly rich red Ithilmar plate over shinning golden Ithilmar scales. His red helm  was crested with great golden eagle wings that rose from its sides piercing the sky.  His Greatsword was kept in his pearl white and silver engraved sheath, which was laid to his side along the griffons back. This was the mighty prince Calehir.

The Black Prince made for the door and to meet his long time friend, who he had not seen in a decade. 

* * * *

Calehir lifted his right leg over Khaine's head, as the griffon lowered himself for an easier dismount. Landing nimbly and gracefully with a light clang of his plated boots, Calehir lifted the reins up and over the eagle head, as he stroked the brown feathers with his other hand. 

" Courteous as always it seems, my new friend" the prince said softly, almost under his breath . His regal blue cloak snapped behind him, as the weather began to change. 

"Bring my lance to my chambers and have water and a fresh meal brought for my griffon, it seems I may stay the night." Calehir ordered to the one of the few spearmen who happened to be carrying his massive black lance. 
He looked up into the horizon, as the storm front came from the sea. Calehir walked his griffon to the high arched stables with a familiar voice calling out behind him. 

Calehir did not stop and picked up his pace, as he led the griffon into the stables. Altrhan found him preparing the extra large stall and re arranging the wide troughs for the water to come.
Calehir lifted his helm and let his dark brown hair fall straight and long down to his shoulders. 

"My friend.." Althran began, however stopped as their eyes met.
A long silence lingered as the two princes communicated with out a single word. The dark and misty swirls of those who practiced death magic flowed in and behind their eyes. 

Khaine made a short, low and grumbled screech, as he pushed his massive black beak into the back of Calehir's shoulder, knocking him forward and towards Althran. 

The 'black prince' did not hesitate with the new opportunity, and stepped forward while catching Calehir by the shoulders and said.

"Brother, it has been too long." Althran followed this by a quick and firm embrace. 
In which Calehir finally gave in and said, "it's good to see you Althran." 
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Re: The Golden Company

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part 2 

 He adjusted his white Robes along with the purple and blue tassels that hung from his intricate silver shoulder plates , trying his best to retain that comfort where everything lay as it should. Dethadrin strapped his jewel encrusted curved sword along the back portion of his belt and then fastened his cloak clasps as he draped the pearl white cloak over his back . Once satisfied, he picked up his enchanted helm that was more a circlet with small and intricate armor plates that protected his high cheekbones. It also contained a amethyst crystal centered at its front which greatly enhanced his control over the winds of magic. Dethadrin adjusted it over his long dark brown hair and proceeded to go meet his childhood friend who he had not seen in a decade. 

He threw open the doors to the small officers hall reserved for nobility and the room in which Althran shared a bottle of Elven drake wine with Calehir. The room was lit with torch sconces along the walls which were placed at intervals between massive tapestries that reached the high ceiling. A fire glowed at the Far side of the room with a long rectangular table spanning its length to where Dethadrin stood. 
"How is it that I am late for a visit from my long time friend..." he paused as he walked the length of the table and met eyes with Calehir. 

The light lasted long enough for Calehir to see the expression on Dethadrins face rise to an anger with eyes that became pure white.. And then darkness, every torch in the room, including the fire was extinguished in a poof of smoke all in an instant. 
A still silence followed. 
Then with an eruption of blinding light, the fire was returned and amplified tenfold as Dethadrin stood with his hands out to his side swirling white flames. 
He stepped forward with a resonance voice " what Is this foul color I see in your eyes Calehir ! These are not the teachings of our true magic in which you studied so hard!" Dethadrins anger would flash as the flames in his hands danced beautifully around his body and in patterns reflecting his dangerous mood. 

Calehir stood, gave a nod to his childhood friend and walked out of the room on the opposite side of the table and shut the door behind him. 

"The fool!" He shouted in his anger as his hand projected forward sending a blast of flame into the fireplace along the wall. The flames struck with such force that the marble stones behind we're blown to pieces as dust and ash filled the room and once again .. Extinguished all the flames and rendered them into darkness. 
Though they could now see into the city from the hole that Dethadrin left in the wall. 

Althran stood as Dethadrin slowly re-flamed the torches for a second time. 
"Well you sure know how to make a grand entrance, and you know exactly why his eyes are like mine. That beloved dragon was closer to him then you or I. Who do you think raised him and taught him everything he knows after the death of his father from that foul goblin king Grom? Do you take the time to think at all... White Flame? As I can see you do live up to your name." Althrans words seemed to hit home as the Archmage sat back in the chair behind him. 
" That magic you all seem to be so enthralled about.. Can kill you , and he was so gifted with true magic .. Damn Elandrel .. Leaving Calehir with those hatred ridden brothers was a mistake.. Who knows what foul and unpredictable things they learnt together without my guidance." The Archmage placed his head in his hands, as Althran walked over and placed his hand on his shoulder.
 "He is like a brother to us all Dethadrin, do not think I dismiss your worries I have seen the dangers with death magic, the shadow world is both perilous and soothing for a soul that is distraught with hate." Althran gave a glass of wine to the Archmage and sat down. 

Their silence was interrupted by a soaring eagle cry as he could just make out the outline of Calehir and his Griffon in the terrible down poor that blanketed the city after the storm. 
"Until he finds himself" Althran said as he held his cup high for a toast towards Dethadrin. "Until he finds himself" the mage replied, and drank deep from his cup. 

* * * * 

Cresting over the mountains that lay north of the Elven port city, was truly cold from the rain.  
Yet Calehir loved every minute of it as Khaine soared with speed and agility that differed completely from riding a graceful dragon. The Griffon tucked its wings sending them into a dive towards the valley bellow , the moon still gave large intervals of light as the breaking clouds passed over the mountains. 
Calehir continually spoke softly to the eagle through words and projections from his mind. Though his previous dragon and good friend could reciprocate and talk to him in the same manner, something in his heart truly enjoyed the silent understanding of his griffon. Which helped fill only a fraction of the hole that was made when his beloved friend fell in battle. Eclipse was his dragons name, and the fury of that dragon always made him seem invincible in Calehir's eyes. So full of knowledge that Calehir couldn't imagine to begin comprehending, though he owed much of what he knew to the teachings of Eclipse. 
His true Draconian name was something else entirely, and  he had resorted to calling the moon dragon by this name for simplicities sake.. which always seemed to annoy Eclipse in the slightest ways... 
A smirk found its self on Calehir's face which startled him. Most of his thoughts of late were vengeful , though this new side brought a warmth to his heart he had not felt in some time. 

Then everything happened at once, they came upon a dark hill with a structure at it's peak and was the origin of a horrendous purple blast of energy that pierced the sky towards them. Calehir pulled on the reins to bank left, thankfully Khaine was one step ahead, yet this did not save them. The explosive blast tore through the griffons right wing and glanced the side of its body . 

Calehir soon found the ground much closer as the two plummeted into a soft earth mound and rolled down the natural slope of the hill. They stopped at the bottom as Khaine attempted to pick himself up but would collapse from the wound to his side. 
Calehir straigtened his helm and unsheathed his great sword from Khaine's back as he receited a soothing song to calm the beast and keep him still. 

A cackling laughter came down from the hill as blue flames ignited torches to which Calehir became aware of his surroundings. Grave stones littered the hillside along with many of the blue flamed torches. A large stone catacomb entrance resided on the peak of the hill, and there walked a devilish figure, pale skinned, red eyes and dark robes cloaked him. It drew back its hood and revealed a slender face with somewhat pointed ears, yet what truly struck fear was the two long fangs that extended from the creatures sly smile. 

" How convenient .. A bit lost.. Elf? Or should I call you Prince? By your intricate armor and steed you could be no other.. What a nice surprise ." The creature returned to his laugh as the ground all around him started to spurt arms and heads from the graves. Also six heavily armored skeletons flanked the creature on both sides, they all held great weapons in their bone hands and had seemed to have appeared from thin air. 

Calehir was now surrounded by a horde of zombies that were slow moving yet extremely dangerous in such large numbers with no where to run. He gripped his great sword with both hands and held it in front of him as blue witch fire flared from his eyes. As he made to enter the shadow world beyond he was immediately winded by an energy that cast him back out into reality. He gasped for air as the laughter continued. 
" How very interesting,  though still an apprentice in the art I see... It is most interesting that you delve into such dark magic." The vampire said as he seemed to be almost lost in his thoughts as he slowly left the steps of the catacombs. 

Calehir attempted to regain his composure as he nimbly hopped forward and decapitated two slow zombies, which was followed by a horizontal sweep to his right cleaving another completely in half.
 The creature still clawed the ground trying to reach him as the zombies walked about heedlessly into one another. 
This is not good he thought to himself as he weaved in and out of reach hacking limbs left and right. 

"Ah of course, you elves are so talented in combat" the vampire continued his speech as he motioned for the armored guard to follow him. Two were already making their way down the hill towards him as the creature spoke once again.
 " Yes my minions  may lack skill .. But I wonder how you will fare against us all .. My prince." The vampire drew a long and sleek  blade that glowed with unnatural power as a foul grin crept along his face. 

Calehir was in three places at once with mounds of bodies building in a perimeter around his griffon. Yet the zombies had no end and the ones he put down would grab for his legs and creep ever so slowly towards him, with so many it was becoming difficult. 
The two armored skeletons had reached him now and the ferocity that they swung their great blades was shocking. He ducked the first attack as he cleaved diagonally across two approaching zombies and returned with a disarming strike to the arm of the foul armored opponent . He followed this with a forward kick that sent it sprawling into a mass of zombies yet the second did not miss a beat.
 The blade nearly took Calehir's head as he recoiled backwards while throwing his head back, the tip of the blade came far to close for comfort. The prince countered with a lunging stab into the chest of the creatures armor, which penetrated with ease. Yet it felt nothing as the blade pushed  itself through and through. Panic gripped at Calehir as he attempted to withdraw his sword from the thick plate as the skeleton tried with all it's might to hold the mighty sword in place. He glanced to his left and up the hill towards the vile demon that had taken him so fully unaware it made him sick...
However..there..ontop of the catacombs roof.. it was to dark to make it out at the distance between them..but someone else was watching.
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Re: The Golden Company now with parts 1 and 2

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Part 3 

The warden of Copher held his court in a low but wide assembly hall, the white marble here almost appeared a sapphire blue as it changed with the angles of which you looked at them in the light. Paintings and tapestries depicted tales of old and battles of a history lost in the ages.

The commanded migration back to the holy island fell on all but a few select cities along the coast of the old world that could be easily reinforced by sea and would ensure Ulthuans Lothern trade would stay bountiful. These major cities still played a large part yet their population grew fewer with each passing year. Nevertheless, the hall was magnificent and spacious which also made prince Ithenias's court seem rather small for the amount of room it took in the grandness of it all.

The Archmage Elandrel  Arhain stood to Althrans left as Dethadrin stood off to his right. The tension between the two was clear, as Calehir's departure with no return throughout the day, had put everyone on edge. 
 Prince Ithenias acknowledged prince Althran and beckoned him to come forward with pale hands that showed great age. The old prince wore long silver robes with black scroll work which covered him in ward symbols of old. A silver circlet rested on his brow over his white silver hair with a red crystal embedded at its center. 
This was a prince from the old courts from a time when his ancestral family controlled much of the old world. He witnessed the changing of the age on the edge of the Asur Ever Empire , one of the few to see so much  in their lifetime. 

 Dignitaries from the human Empire and the land of Bretonnia had left  just moments ago, as the affairs of Ulthuan were closely guarded. Althran passed numerous representatives and lords of the noble houses still in Copher. He stopped about forty paces from the Wardens high chair and stood awaiting to be spoken to. 

Ithenias seemed to be in thought as the room stood in an uneasy silence. 
Finally , the warden turned his head towards Althran and asked " what is your take on Calehir's disappearance?" But Before Althran could speak, a burst of talking erupted behind him as the two archmages began to shout in defiance at one another trying to pin the blame. 
"Enough!" Commanded the Warden as he stood from his chair, bringing silence to the room. 

" You two are excused from my court as I fear more of this will bring us to a place I do not wish to go, now leave!" Ithenias continued as the humbled mages bowed deeply and made their retreat. 

As the door shut Althran chose to calm matters as this was not the first time, those two archmages were truly eccentric and woefully arrogant to politics. He started with a low bow at the hip with his left arm across his chest and his right extended outward and bent at the elbow behind him, a rare show of respect which originated from the old world colonies and of which few remembered. 
"Great warden of Copher, you must excuse... my..passionate companions. There is no greater shame then disrupting a great Princes court. And I assure you they will be reprimanded ." Althran finished with a hidden smirk as Ithenias sat back into his chair with a smile that he could feel, yet not see. 

" Now that, is something I haven't seen in over two thousand years. And combined with such a silver tongue for diplomacy. My dear Althran you bring me great honor, you may rise. How is it that you became accustomed to such forgotten knowledge of the ancient courts?" 

Althran waited until the prince finished before rising from his bow, another forgotten courtesy sure to tickle the old prince. He raised his head with a noble composure while completely hiding his feelings of pride as he had now subdued the princes wrath. 

" The history of our people is vast, but your libraries are full of old knowledge and one must truly study the customs of those in which one resides, old and new." Althran paused for another anticipated smile from the prince before continuing.
 " As for Calehir, it would seem his grief over his beloved companion in defense of your city..(he paused once again to let his words take effect) .. Has overcome his mind. I spoke with him before his departure, your mighty gift to him has given him new hope. It is traditional to connect with that which bears you into battle.. The bond is sacred and it is what I believe he is doing at this very moment my prince. He shall return when he is ready." Althran had done everything in his power to diminish the wardens wrath over Calehir's unexpected departure without Ithenias's approval, and here it hung in the balance. 

The prince sat in silence for what seemed an eternity and then finally spoke." I am never one to forget great feats of bravery .. especially when it is my own city that was saved by it. Calehir's return will be at his accord, that much I can do as I am aware of the bond created with the mythical dragons.. I am told it's loss is like losing a part of your soul. This court is dismissed." Stated Ithenias as he rose from his chair.
 " Oh, Althran.. be sure to send eagles over the mountains .. There is much danger and Calehir's strength will be missed if this turns for the worst.. Make sure his leave isn't ..too long." With that the court exited through the great oak doors as Prince Ithenias left through the door a few paces behind the high chair. 

Althran found Dethadrin and Elandrel at each others throats (yet at a fair distance) with magical energies swirling around them as if to turn the lesser chamber of the courts into a giant battle ground. 
He looked over at Sincandric of the noble house Finlirion to the left behind Dethadrin . He was the archmages cousin from a lesser house in his family and thought this next act would be amusing. 
"Sincandric ! Follow my lead that's a direct order !" Althran said in a commanding tone as he paced over to where Elandrel stood, and beckoned the young noble towards Dethadrin. 
The two mages were completely oblivious in their rage and shouting to realize what was about to happen. 

Sicandric watched as prince Althran brought his hand up in a fist to strike. 
This was an order and he did not it was good revenge on his old cousin for many hard times. He smirked as he raised his fist in unison with the prince's and as one they both hit the archmages square in the jaw. The magic energies dissipated as both mages fell to the ground dazed and holding their jaws in pain. 

"Are you two insane!!" Althran unleashed his frustration, which was something that did not happen often.
"Get up! Back to Crescent Moon keep ! And if there's anymore problems I swear I'll have you both hauled there in vortex chains! Sicandric  escort them back now!" With that he turned on his heels and left the room. 

* * * * 

The moon came out of cloud cover as the shadow lept from the ledge and shouted "Move!!" Though Calehir had studied the human language, the words did not register in his mind until a white light seemed to come from its left hand as it braced the wrist with its right. 

Calehir's eyes widened as he quickly gripped both hands on his sword and lifted his legs in such grace that time seemed to stand still as his plated boots lightly touched the armored skeletons chest.
 The white light was enormous and devastating, a horizontal beam of light as thick as a man was tall, flashed by Calehir as he was able to launch himself off the skeleton just in time with his sword. 
He hit the ground and rolled. 
Once gaining his feet, he stared in awe as the unknown reinforcement had carved a direct path down the hill . The zombies burned on the ground and piles of bone and scorched armor was all that remained in its path. 

The shadow wasted no time as it slashed with a long sword and short dagger both of which glowed fiery red at different intervals and appeared of Elven steel. 
Though its garb was odd, A long dark coat with a high colar reached down to its knees and swirled in its fury. Yet the figures hat was most interesting as its wide brim gave an odd look with its squared top and was something he had yet to see in his time.
The new ally continued its assault with a slash and stab at two zombies close by, they fell instantly and a did not move. The blades enchantments were working perfectly! 

The vampire had been able to move, yet not without harm, a chunk of his left arm was missing, yet he still held a red gem and began to chant. 
Time slowed once again as Calehir witnessed remarkable talent. 
The figure in the hat stabbed a zombie in front of it while arching its back and bracing itself with its right foot on the zombies chest. The left arm tossed the dagger straight and true, finding the vampire behind it.
 The vampires chant stopped as he brought his right arm to where the dagger lay in his chest but the shadow in the hat was not finished.
 Pushing off the zombie it skillfully dislodged the sword in a graceful over swing as the figure turned towards the vampire and threw the long sword which pierced the vampires right arm and came out through his cloak.
 He wailed in pain as the enchantments burned him from within. In a last attempt the vampire raised his left arm and focused on the gem.

Shattered  fragments flew in all kinds of different directions as a loud and piercing boom followed the gems destruction. 
The figure in the hat was continually rotating its body forward and drawing new weapons while closing the distance with the vampire screaming in agony.
The zombies and remaining skeletons crumbled and fell as the stone was destroyed. 
The stranger went to one knee and aimed its second weapon while bracing with its right hand holding the dispensed contraption that had just fired. 
Actually they were called pistols as Calehir remembered, he had studied many aspects of the empire.

The second pistol fired, and the vampires head recoiled back as he fell to the ground, utterly defeated. 

Calehir immediately came back to reality as he watched one of the armored skeletons that had survived the blast and was poised to decapitate him, crumble to the floor. 
That's twice he thought as he sprinted to his wounded friend Khaine. 

He kneeled next to his becalmed friend, the song had worked perfectly and kept him from moving.. Though if not for the new ally, he might have considered Khaine fighting to the death with him.. Your stupid and far to bold he told himself as he used all his might and memory to help regenerate the wound.
 Calehir had studied at the White tower of Hoeth after his fathers death, his mother was an archmages daughter in Saphery so his admission was passed. Even with clear origins from Caledor ..which could become political. 
The wounded veins and skin re-attached slowly, thankfully this wound was a graze..the wing was another story. He turned towards it and and placed his hand over the worst of it. The blast had torn a good foot length that attached itself to his frame, thankfully the skilled beast had avoided most of the destruction. 
Though, he was interrupted and told to stop from someone behind him. 

Calehir stood and turned to his rescuer, she looked human, wait she? Calehir blinked twice as she took off her wide hat and let her dark hair fall to place just past her ears, it was short and her bangs covered a portion of her right side features. Which were truly beautiful to say the least and she was tall for a human. Calehir stood only a bit more then a heads length over her as he noticed her legs were slim and lean. Her eyes met his with a rich pale blue glow which were very human with a faint energy coiling around her pupils... The mark of Isha!
She turned and leaned over the wing explaining the dark magic that had seeped into the wound, and that it would not allow it to heal properly through magic unless cleansed first. Her hair fell forward and showed ears..that were not elvish..and not human.. But rather combined in lesser length with somewhat similar points. 
"Are you..Elven?" Calehir abruptly asked forgetting his manners as she administered an odd liquid on the wounds. She stopped and turned.
 Calehir lept back and immediately positioned himself into a bow ..not to low but enough for respect. Especially after saving his life.
" I am Calehir'Thalui Draconis from Ulthuan, I thank you for saving my life and for that I am bound by blood debt as of old." he finished as he rose and faced her. 

Her expression showed of amusement and wonder as she raised to her feet. She placed her left arm over her chest and made a deep bow with her right arm extended and angled behind her. She also spoke to Calehir in his native tongue yet with a very odd accent.
"I  am Adalinusi 'sora Tosh from the ancient and forgotten tower of Ethanus in the realms of men... Or so my father once told me before he passed." The woman straightened with a smile and continued," as for your other question, I am neither as I am both. I'm sure you'll have a problem with it like everyone else." With that her expression turned grim as she turned back to Khaine and looked to his wounds. 
"I..your.. both ? Human and Elven?..No not at all it's remarkable..I ." He remembered his blood oath and cursed himself. "I bound by blood oath and I mean to keep it. You are beautiful and have saved my life, you have the gratitude of a high prince." He bowed to her once again and smiled as he was glad his charm had not left him. 

She was looking at him as he stood, the smile had retuned to her face and she spoke" Just call me Ada... Never thought I'd save a peacock." with that she turned and walked to Khaines massive head and stroked his feathers.

Calehir sat in bewilderment.. A peacock? He strode towards her, "A peacock? " he questioned her with a puzzled look as she chuckled and began to laugh. Calehir couldn't help but smile as her laugh was intoxicatingly sweet.
 She continued" I'm sorry I mean nothing harmful by it, it's just the empire is so bleak and here I find someone linked to me in a way I have not known since my father passed near my fifteenth summer year. And here your dressed exactly like in the stories with gold and red and blue and purple and white!"She continued to laugh, and finally composed her self and said" I actually find it rather handsome " this was followed by a sweet smile and a gentle brush with her hand against his shoulder plate." Come, let me show you what I did with your griffon."  
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Re: The Golden Company-parts 1 and 2 and 3!

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A Half Elf? Asurion's fluff had a human wife and daughter, they both died untimely deaths, but being human they were doomed to a short life any way. Poor humans, I pity them.
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Re: The Golden Company-parts 1 and 2 and 3!

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Part 4 

Her hair flowed to just past her shoulders in a white silver that shined in the high mid day sun. Her hair floated in the coastal breeze as she admired the ancient ruins of a city lost during the Sundering. One of the darkest chapters in the history of the Asur. The people of Nagarythe did not suffer alone during those dreaded tidal waves that toppled great Elven cities and showed no mercy to the inhabitants that now rested in its sea floor. 

The idea of being fated to a watery grave was something Norein Delosir did not foresee in her near future and on that note, pushed the idea from her mind. The ancient ruins still contained an old and broken curtain wall and tall spires that attempted to pierce the sky, yet fell a bit short as much of the great towers had either crumbled completely or were only near half their former glory. Tall pillars and remnants of the great city spread throughout the coast line and into the sea, as only a fraction remained out of the water, and was where the Elven camp was situated. She adjusted her golden Ithilmar scales and withdrew her spear from the sand, as she had been summoned to see prince Toran, their commander. As well as her good friend,and she hoped that one might be more. 
Norein felt herself flush and tried to shake her thoughts.. Yet it proved difficult, she was not sure what or how she felt.. She had never had a chance to reveal her thoughts...and with that, wasn't even sure if it was a good idea.

A golden helm pushed through the pavilion entrance as the tall golden feathers parted the silk drapes even further, revealing the captain of the noble Silver helm knights. Though the standard issued golden armor for being a part of this Golden Company, came in total contradiction to their traditional name. A slight oversight that many did not seem to concentrate on, so neither did she.

He nodded in Noriens direction as he held the silk drapes open for her indicating the prince would see her now. She entered the bright white pavilion and was confronted by a table littered with maps in the corner, while scrolls, weapons, food platters , water basins and many other tables were spread around the room. 
In its center , the tall prince sat with his helm resting on the table in front of him as he looked over some parchments. 

"Norein Delosir, you have been reassigned and are to travel to the western foothills of Nagarythe, there in Nagarathi Roma, an eagle ship awaits you. In which you are to travel to the old world, the Elven city of Copher to be exact." Said the prince while still observing the parchments in front of him. 

Her emotions ran high as this terrible news paralyzed her mind completely. "I .. Why...I .. I belong at your side my prince!" Was all she was able to blurt out as her face became flush and tears crept into her eyes. The prince raised his head as he brushed his golden hair back with his hand and sighed. 

" How long have we known each other Norein? I have watched you grow into a fine young Elven maiden, an exquisite warrior and you have followed my example in command to the letter. " The Prince did not wait for an answer as she nodded her head and let him continue." I have nothing left to teach you...and I am afraid my neglect towards your feelings has had an adverse effect here.." 

She felt her cheeks warm and her tears stream down as he continued speaking while looking deep in her eyes. 

" I have noticed the way you look at me Norein, how could I not in these last five hundred years you have been in my command? And unfortunately though you had no idea, I should have told you this sooner. I have been betrothed to the Phoenix kings sister for some time now, this cannot be reversed. You are absolutely beautiful and I see a bright future ahead of you, which is why you are being given your own command." The prince paused as he watched the shock creep into her features. 

"My .. Own command?" Was all she responded as her hands began to shake. 

"Indeed, I had to pull a lot of favors but it is done. Prince Calehir will no longer be the youngest commander in the Golden Company." As the prince finished he brought the parchments back to his view. 
"It seems Copher was under threat of an unknown and unforeseen attack. Prince Calehir led a valiant assault to weaken Tomb kings army from Araby and prevent a siege, yet this came with heavy losses. A new battalion sails for Copher as we speak, you are to meet them there and assume command. Prince Althran has marched west in search of the original skaven threat in the area. Anoras'se Cruen will be your appointed Archmage, and I am also assigning Fornas Satuin as a Captain and battle standard bearer under your command. You must depart at dawn, that is all, may the spirit of the Asur be with you." With this final statement, the prince pulled out more parchments and let her leave the pavilion. 

Norein walked at an uneasy pace as she was full of such conflicting emotions she could just scream until dusk. Yet she kept her composure and rather screamed in her mind as an alternative... Why is he so arrogant ! And how does he think he knows me so well!? Tears crept to her eyes with a sob as she pictured his smile, which shattered to pieces as she remembered the Phoenix kings sister. God how could I have been so naive!? Trying to compete with Royalty...well I guess I didn't know...  

She shook her head and regained composure as she approached Anoras the Archmage, who was truly a sight to behold. 
His sky blue robes were ordained with stars and symbols from the heavens he loved so. His passion for these magical arts and mysteries consumed him to the point where many considered him odd, eccentric, unsociable and well just plain weird. Which were some of the feelings she had felt and had always kept him at distance and never truly gave him a chance. This arose a feeling of guilt as she came to within a few paces of the unnaturally short elf. She could also see a oddly shaped wand in his hand as he whirled magical energies in front of him. These currents came together to produce a picture of some kind, something she did not comprehend ..although ..we're those stars? She recognized some patterns that displayed themselves in the night sky. Whatever the case,  she was his commander now and the responsibility it entailed would not be overlooked. 

"Anoras'se Cruen'" she began but before she could continue , the short Mage burst into conversation. 

"Yes , yes commander Norein Delosir, prince Toran has already spoken with me." He said as he turned and lowered his hood, revealing to her surprise truly handsome features. His skin was pale and smooth with eyes that shone in a golden radiance, yet showed an age that near tripled  her own. Some said he was born before the mighty Asur twins, though somewhat unbelievable.. one thing was for certain. His outlandish manners had kept him far from the white tower and therefore, away from the attention that would normally follow one of such power. He continued.

"I have a present for you my beautiful maiden, yesss, yess I do. You see these three red balls of energy on my map of the heavens.. Yes? Well these are what I call the three wicked sisters..yess , destruction they bring.. Yess." he proceeded to show her the weaving magical map of the heavens and seemed as though a new idea or everything was a master plan to him in the way he prolonged ..yes..

"For you I will bring these from the heavens, yess . Ohh by your looks it seems you doubt the powers of a 'se Cruen ..yess." As he finished his speech he waved his wand in quick circles as a gust of wind snapped Noreins cloak behind her and then made a small tornado under the Archmage, which lifted him over her head and slowly circled around her.

"Many adventures I foresee, yess commander we will truly find glory.. Yess. I will see you at dawnnn." His last words seemed to drag and echo as his wind...tornado...thing... Carried him over the ocean and away from her.

That..was truly weird she thought to herself, yet a smile grew over her face as she couldn't help feel a new bond with the Mage. 

Dusk came quickly as the rest of her day entailed fighting in her thoughts over the prince..and packing her things. Until the silk drape to her pavilion opened and in came Fornas Satuin, her new captain. 

He proceeded directly into conversation over his first trip to the famed skystones, or rather .. The floating isles of Nagarythe. He continued on as she walked past him and made sure the drapes closed neatly. What came over her next..she could not say. But she found herself say,"your talking too much" as she grabbed him by the dark blue casual robes he wore, and kissed him.
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Re: The Golden Company-parts 1,2,3 and 4

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Part 5 

Shadows flickered and danced as the fire burnt in the center of the catacomb entrance which was now their new home for the time being.
Ada, who now slept with her head resting on the mighty griffon Khaine, had put some odd salts into the fire to dissipate the smoke as it exited along the roof and through the small opening in the doors. 
Calehir  had very little experience with the undead and it showed. It were as if he were back in the white tower learning new wonders and techniques everyday, if not by the mages but by the unnatural talent of the swordmaster guardians that dwelled in the surrounding forest.
 This was their second night sleeping here as Khaine began to show strength and was able to walk for parts of the day. As his griffon built his strength, Calehir had joined the half elf in doing their best to place the disturbed corpses back to rest.. Which made complete sense after she turned him to thinking of when his time had passed and whether he would have liked to be some puppet for a foul demon without being put back in his resting place. It gave him a prickly sensation and from then on he eagerly helped her. 

His thoughts turned to that horrible battle in which the undead Tomb king unleashed a force like he had never seen. He would learn as much as he could from his new friend, though he truly enjoyed her carefree company. There was something about her nature that made him forget about all the politics and the every day stresses of being in the Glittering host and under service of the Phoenix king. 
At that moment he realized how hard Eclipses death had hit him, these thoughts never had occurred to him before, he did his duty..and did it well..why was this happening now? Why was he so confused? And why did this half Elven maiden seem to fill a large part of the hole that resided in him..why was he at peace with her? 

She had told him about her past as he dug holes near the grave stones to put what was..left of the zombies, back into the ground. He learnt that her father was the youngest of three brothers, all heirs to the Ethanus tower and all the glories that waited them back in Ulthuan. Yet despite this, her father had decided to stay in the old world for reasons she never was told, though saving her mother from the clutches of a foul necromancer who planned to sacrifice her, gave a pretty big hint. 
Ada figured on her own accord that her father stayed based on the ancient pact between the wardens of the Elven towers and the human realms. Which was that they would help them in their time of need. And by defeating the necromancer, he fulfilled the pact of old as the dark ones power if left unchecked, would have toppled entire cities. 

Adalinusi 'sora Tosh had grown up in a small southern town not to far from the now deserted  Ethanus tower, her mother died shortly after her birth and as such, raising her was left to her father. He taught her all he knew about the ancient customs, how to present herself amongst the Elven people, how to speak language and most of all, how to fight. 

Sadly, and ironically her father passed in battle to a dreaded Vampire of old who chose to pick up where the necromancer of the past had left off. Yet the Vampire did not survive the encounter either. She was left on her own and shunned by most towns and humans that recognized her unnatural abilities and looks. That is until the holy inquisition found her, and naturally she dove headlong into this new acceptance for who she was and wanted to pick up where her father left off. Hunting foul demons and vampires that plagued the empire. 

This is where her story ended as she had fallen asleep on the safe comfort of Khaines feathers. Calehir's cloak rested over her slim body and kept her warm as the fire began to dwindle. He also realized how tired he felt and began to lie down when the the unexpected happened.

The stone wall ahead of him opened in its corner as a short and fury verminous rat walked directly into the room grumbling in the Human tongue and cursing the now dead vampire. It was completely oblivious to Calehir's presence as he drew his great sword. 

Ada awoke to a horrendous squeal as she observed Calehir holding something near the fire. She sat up and saw a burning coal near the rats head and a smoking trail rising from its burnt fur near it's eyes. He was questioning it in the Human tongue. Calehir noticed her as she opened her hands in a gesture that asked what the hell was going on. 

"Thankfully we did not burn the vampires' robes Ada would you please search them for me? This vermin says the vampire planed to pay him handsomely and I have a feeling I know with what. Search for a glowing green stone." Said Calehir in a very cool tone as he resumed pressing the rats face on the coal and subsequently causing it to squeal. 

She returned shortly with a glowing green stone in her gloved hand and upon seeing it, caused the rat to drool and quickly nod his head. 

"Yes , yes that's it! Thats all I want ! Please give  it to me I'll tell you all I know!" The rat proclaimed as it squirmed to get closer.

Ada held it closer as Calehir told the rat to continue its story in regards to what was happening, and only then would he receive the stone. 

"Its the foul rag'd skeletons fault! Him and his army, the warlord thinks he can trick the undead fool in the end. He is the fool I say Give me the stone! " The rat spoke so fast and in such broken phrases that it was hard to understand,  yet Calehir pressed him further and scorched him again.

"Eeeeee please no more! They have us digging! Oh so carefully , it's massive, it's giant.. It's delicious! It should all be ourrrsss its our right! He has none, he can go back to the sands and leave the warps stone to ussss!" The rat continued with a fixation on the stone that neared madness. 

Calehir wanted to know more," where! Where do they make you dig?" 

"Not far.. Noo.. Not far at all. North! And to the east , follow the mountain ridges! You cant miss it! Now give me the stoneeeee!" The rat was squeeling in madness as Calehir noded to toss the stone . Ada dropped it into the verminous hands as it tucked the stone close to its chest as if she planned to take it back. 

Calehir proceeded to decapitate the vermin with one swing as it lay there enjoying the pleasure the stone gave to these foul creatures. 

Ada looked at him in astonishment," what makes you think he was telling the truth ? Should we have not kept him alive?" She asked in their Elven tongue. 

Calehir turned his head and looked into her eyes, his long brown hair shimmering in the low light.

"There is truth in what he said but most of it is lies he would have only clouded our minds further." Calehir answered as he picked up the corpse by its leg with one hand and skewered the head with his great sword, and brought it outside. 

He re-entered once again and sat down beside her as they both leaned on Khaine. Who was now awake from all the commotion, yet dozed off into sleep shortly after. They spoke into the night about what it all could mean, and then onto stories of Ulthuan as they both fell asleep with his arm over her to keep her warm. 

Calehir woke to a hard floor beneath his head and a golden ray of light that came through the open doors to the catacombs. He sat up and saw the extinguished fire and no signs of Ada or his griffon, except his cloak that now drapped over his legs. 

As he opened the doors wide, he observed Khaine and Ada taking a stroll around the perimeter of the hill, their goods were packed and ready. She waved to him as they both turned uphill and walked towards him. 

"He's over tenfold better then the day before, though he won't be able to fly for some time. I think he'll be able to make the walk towards that foul place the rat spoke of, and then some! " She said enthusiastically with a vigor that seemed to infect Calehir's mood in the same way. 

Ada picked up a rabbit carcass that Calehir had not noticed on the ground nearby, and threw it to Khaine as he caught it mid flight and chewed eagerly. 

" Thats his third one today! I caught them this morning...with..your bow.. I hope you don't mind!?" She exclaimed as her right foot dug a hole nevously. 

Again Calehir was bewildered, did she even have the strength or skill to use such a bow as his? 

"I .. Uh.. No that's great! I'm glad he's eating, and .. No feel free.." Calehir responded, his tongue seemed heavy in his mouth as he spoke. 
What is with me! Why does she so ridiculous! He thought to himself as she smiled in his direction. 

"Shall we head off then?" Ada asked as she walked towards her pack. " Ah good, I brought a dark cloak, if we're planning on spying I think we may need to make you...less noticeable." she grinned as Calehir instantly picked up on her meaning. 

"Ah yes, peacocks do tend to stand out don't they?" He replied as Ada burst into laughter causing him to join in.
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 6

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Part 6 

A low lying cloud cover brought a thick and unnatural mist that glowed a faint orange, as the sun crested the horizon. Many of the floating islands that covered the sky became a erie sight as the clouds enshrouded their higher levels. 

It had taken six days to reach the western foothills of Nagarythe, also known as the Shadowlands. They had met their shadow warrior guardians a day past, as they were to guide them to the location of the eagle ship awaiting. 
She had visited the shadowland once before, yet never so close to the floating sanctuaries that protected its Elven citizens. The fortifications could be seen on clearer days as some of the islands were truly massive. 
The floating land was a odd side effect caused by the dark days of the Sundering. 
A disaster of epic proportions was released by their dreaded kin the Druchii, where dark sorcery caused tidal waves and earthquakes with horrible consequences. Entire city's sank beneath the sea as the Druchii had found a way to save themselves from the destruction..
Their dark sorcery lifted their fortified cities from the ground and thus created the Black Arcs of the Dark Elves. 
The civil war was terrible, and the floating islands were a grim reminder to Norein. Her family line was ravished with the loss of the great city Tor Anroc and she had always felt at ease amongst the people of Nagarythe, sharing their hatred for their dreaded kin. 

Norein Delosir stood at the elaborate prow of the famed Eagle Ship that would bring her to the old world. The ships speed and agility were unmatched as the sleek silver hull would cut through the water from remarkable craftsmanship. It's high triangular shaped sails were made of a blue Elven silk canvas which caught in the wind as the ship made its way out of the bay.

They were in the capable hands of Captain Soretu'Deflar a experienced sailor from the east colonies and renowned for his prowess in sea combat. 
She watched the Captain walk across the deck in his golden cuirass and pointed shoulder plates both of which were immaculately polished to a bright sheen. A large quiver of purple fletched arrows hung from his belt over his right leg with a bow slung over his shoulder and a long sword on the left side of his hip. A truly inspiring sight with golden hair reaching to his shoulders and extremely slim facial features that were prominent in the eastern colonies. 

With him walked her captain, Fornas Satuin who sent her an uneasy and awkward smile with seeing her gaze upon them. 
He had stayed the night with her before they had left the elven camp and had told her about the one he left at his home city in southern Tiranoc and waited for his return. 
Biggest mistake of her command so far, though the release it gave her after that horrible day was something she could not deny. Her head was clear now and they would move past this... She hoped. 

With that thought she started to feel tired and decided to retire to her given quarters next to the captains cabin. 
It would take them three nights to reach Copher which was a great deal faster then usual as Anoras'se Cruen's skill of the heavens magic granted him control of the wind. He would ensure the eagle ship would sail with a full gust at her back. 

She unstrapped her intricate armor and placed it all neatly on the chair near her hammock. She remained in her dark blue robes that were worn beneath all her armor and slid into her bed that would sway with the roll of the ship.

This may take some getting used to she thought as she closed her eyes. 

The third and final night was rough as the sea the  eagle ship sailed was caught in the tail of a storm. 

Norein's sleep was disturbed not by the rough seas but the commotion and shouting she could hear on the main decks. 
She jumped out of the hammock while slinging her sword over her shoulder as she opened her cabin door and made for the source of all the noise. 

The rain came down at every angle as the gusts of wind were sporadic from the storm, armored Lothern Seaguard covered the deck in commotion as many seemed to have different tasks. 
However she noticed some had their bows drawn and were loosing arrows into the night sky. 
The twang of a releasing bolt from the ships bolt thrower pierced the air as it fired from the eagle shaped prow of the ship. 

Norein made her way to the stern of the eagle ship in which she would have to climb the intricately curved staircase leading to its higher level. There most likely waited the captain and anyone else who could tell her what was happening. 

She almost lost her footing twice as the water slick'd decks were impossible to balance on with such a rough sway of the ship. 

A large piercing roar echoed in the darkness, which made Norein stop midway up the stair case and gaze over her shoulder into the rain covered darkness. 
Lightning flashed, and illuminated a monster of enormous size rising from the sea with a thunderous boom.

A mighty Leviathan. 

She doubled her pace up the staircase, as stories of the mythical Water serpent dragons that lurked the seas, all rushed back into her thoughts. 
This was not good. 

She found the captain Soretu'Deflar , Fornas Satuin and the Archmage Anoras with a dozen armed Seaguard on stern castle of the ship. 

The Archmage had his back to her, as she watched him unleash a thunderous bolt of lighting from his outstretched hands and struck the sea monster with a deafening boom. 

The Leviathan made a screeching roar as Norein watched the pulleys attached to the rail and keeping the sails positioned, snap at their buckles. 

A torrent of four pulleys pendulum'd from the sails and streaked towards them, one struck Anoras across the side of his head as the ship was jolted upwards from the retreating sea monster passing underneath.

The unconscious blue Mage was tossed into Noreins arms, as the ship rolled with her reeling backwards from Anoras's momentum. She felt the railing near her lower back, as she desperately tried to hang on to the mage who seemed to weight more then the ship its self. 

Fornas Satuin turned and tried to reach the perilous position of his commander with her back against the rail. 
The ship dipped and rocked in the deep storm waves, as he watched Norein tilt over the rail into darkness with the Mage still in her grasp; he called out her name in agony.    
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 6

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Ye gads! Not a good thing to wake up to!
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 6

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@Tiralya, agreed :shock:

Part 7 

The white marble mooring docks were slick from the second storm that had hit the city on  the night after the Wardens court.
The sun rose in the morning sky as the storm clouds broke over the northern mountains. 

Althran watched the crew of the ravaged eagle ship anchor the elven ropes to the docks with a skill that showed perfection while two gold figures disembarked. 
Two Elves clad in shinning and intricately carved  armor that gave them off as nobility, walked down the plank and towards the retinue of blue warriors formed on the dock. 
The Swordmasters  wore dark blue ithilmar scales  with golden plates and helms with their greatswords held over one arm, they awaited their Archmage lord.
The famed bodyguard of Anoras'se Cruen had arrived a day earlier with the rest of the battalion. 

Althran folded the parchment with the detailed report and placed it in his white leather pouch at his side while his attention was diverted to the swooping hawk that nimbly landed on the shoulder of the approaching elf who had a darker skin tone then his counterpart. 
The two elves came before him with grieving eyes and a terrible look upon their face, his heart sank. 

The brown feathered  hawk shifted it's head at different angles as it took in the surroundings of the hall in which Althran had shared a glass of wine with the missing Calehir not a couple days past.

Their report was hard to listen to; losing an ancient Mage and a newly promoted commander to the sea was not something someone could have foreseen and coupled with a rare encounter with a great Leviathan at that!
Unbelievable is all he could repeat in his head as they finished their accounts of what happened. 

The elf with the hawk was Soretu'Deflar and captain of the eagle ship, his golden hair and tanned skin suggested he came from the eastern colonies. His skin was a few shades darker then the elves of Ulthuan and his gleaming red hue in his eyes gave a veteran'd look of experience to him. 
Beside him sat the young and silent Fornas Satuin. By chain of command he was next in line to take Noreins' place as commander of her new battalion which gave Althran an uneasy thought. 
The youth was clearly grief stricken and far to young for such a burden to befall him. 
Fornas's shoulders slumped as his gaze met the white marble floor and did not move.  

Althran turned to the captain and asked" my report states you are under my service until released, is this correct?"

Soretu'Deflar nodded his head in agreement and responded, "it is my prince."

"Good you are to assume command over Norein Delosirs' battalion for the time being and until I say otherwise." Althran paused and looked over to his right. 
"Fornas Satuin I have one question for you." 

He raised his head from the white marble floor and looked at prince Althran, the one they called 'the black prince'. His eyes said it all as Fornas could see the dark black swirls in his silver eyes, death magic he said to himself as the prince continued. 

"Was Norein Delosir wearing her armor?" he asked Fornas as his memory flashed to the night before.

She came vividly clear in his head with her silver hair, water soaked dark blue robes and her sword strapped across her chest which was something he remembered in particular, he smirked and replied.

"No... She wasn't and neither was Anoras they could still live!" said Fornas as his mood lightened. 

Althran nodded his head and asked Fornas to step outside the room as the prince needed to speak with Soretu'Deflar and his new command. Once the door shut he turned to the new commander and said. 

"We hope for the best and plan for the worst captain, though extremely unlikely  that they survived such a storm the soldiers need hope. I expect you understand when I say that we cannot let our moral be ruined by the dark omen of losing a battalions commander before battle, understood?" Althran finished  as he watched the captain before him bow his head and reply.

"Yes my prince." 
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 7

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A search party, yay!
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 7

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Tiralya My model for Norein Delosir finally came in! Gave her a custom spear .
Part 8 comin soon ! ... e=1&ref=nf

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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 7

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Nice model, I think =P
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 7

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Haha yes I know my photography needs some work!

Part 8 

He watched from his high chamber balcony as three gold figures made their way across the courtyard. He had spoken with the one leading the three earlier in the morning, the one they called Althran who was familiar with the shadow realm and would have to be seen with extra care. 

His dark robes draped him in a silk feeling he hadn't felt in what seemed for an eternity,  disgusting he thought as he tried to remember the last time he had entered the mortal world. 

He clutched his chest and went to one knee, this mage is strong he thought to himself as he tried to control the flowing energies within him. 
The one they called Elandrel had a fight in him he had yet to experience. He raised himself up and took a deep breath, his name was Darenusaka  in ages past, yet he had always been regarded as a demon from a realm beyond. 
He did not willingly come here, he was bound.. bound by an ancient pact with the ancestors of the mage in his control, or well, somewhat in control was more like it as Elandrel clearly did  not like his intrusion. He smiled as he turned from the balcony and sat on the chair near the entrance. 

Once he had found Elandrel amongst the shadows he had waited and watched as the mage assumed it was the power in his blood that enhanced his aptitude for death magic. 
The demon smirked as he drank from a glass of wine on the table nearby, the young ones were the easiest and elves were rarer still.
 He had gathered enough strength to assume Elandrels body after the encounter with the mage in the white robes, it had pushed Elandrel too deep and to far. Which was exactly what Darenusaka needed for the ancient blood  pact to take effect as it required the entire souls essence to lust for vengeance.
 Elandrel had called to him in his slumber.. lusting for power, more and more power to kill those that hurt him. This was something Darenusaka could fulfill, destruction is what he loved most. 

Yes he continued in his thoughts, yes this could get interesting. 

A knock came at his door which startled the now possessed Elandrel and forced him to stand, though he hesitated a while  until the knock came again. 
He opened it to find the youngest of the three that had been walking through the court yard not to long ago. 
The youth nodded with familiarity and walked into the room! as he began to ramble about some maiden lost at sea and who knows what else as Darenusaka was clearly not interested. 
The youth turned at the balcony entrance and the look on his face changed as their eyes met. 

"Who are you?" The golden youth began as he glared into Darenusakas'eyes. 

"What has happened to my old friend Elandrel, you ...are not him!" The youth began to shout as he gripped his sword. 

Oh my he thought to himself, I did not want to get messy so soon yet he will clearly ruin my fun before it begins. 


Blue witch fire flared from Elandrels' eyes as Fornas Satuin looked upon his old friend with dismay.
 As he drew his sword a sharp cold gripped him from within , he staggered back and became numb. He did not feel the marble  parapet behind him nor the ground soon after. 

* * * * 

They had traveled along the mountain ridges to east as the vermin had instructed yet they  found nothing but trees and hills as the day turned to dusk.
To which Calehir was finally convinced to tell Ada about his long lost friend Eclipse, she seemed to want to know everything about the mythical dragon and was what they spoke of for most of their travel. The sun rose and fell in the sky as tales of battles, sorrow, mischief and glory were covered in one way or another. 

Calehir found that the more he spoke and remembered of all the  good memories and experiences he had, the more at ease he became over Eclipses passing. He knew somewhere deep down that he would meet his friend again yet until that time came he would try to enjoy the most of what life brought him. 

Their pace came to a slow walk as Calehir came into deep thought over why they had found nothing, if anything there should have been a trap. Those sly vermin never told the truth.. though something told him that there was something to find further on. 


Adalinusi stroked the griffons feathers as Calehir observed the abrupt clearing they had found, she felt mesmerized every time her gaze lingered on him a bit too long. Though his extraordinarily tall helm was strapped to Khaines back, the prince had an intoxicating aura about him. His movements were always purposeful yet graceful, his eyes took in every detail and he seemed attuned with everything around him.. including her. 

Ada turned her gaze as She felt herself flush with her thoughts of Calehir. This was followed by a small smile as she rather enjoyed these new feelings that seemed to flourish by his acceptance of who she was. 
Her father had always made it clear that the human blood that flowed through her would be seen as a weakness or worse in the eyes of the Asur.  Though this was her first encounter with a high elf of Ulthuan other then her father, he did not look at her in the slightest way that had been described. 
Though not known by many other then the Asur themselves, she was aware of the small gestures, posture, speech and eye movement that spoke truth in ways many would disregard. 
Despite everything she learnt from her father she could not find any of these signals in Calehir.. which brought a great deal of comfort. 

What happened next was both beautifully mystical and hard to follow all at once. 
As Ada was lost in her thoughts she watched the prince leap in front of her with extraordinary grace as his outstretched hand touched the tree beside her. Calehirs' hand erupted in a fluorescent golden light that turned the tree trunk into a glowing pillar, as a multitude of black fletched arrows embedded themselves to where the princes' hand had once been. 

With this her mind returned  to reality, as it could all only mean one thing... Ambush. 


Calehir felt invigorated, he hadn't felt true magic flow through him since the dreadful battle against the ancient tomb king.
 Time stood still, as he watched the cloaked assailants leave their tree cover in unison and unleash a torrent of arrows in their direction.

He watched as the arrows slowly advanced on their position, yet he felt at ease as his instincts took over. No one would ever take something from him again. And with this thought, the True magic of the high elves coursed through his body and enhanced his movements. 

With a blink of an eye Calehirs' hand rested on the tree, as he watched as though an invisible hand turned every arrow to where he projected his thoughts. 
He wasted no time as knew he could be upon their attackers before they realized what had occurred.
 His great sword came into his hands from the sheath strapped to his back, as he immediately identified the attackers as human bandits. Most likely deserters from the empire, which caused Calehir to smile, this would be easy. 


In the time it had taken Ada to notch an arrow to Calehirs' bow she carried, the prince had made it across the clearing and cut down two out of the six cloaked bandits in a matter of seconds. 

She let the white fletched arrow fly with amazing accuracy, as it found its mark through the head of a bandit trying to pull another arrow from his quiver. There was no time to draw another, as Calehir made his way back across the clearing with bandits laying in the tree line behind him. 

"Now why didn't I see that kind of skill with the vampire," Ada questioned with a sly smirk across her face. 

The prince had been fast that previous night but this was extraordinary and what did he do to that tree ? She continued to run questions through her mind, as he stopped his stride in front of her with that smile that made her heart flutter. 

"I haven't fallen from the sky lately is why." Responded Calehir with a grin, he'd become accustomed to her jests rather quickly.

" I have been waiting for that all day." He continued as he wiped the blood from his sword and returned it to its resting place along his back. 

"Well it looks like we're even then doesn't it?" Ada responded, as her weight shifted to her right leg.

"Does that mean you'll leave now that your blood debt has been repaid?" She continued and dreaded her last words, as she watched him very closely for anything that would show signs of deceit.  


Calehir paused as he watched Ada flush ever so slightly with her last question, and said 
" No... I think I've found a reason to stay." 

The prince watched a smile of joy sweep across her face as they gathered themselves and continued east. 
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 8

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Part 9

The morning wind came across the bay in cold gusts that cut through the captains dark blue dragon scale cloak. Soretu'Deflar tightened the cloak around him as his crew prepared the ship to make way. 
The sky was a bleak grey and did not improve the already low moral of the crew. The suspicious death of Fornas Satuin was devastating and did not sit well with the captain. He had decided to think of every conceivable task he could to keep the crew busy and their minds occupied.

The Eagle ships repairs had gone rather smoothly with the extra hands from the battalion now in his control. 
The black prince had requested reinforcements from his native city Lothern, the largest port city in Ulthuan. And naturally the majority of the troop bolster came in form of the famed Lothern Seaguard, which were perfect for the task of fully crewing Soretus' beloved ship, SilverMist. 

It had been some time since Soretu had a full crew to sail with, the demand was high for fresh recruits in the eastern colonies and the citizen levies left many captains extremely short. He had been missing two thirds of his crew upon their departure from Ulthuan and their slow reaction to the Leviathan clearly showed the strain on the elves.

Brown feathers flapped by his right eye as his hawk Sethai came to a slow landing on his golden shoulder plate. The bird had become a faithful companion over the years and never seemed to wander too far off.  

The captains thoughts drifted through the many sea battles of the past and then to the broken body of Fornas Satuin. 
So many questions had arose and within such a small time frame between the meeting they sat in together and when he had fallen, what could the youth have been involved in? They had arrived that day and the only ones he knew who had served with the youth were lost at sea. 

Hopefully Althran would be able to shed some light on what happened, the black prince was a worthy commander and gave the captain a sense of peace. 

Soretu'Deflar broke his thoughts and came back to the tasks at hand as he strode towards the boarding plank. 

I will find them at all costs he thought to himself as he observed some of his crew and shouted, " prepare to make way on the double!"

*  * * *

A taste of a fine and grainy dirt filled her mouth as her eyes opened in a small squint from the bright rays of the sun upon her face. Norein Delosir raised herself up on her elbows and leaned over to spit the coarse sand from her mouth. Her lips were cracked and dry, she felt covered in sand and her body ached in ways she never felt possible. 
With a groan Norein sat up straight and placed her head in her hands as she rubbed her eyes, a constant ringing in her ears made her nauseous as she tried to remember what had happened.

Memories flashed as she lifted her head in a daze from the vivid but broken pictures in her head.
The boat she thought, yes the boat..I...we fell. Anoras! What happened to Anoras!? 
She jumped to her feet in panic only to find the sand covered blue mage resting by a large and broken wooden plank. 

Norein's heartbeat slowed as she tried to take in her surroundings, she was standing on a white sand beach at the mouth of a massive cavern. To its sides rose sheer cliffs that slowly curved out into the blue water making a hidden lagoon . 

Great she thought as she knelt by the soaked mage to ensure he was still breathing. Her attention turned to the wooden plank near him which caused a multitude of forgotten memories to come flooding back. 
Rough dark seas is what she saw with rain, lightning and a constant barrage of waves that would hit her while gripping the wooden plank. The piece of wood was a part of the debris from when the mighty sea serpent had hit the ship in its retreat, and it had saved their lives. 

She remembered hanging onto the plank for dear life as she did everything she could to keep Anoras'se Cruen from slipping off  into the darkness. Pockets of memories became confusing as she could not remember floating into the lagoon, which was most likely the best case scenario for them given what had happened. 

The Cavern was enormous and dark at where it seemed to curve and corner to the right, she'd need a torch to go any further. 

A stir and a low grumble caught Noreins' attention as Anoras rolled onto his side and continued to mutter and curse. 

"Anoras your awake !" she said with a relieved surprise as she ran to his side. 

"Norein is that you ?" the mage turned towards her voice and continued, " the sun is so bright and there is a horrible pounding in my head, where are we?"

"Pain means your still alive my friend and as to where we are your guess is as good as mine." Norein replied while helping him to his feet. With Anoras'se Cruen's magic, things would come much easier now. 

He proceeded to swat at his sand covered robes in an effort that showed little care, So she proceeded to tell him what she did know. 

"A sail pulley snapped at its buckle and hit your head after you unleashed that thunderbolt. I caught you and we were thrown overboard and now we are here." She finished as a look of shock swept over Anoras's face. 

"Then.. That means you saved me my lady, yes I was right about you. You have my deepest gratitude yesss yes you do." He replied with his marvelously odd speech pattern that she had come to enjoy.

Norein was happy to have her powerful archmage on his feet again and became  rather relaxed as she peered into the cave. 


Anoras was enthralled by the maiden warriors grace and shimmering white silver hair. 
How they survived or more how she kept him alive was beyond remarkable in such a storm. Yess he thought, she is strong, her aura shows natural power... an ancient bloodline perhaps.. he continued to ponder until he realized Noreins attention was now on him. 

He felt the same power in Norein, thriving in this cavern and had a building suspicion that something might have drawn them here. With that thought he burst into conversation in his usual manner. 

"Well I'd best get us some light as I believe we need to explore this cavern yess. You are some how connected here Norein.. I can feel the energy yesss." He said as he walked further into the cavern. 

Anoras then made a quick star rune symbol with his hand which produced a clear blue sphere with thousands of tiny white lightning bolts trapped inside. The ball floated ahead of them and illuminated the dark corner which revealed an even larger white stone opening. 

He gazed in awe as Norein paced beside him with her sword drawn, always vigilant my lady he thought as he moved the orb further ahead. 

White stone walls rose to the ceiling in a wide oval shape and at its center was skeletal remains leaning against a small rock clad in golden armor and silks. What looked to be wooden remains of a fire were nearby along with a sleek silver spear laying on the ground. 

Anoras slowed his pace as he could feel something very old yet could not see anywhere for it to be. Norein approached the center with the skeleton as he continued to peer up along the cliffs.. It was here.. somewhere. 

"I have been waiting for you warrior." Was said with a deep echo that spanned the cavern. 

Anoras shifted his gaze in every way possible to find the source of the voice, the orb illuminated the cavern end to end and yet he could not see it. 

Then the wall shifted in one spot and then four, soon he watched what had appeared to be a large slope at the end of the cavern , become a massive white beast, with little room to spread its white wings at full length. The neck coiled up and revealed a terrifyingly large dragon head, with pale red eyes and a crown of two huge horns that were angled towards its tail. 

The room was silent as the white dragon lowered its head and became level with Norein. 

Anoras stared in awe at the impossibly large dragon that stood before them. He had visited the caverns in Caledor with the mighty star dragons that slumbered, yet only came to half the size of what he saw now. Amazing! He shouted in his thoughts as his mind raced, the dragon opened its mouth and spoke once more. 

"Your blood filled my dreams with glorious battle, something that has not happened since Elena's passing." The dragon said as it turned its gaze on the skeletal remains and then continued. "The blood of Elena'hestor Calra runs in you fair maiden and it is you that will join me in battle." It finished as its gaze returned to Norein. 

"Does Aenarion still rule Ulthuan?" The dragon asked as Anoras almost felt his heart stop. 
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 9

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Part 10 

She opened her eyes to a star covered sky and a full moon which gave enough light to make out Calehir beside her. He had his head in his hands and seemed troubled. 

He turned and looked at her once realizing she was awake and said," I am sorry I did not mean to wake you."

Ada slowly sat upright and responded, " is there something troubling you?"

Calehir hesitated for a moment and then continued," a bad dream is all and nothing seems to make any sense with what we are involved with. Rats are too treacherous for humans to work with, those bandits today were not involved. Yet the rat was linked to the tomb king and the vampire, why would any of these foul creatures be working together at all." 

Calehir stopped and hesitated in thought as his gaze turned to the sky above. Then it hit her, "It must be the warp stone, there are legends that speak of undead creatures attempting to the harness the power from warp stone and there are no others that understand it better then the rats." She replied as his gaze turned towards her. 

"Your right." Calehir said as he laid onto his back beside her and continued."The vermin said the vampire would reward him for his services, the tomb king has found something." 

"Then I am sure we will find out what,  but for now I am awake and it is your fault." She interrupted as she leaned over Calehir and met his lips with hers. 

The bright sun warmed him in the morning breeze that rustled the trees around him. A smile found its way across his face as Calehir found Ada still in his arms. 
Oh the courts would not approve he thought to himself. Good he whispered beneath his breath as his mind raced through every argument that would come from a high prince being with a lesser class and a half blood at that. His smile turned to a smirk as he realized he did not care, if anything Eclipses death taught him that life can be taken in an instant, and it is the moments you spend with those you care for is what should matter. 

His thoughts were interrupted by Ada's head lifting up and resting her chin upon his chest. "You kept me up all night and I fear I have not had enough rest." She said with a tired grin as her eyes were still sleepy. 

"Now that is your fault." Calehir returned as he smiled with her. 

After a few moments he realized what was missing, his griffon Khaine was nowhere to be found. Ada's eyes widened as she realized the shock in his eyes.

"What is it?" she asked as she lifted herself into a sitting position beside him. 

"Khaine is gone" he replied as he stood and peered through the surrounding trees.

A sharp eagle cry pierced the sky as a shadow passed over him, the griffon circled the tree tops and made a light landing near the camp. 

Calehirs' heart pace slowed as he realized that Khaine must have been craving the skies for the last few days. Ada stood as she began to clasp her silver breast plate over her blouse which was followed by her bandolier full of weapons and finally her long black coat. He smiled once again as he made to do likewise. 

"Your cleansing fluids have quickened the healing magics progress, he may have the strength to carry us, have you ever flown before?"Calehir asked once they were ready to depart. Ada stopped in her tracks and said.

"No I have must be unbelievable!" 

"I assure you there is nothing like it." Calehir returned as he stroked Khaines feathers. He then held out his hand and helped her onto the ordained silver saddle upon the griffons back. The prince then sat behind her as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder-plate and said.

"You know I would not be accepted in your courts, my father taught me much and I cannot see what a high prince would want with a half blood, they will judge you because of me. I.." Calehir stopped her with a gentle grasp of her hand and said.

"It matters not what they say and what I want comes from who you are , not where you are from. Now come, I want you to enjoy this." As he finished Khaine  made a quick screech with two bounding leaps and took to the air. 

The wind streaked through her hair as Calehirs' arms held the blue silk reins in front of her and also kept her close to him. Tree tops passed underneath with an alarming rate as the griffon began to climb higher into the sky. They flew parallel to the massive mountain ridges and through the clouds that scattered the skyline. 

Adalinusi was speechless as the griffon tucked it's wings and sent them into a speeding dive back through the clouds and to the ground below. Khaine finally extended his wings and slowed them to a relaxing pace while they crested around the last of the massive eagle mountain ridges. 

Rolling hills followed the slow decline into the eastern plains and what they saw before them was horrifying. 

Massive regiments marched across the plateau in the tens of thousands, she glanced back and forth as rats, beasts, skeletons and all manners of undead monsters covered the plains. 

Fear gripped at Ada's mind as she realized they were too late, whatever these creatures had found would remain a mystery, yet one thing was for certain. War was coming to Copher. 
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 10

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Wow! That was a lot of story! I'm surprised I missed it before. :shock:

Great read. My only suggestion....

More Nagarathi! O:)

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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 10

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@headshot: hey glad you got to read it! Haha yea I thought about maybe giving tanith a cameo when Norein was passing through Nagarythe, but you do them so well although I guess it's still not out of the picture as there will be plenty of room for more story after this one. :mrgreen:

Part 11 

   The wardens court was gruesomely dull and once again Dethadrin found himself cursing beneath his breath for having to be in the room. He watched a sort of deja vu, as the human emissaries once again left the massive hall so the private affairs of Ulthuan could be seen to. 

His thoughts distracted him from what was being said as he started to wonder over Calehirs' well being. Had he truly gone too far that night he had seen the dark energies in the princes eyes? Calehir was Dethadrins childhood friend and should have been aware of his temper that came from being overprotective. 
No he thought to himself,  that night was far from their worst encounter together, as they would tend to squabble and put things behind them as true brothers would. 

Dethadrins attention turned back to the center of the room where Althran stood and proceeded to explain the unusual death of Fornas Satuin. His gaze turned to the grief stricken Elandrel  with tears in his eyes, and standing near a noble lord that he had yet to meet. 

Althran had discovered that Elandrel and Fornas Satuin were friends from their youth and that the mage had not seen Fornas in over a decade. Elandrel still gave Dethadrin an uneasy feeling, however the black princes' words came to mind with these thoughts. 
"You are an Archmage, the enemy is near, we are either one and victorious or we are divided and broken. " These words had stuck with him as most of Althrans speeches did, how does he do it he wondered.

Dethadrin had always found it interesting how the company had come together. Prince Toran was the oldest of the three and had forged bonds with Althran and Calehir through numerous battles. From there anyone associated with the three had slowly been called upon with the joining of their forces, and their consistent dependability had gained the Phoenix kings' faith.  

They had been young in the beginning as Dethadrins' thoughts turned to the past, Calehir had been a young captain just like Fornas Satuin and Dethadrin a mere apprentice at the time.
 Though the power of Isha was strong in him and it was not long before his skillful power became prevalent on the battlefield. 

Captain was more a reference of battlefield experience in regards to Calehir at that time as he was always saluted as a prince. Anyone riding an ancient and massive dragon would be regarded as such as well. 

Dethadrin smiled as he remembered Calehirs' bold and reckless charges in battle that the Mage would require his full strength to support. Althran regarded them as unstoppable rogues with a shake of his head and a smile, their success was undeniable. 

His eyes began to wander over the numerous noble house representatives and lords in their glamorous robes of silks that came in every color he could think of. Few wore armor other then the wardens' guard in their traditional silver ithilmar scales and plate, and those of the Royal Company. 

The Archmages' eyes turned to the chamber doors which opened as a wardens guard marched through. The guard was followed by an elf clad in golden scale armor with red plates, he held his tall red helm with the golden wings in his right hand and had his Greatsword strapped over his back. Calehirs' dark blue cloak draped to his ankles as his llight brown hair hung loosely to his shoulders and partially over his right eye. 

Beside the very elf whom Dethadrin had reminisced over, came a striking young maiden in a black coat with matching leather pants and boots, and a silver breastplate that molded to her slim torso. To his further surprise the maiden carried a multitude of human devices including pistols and two Elven pommeled weapons,  which were covered by her coat. Swords most likely the Mage thought, as he realized Calehir portrayed the prince in Dethadrins memories from a time when Calehir was a unified soul with purpose. It was clear his grief over his dragon no longer tormented him. 

The room was filled with whispers as the garb of the maiden clearly marked her as human. 

* * * 

Darenusaka became tense and mustered every bit of strength he could to allow Elandrels' aura to cover his presence, which was something he had mastered over time.  
He had been slow and foolish in the presence of the youth he was forced to kill two nights past, luckily the tower was high and full of chamber balconies. Otherwise some things could have unavoidably got him caught; and this was not something he was willing to risk, when he had all the time in the world with such a young elf. 

The maiden who he immediately recognized as an elf with human blood, gave him an uneasy feeling... A holy feeling, disgusting he thought. 

Darenusaka returned a nod from the elf known as Calehir, who passed him and came to a halt beside the intriguing Althran. He enjoyed the slight hint of the dark tongue they shared as this prince was a clear master of his emotions, and was able to isolate the power he desired with minimal dark influence.

The demons attention turned to the high chair as the old warden silenced the whispers and said. 

"The mighty Calehir graces us with his presence and accompanied by a .." Ithenias said with a pause that lingered as his eyes narrowed and examined the maiden beside the prince. 

The warden continued. 

 * * 

"An elf with human blood," is what the figure in the silver robes said as he sat in his high chair before her with judging eyes. Ada cooled her anger, as every lesson her father had taught her came in vivid flashes that relaxed her emotions. 

She ignored the subtle gestured insult being thrown her way as her gaze turned to Calehir, she watched his eyes become pure white with dark swirls, Ada could feel his anger. 

A voice rose from her right as a tall elf with straight black hair and clad in complete golden armor, walked to where she stood and said. 

"Great warden if I may enlighten the court, as Calehir is weary from his ordeal and has asked me to describe what has passed so he may concentrate on his field report." 

As the elf paused his words seemed to echo in her mind with a deep resonating that had her feel a complete support for what he said. Adalinusi's training kicked in as her mind flashed and realized the subtle hypnosis rhythms in his speech.  
Ada smiled at the dark trick as the golden elf continued. 

"Before I allow this beautiful and young maiden to introduce herself, I would like to inform you that she is our newest recruit in the Royal Company."

Her eyes widened as the whispers returned to the room, yet this did not stop him as he continued his speech. 

"She derives from the ancient prince Autair'Sora Tosh, lord of the Ethanus Tower in the southern human Empire . If you look closely her features are prominently Elven in major areas such as her height and slim form, which have only enhanced her grace and skill. She has been trained by the human inquisition, and has become skilled against the undead, Dethadrin I request you take a closer look at her eyes and inform the court on her abilities. "

An elf with a pearl white cape, dark blue robes and a silver breastplate with pointed shoulder plates, strode forward and said. 

"The goddess Isha has blessed her, as her eyes thrive with silver coils of energy from practice with Holy magic." 

Ada's mind raced as she couldn't believe what she was hearing, how did they know so much about her? The white cloaked elf took a position beside Calehir, as the dark tongued elf stepped in without missing a beat. 

"We believed it best to present her before your court great Warden, as  such a rare recruit shows the changing of the age. The Royal Company is at your service my lord, my dear maiden you may present yourself to the court."

The golden elf finished , while he held his arm out as an invitation to the center of the room. 
Well it's best to just go with it I guess, Ada thought to herself as she took two steps forward and proceeded to bend low at the hip with her left arm across her chest and her right arm extended and bent at the elbow behind her. 

"Adalinusi'Sora Tosh at your service my lord," she said in the best Elven tongue she could pronounce. Her father had always told her the games at court could not be avoided, and that the key was presentation. 

She rose and took a few steps back to fall in line with Calehir and the two elves that had taken control of the room. 

 * * *

Calehir watched as the prince shifted in his silver robes while adjusting his position in the high chair and said.
"Present your report Calehir, we know of the massive force approaching so make it brief if possible."

He shared a glance with Dethadrin,  and then quickly with Ada and Althran as he took a step forward and said. 

" Adalinusi saved my life and defeated a foul vampire that was using a rat to spy on the dreaded tomb king. We then questioned the rat and discovered that the undead king had found something massive, most likely Warp Stone. There are legends of creatures attempting to harness its power, I believe the alliance between the rat warlord and the tomb king, is something to be taken very seriously."

Calehir took a step back as the wardens hand raised in front of him and indicated he would speak. 

"We are rather safe with the walls that have protected this city for thousands of years, the magical wards will turn their sorcerous power and our mighty Asur warriors will cast them from the battlements. This court is dismissed, Althran you are to join my war council at dusk, the enemy will be upon us tomorrow night." 

With these final words the elves made for the large double oak doors at the end of the hall. 

* * *

The members of the Royal Company lingered in the hall, as Althrans' attention was caught by the questioning look coming from the half elf with dark short black hair and pale blue eyes. 

"They do not call me the 'black prince' for nothing, careful how you project your thoughts." He said to Adalinusi with a smile, as he stretched his hand onto Calehirs shoulder plate and continued.

"It is good to see you are yourself again my friend, we have much to discuss but for now I must prepare our forces, I will see you after the war council meeting. " 

With these final words, Althran turned on his heels and made to retrieve his parchments. 
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 10

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I try to keep up with these but with each of the company's commanders getting their own bits and pieces it's getting hard ^_^'
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 10

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If you have any questions let me know! Also anything that may help the story is welcome, I am by no means a superb writer like some on this forum, and my imagination tends to get the best of me #-o lol.
Part 11 was tricky with so many characters converging for the first time, don't plan on having that too often :wink:
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 11

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I appreciate the speedy updates! Its putting the rest of us to shame!

Your writing is excellent! Keep at it!
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 11

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm pretty sure Calehir & Eclipse had a dangerous arial race with mal & martouf amongst the tall marble spires of Lothern ...the king was furious...can't recall who
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 11

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A fun race i can imagine ^_^
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 11

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:mrgreen: yea it'd be a pretty epic race I think . Part 12 comin up! Sorry for the delay, busy time of year and I've been having a few battles lately as well .
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Re: The Golden Company- Redone and part 11

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Finally got some time to write!

Part 12

The suns light had given way to a dark sky filled with white stars and a crescent moon, as boisterous conversation and laughter traveled through the air. A yellow glow came from the open balcony doors in the officers quarters, which was filled with elves siting at a long rectangular table.
 Empty flagons of wine had come to decorate the massive table in the center of the room, they were accompanied by large silver platters with remnants of  a delicious meal. This comprised of succulent fruits, dark rich slices of meat from a stag in a recent hunt, and numerous Elven delicacies from the deep sea that Ada eagerly chose from. 

Her attention turned back to those who sat at the table, she was trying her best to remember those who had been introduced earlier in the evening. Yet the wine slowed her thoughts and movements, as it had been some time since she had tasted wine. Gatherings like this were non existent in her life, and being relatively accepted in one was another thing entirely. 

 Dethadrin had taken it upon himself to introduce everyone in the room, which had started with Althrans captain, a tall elf with white shimmering hair, sleek angled features and purple flowing robes; his name was Cleriam.
This was followed by two mystical and immensely tall elves, who were clad in matching yet different colored armor with massive swords leaning on the wall behind them; one wore white and silver armor, while the other wore blue and gold. Though she could not remember their names, she knew they were the captains of the warriors who protected the powerful mages Elandrel, Dethadrin and another who had been recently lost at sea. 

So many names she thought to herself as the room was comprised with every captain of the Royal Company's regiments, about close to twenty Adalinusi thought as she noticed more and more chairs became vacant. The mage Elandrel had retired to his chambers shortly after the evening meal, along with about six others . 

Ada had a good view of the room as she was sitting with Calehir and Dethadrin at the far end of the table near the balcony. Laughter had seemed to attach itself to every story, as they ranged from odd incidents in battles past, to the most recent hole in the wall from Dethadrins' temper, which had yet to be repaired. 

Not all the captains were so welcoming as she had noticed some odd looks with questions and suspicion. Ada had paid them little attention, as the warmest welcome came from those close to Calehir, which kept her busy and what was mattered most to her. 

A smile found its way back as Ada's thoughts turned to her father, could he have ever foreseen this for her? Is that why he had worked so hard with her studies? 
If only life's fortunes would have allowed more time for them...

Her thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the large dark oak door at the end of the room. The 'black prince' strode forward in dark blue casual robes while holding two flagons of Elven wine, and a large smile. 

"My apologies for being late," he said as he entered the room and began to refill empty silver cups on the table and continued. "Far to much arguing and political squabbling for my liking." Althran proceeded to nod to the remaining elves in the room and took a seat next to Dethadrin at the head of the table. 

Althran's eyes met hers and then moved to Calehir next to her, he smiled and turned to Dethadrin with a quick nod and said. 

"My dear Adalinusi, only a beautiful maiden with Isha's grace and a warriors spirit could hope to tame this dragon next to you, welcome to the Royal Company." Althran stated with a bow of his head, which was followed suit by most of the captains in the room, except one who made a small grunt that silenced any further conversation. 

Ada's eyes turned back to the 'black prince' who was now standing with a menacing look in his eyes. He pushed his chair out of the way and strode to where the dark haired captain in blue robes and a golden cuirass was seated. 
Althran stopped half way down the table and stood across from the elf and said. 

"Captain Sinolis, let me make this clear to you, not only has Adalinusi become a full member of this company. Her bloodline comes from an ancient prince before your time, and even with human blood it still carries more weight then yours will. Have I made myself clear?" Althran said as he turned and looked at all the captains in the room, Sinolis nodded in agreement and replied, "yes my prince." 

Althran was making his way back to his seat, as Sinolis stood while turning towards her and said. 

"Please accept my apologies Adalinusi, I have forgotten my place and the wine has clouded my judgement." The captain finished with a light bow of his head and waited for her reply. 

" No offense was given Sinolis, traditions are hard to break and I will do my best to respect them as much as possible." Ada finished as her mood lightened with the small smile that came to the captains face as he sat back into his chair. 
Her gaze turned back to the three at the end of the table with surprise written on their faces, and their eyes upon her.

Dethadrin turned to Althran and said. " She could almost take your place at court." 

The room was silent for a moment, but was interrupted by a grunt from Calehir, whom then burst into laughter and caused the room to join in. 

The tension died as the night progressed with more wine and tales of the past, as one by one the group dwindled until the four of them were alone. 

Dethadrin placed his cup in front of him while meeting her eyes with his and said. 

"So you saved Calehirs' life, there are few who can say as much and it looks as though I now have a fellow guardian. 

"From what I can remember, it goes both ways Dethadrin," Calehir cut in as he placed his hand on her knee and smiled.

"Prince Althran, I am not sure how you know so much of my history but I thank you for what you have done today. I hope I have not created too much trouble for you." She said as everyone's attention turned to the 'black prince'.

"Nothing I cannot handle Ada," he replied as he sat forward and continued. "I am accustomed to improvising as Calehir can be rather...surprising, yet I stand by him whatever the case, as do we all. That is the essence of this company, we have Elves from every realm of Ulthuan, such as sailors from Lothern, Cothique and Yvvress. Warriors from Caledor, Tiranoc, Nagarythe, Chrace and mages from Saphery. This does not separate the spirit of this company, we are one as Ulthuan is unified in times of peril." Althran paused as Dethadrin added to the conversation.

"Althran studies history as a fish swims in water, this is why he knew of your rare line in the old world." 

Calehir burst into laughter and interrupted. "A fish, ah I have had too much wine tonight, it is good to be amongst my family once more."

Ada watched everyone smile as Dethadrin lifted his cup for a toast and said.

"To family."

They all retired for the evening shortly after the toast and Ada found her self clinging to Calehir's arm for balance, as they both climbed the winding staircase to his chambers.

It was not long before Calehir was opening a white door at the end of a short hallway, inside she marveled at the black silks that hung from a high ceiling and draped down to the four corners of a bed with a matching blanket and dark purple pillows. To the left of the bed was a small white wood table with matching chairs and two armor racks behind it. One had Calehirs armor, and the other looked to be a golden cuirass shaped for a woman with white silks draping to the ground. 

Interesting, she thought to herself as she noticed the small lounge area with two dark cushioned seats and few dark brown cabinets.  

Calehir took her hand and gently pulled her to the left side of the bed towards the armor racks and said.

"This armor was made for my mother who always accompanied my father in battle. The day my father fell was the day she stopped wearing it and devoted her time to studying at the white tower. It is now mine to give to whom I choose, Adalinusi I wish to give this to you to keep you safe tomorrow and to join me in battle." He finished as he turned to her and met both of his hands with hers.

Ada felt her eyes water as she nodded her head and said, " Of course." She then pushed him towards the dark sheets and said, "But for tonight, all I want is you."
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Re: The Golden Company- Part 12

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lol, it seems my story is competing with the awesome new star wars the old republic online game. ha... its good.. anyway heres part 13!

Part 13 

    The morning rhythm of waves crashing on the shore was disturbed by shouts and grunts as blue canvas sails rippled in the breeze, the crew of the SilverMist slowly tightened the ropes and prepared the ship to make way. 

Soretu'Deflar clung to the rope ladder on the side of his ship as he tried to catch his breath, swimming to shore in the morning had become his ritual every time the ship lay at anchor. 
He was handed a dark blue robe from his navigator Zen'istor, after finally clambering onto the mid deck.

Zen'istor was also his mage aboard the ship and had become a good friend over the long years of sailing together. He had never been much of a fan for armor and therefore chose to wear dark black robes with gold scroll work and silver vambraces on his forearms.
His long dark red hair hung just past his ears and his darker hued skin with a red glow in his eyes, said he was also from the eastern colonies like the captain.
The navigator nodded and gestured to turn the captains attention towards the  eagle rider upon the stern castle of the ship.

"I saw him fly in from shore, thank you Zen'istor, I leave the preparations to you, as I want to be out of the bay within the hour." Soretu stated as he strode towards the messenger. 

"Yes, yes leave the dirty work to me captain," the mage replied with a smirk as he strode past. 
Soretu shook his head with a small smile and continued on, finally the messenger had arrived to the first of three rendezvous planned for the search. A half dozen great eagles had also joined the search, though the captain rarely saw them. They came from the northern mountains near Copher and had been long allies to the elves, just as they were in Ulthuan.  

He approached the twin stair cases and chose to climb the right side as always, a mere force of habit for the captain in which he could not explain. 
The messenger wore tight brown leathers with a dark hooded cloak that touched the deck. His hair was also brown and long past his shoulders; and his square features came with sharp cheek bones and black eyes. 

Soretu returned the nod from the messenger as he was handed a sealed letter, and without another word the hooded elf climbed back on the eagle and took to the air. 
So unsociable he could be mistaken for a Nagarathi... he thought to himself as he turned and looked back into the bay. 
He opened the letter and found it was from Althran, after reading it he neatly folded it and made his way back to the mid ship deck. 

"Well, what news does Copher bring?" Asked Zen'istor as he made his way past the main mast at the center of the ship. 

"Make sure all of the eagle claws are stocked and ready, have the crew inspect their equipment and ensure the port side ramps are in perfect condition. The eagles are continuing the search, we make for Copher and war." Soretu returned as he watched the mages facial features harden and become serious. 

"As you command, Captain." Zen'istor replied as he turned on his heels and began to shout orders. 

* * * *

       The white marble parapets became a dull grey as the sun began to set in the red horizon. The walls were about a hundred feet high off the ground along its lengths that surrounded the city of Copher.
      Though extremely remarkable, they were over shadowed by the massive drum towers that came at standard intervals and also stood on either side of each gate. The blue roofs of each tower pierced the sky with tall pointed spear like tips; while they slowly became as wide as the towers themselves and were attached with a series of windows along the circumference. Below the windows came two floors filled with eagle claw bolt throwers, which all had clear sights on the massive plateau from the semi-circle openings on both floors. 

The eastern gate was built like a fortress with  massive doors that rose to about half the size of the wall. Behind the first gate came a long corridor that traveled beneath the fortress above it and stopped at another equally large gate.This was a corridor protected by murder holes, arrow slits and cauldrons of boiling oil that would decimate any attack on the second gate. 
The northern and southern gates of the city were identical  in craftsmanship and the keep that protected the western port of the city was something else entirely. 

 Tonight the attack would fall on the eastern gate, and even with the formidable and ancient wards of the city. The small report from  Calehir gave Dethadrin an uneasy feeling as he stood upon the battlements south of the gate.
 Something was not right, the approaching horde was massive beyond comprehension and the city's warden had dismissed any fear on why the enemy had made an alliance.  
Prince Ithenias had taken his traditional position at the center battlements above the gate and between the two massive drum towers protecting it. The city's native lords and nobles were positioned along the length of the walls where the citizen levy could use their leadership. The Royal Company had been assigned the left and right flank portions of the wall on either side of the fortress gate. While Althran, Elandrel, Calehir and Ada were tasked to organize both the company's and the city's cavalry for a counter charge, should the gates fall. 

His thoughts were interrupted as a figure in red robes came up beside him. It was a human mage, Dethadrin had seen him escort the dignitaries from the Empire..which were safe in the central citadel. Why was he here? 
The man was bald with a white beard and matching eyebrows shaped in angry arcs. His robes had armored shoulder plates sewn into the fabric and decorated in golden magical  symbols. The mages yellow eyes met his as he then nodded and said.

"It would be an honor to fight alongside you 'White Flame', I am Tywin Talos, Bright wizard from the Empires college of magic and protector of the diplomats in this city. I feel my skills belong on the wall."

The wizards' gaze turned to the approaching horde in the distance, the catapults and cannons could be seen being prepared and the siege towers were moving for positions along the walls. The vermin rats were massed on the Elven left flank, while the undead filled the center and right flank near the sea. 

Dethadrin paused for a moment and replied, "when faced with such darkness, we are all on the same side. Tywin Talos, I am Dethadrin Von'Sil  and we will destroy them with fire." 

A smile came to the wizards face as they both turned and watched the dark sky become filled with stars. 
Tywins eyes flared red, as yellow flames errupted from his hands, after a few seconds the magic disapated, yet his pupils remained red. He then keeled over and coughed a bit of blood onto the marble, with a bit of a groan he straightened and said with a smile.
"Just getting ready."

Dethadrin had heard of the humans that would sacrifice their own life force for stronger magic, though he had never seen it done until now. So young and foolish...but to each their own he thought to himself.  

Torch sconces were lit along the walls as the elven defenders stood resolute along the parapets. Though the impending storm Dethadrin had seen far in the distance, was closing in on the port and blocking out the stars. It would be a long night. 

Prince Ithenias's voice boomed from the acoustic architecture of the keep and said.

" Warriors of Copher, we do not fight for conquest or greed, we fight for our homes! We will not falter, we will not fail and they will not take this city! Show them the strength of the Asur!" 

A thunderous cheer rang from the white marble walls, as elven horns pierced the air. The staccato of the Eagle Claw bolt throwers followed as hundreds of massive bolts flew through the air into the enemy. Massive beasts were impaled as ranks of infantry were pierced through and through.    

The cheers of the defenders turned to shrieks of fear and agony as magical screaming skulls were hurled into the walls from the undead catapults, and devastating explosions blew marble chunks into the air from the vermin cannons.

The seige of Copher was only beginning.
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Re: The Golden Company- Part 13 -War!

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Keen to hear how this siege goes!
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Re: The Golden Company- Part 13 -War!

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part 14

The rain had come down in a relentless and cold downpour, which made the marble parapets slick and challenging for even the sure footing of the Asur. The night sky was illuminated with a red hue from the  flames on the plateau and throughout the city. The defenders loosed flaming arrows into the undead ranks, while mage's used all of their power to keep the horde from gaining a foothold on the wall. 

Dethadrin's white robes were drenched and stained red as his Asur brothers fought on until their last breath.  Some of the siege towers had finally reached the walls after hours of bombardment and exchanging of artillery throughout the night. 
Undead skeletons poured onto the ramparts as the rats used  grappling hooks and all manners of climbing tools to aid the lone towers along the walls. 

The human mage Tywin had proved useful after all, as he showed a true skill with the magical lore of fire,  and brought destruction to his enemies. He had unleashed a massive fireball towards an approaching siege tower, which punched a hole right through the armor plates and burned it to the ground.  

"Do not let them gain a foothold on the walls!" Dethadrin shouted, as several towers dropped their ramps onto the parapets. 

An arrow streaked by Dethadrin, as another ramp crashed into the marble nearby. Tywin quickly jumped onto the ramp and unleashed a hot blast of fire from his mouth and turned his head left to right, engulfing the skeletons and the tower itself. 

He smiled as he turned his attention back towards his wall of white fire that was keeping the ram from getting to the first gate.  Dethadrin closed his eyes and imbued it with greater power, causing it to erupt and grow in size.  

Tywin was beside him again with a large smile and a torrent of coughing. 

"There is no end to these damn things, those undead sorcerers keep bringing them back!" He shouted, as he spit more blood over the parapets. 

Dethadrin placed a glowing hand upon the wizards shoulder. The glow errupted into white and blue particles that covered Tywin, and stopped his coughing. 

" I may need to teach you how to take better care of your health Tywin, as I fear you may end up killing yourself trying to kill your enemy." He said with a smile, as the wizard raised his right eyebrow with suspicion. 

"Ha, and what a glorious death it would be!" Tywin returned, as he nodded and gave his thanks.  

Dethadrin had lost track of his cousin Sicandric who was further down the wall and would be sure to be in the thick of the fighting. 
A magical blast erupted and dissipated in front of Dethadrin as though it hit an invisible wall, the wards were still holding, though for how much longer he could not say. 
The enemy continued to unleash arcs of lightning, arrows, cannon fire, poisoned globes and even massive bolts of their own. 
The bolts were being shot with giant bows, and wielded by massively tall monsters with the heads of birds and some other desert gods.

The Asur body count was rising, as noble defenders were pitched from the walls and torn to pieces by the artillery onslaught. Yet the line was holding, the enemy had yet to gain a foothold as every elf took as many down with them as they could. 

The horizon glowed a distant red as the sun began to rise, something would have to give. The skeletons were slow, yet without fear nor pain. A never ending foe that required no rest, and the rats... the rats were quick and agile..and dirty fighters. But they would eventually break.. the undead ..well .. things were not good. 

A hand grasped Dethadrins shoulder plate and turned him to face Sicandric standing behind him. His cousin had an urgent look and said.

"Althran sends word, he needs you to keep the flames high, Cleriam is taking the first wave of the cavalry for a sweep to the sea, Captain Soretu has arrived on the Silver Mist! He is attacking the flank from the sea as we speak!"

With only a quick nod to both his cousin and Tywin, he turned back to his wall of flame and closed his eyes. It was time to show the Human his true power. 

* * * * 

"Stay close to the walls, take the beach head!" Soretu'Delfar shouted, as the four eagle claws loosed bolts into the unsuspecting desert warriors.  

"Burn the siege towers! Forward! For Ulthuan!" He continued as he pulled his bowstring tight, and let the arrow fly towards what he guessed was a captain of the horde. 
His bow was magically imbued, and a gift from an elf maiden, who lived in a city on the southern tip of Lustria, The Citadel of Dusk. The bow was made with white wood and ordained with gold sculpted pieces at the tips.

The arrow split into three mid flight and impaled the armored skeleton through its armor, they also hit with such a force that it was knocked back into its own troops. 

Soretu smiled, as he wasted no time to draw another and cover the elves on the beach. 

Zen'istor stood to his right, he was concentrating on shielding them both from the incoming arrows from the skeletons on the beach.
The Captain's attention was caught by massive white flames that erupted into the air,  making a  massive wall at least three regiments wide. It spread quickly, as it was not long before the massive ram attempting to reach the gate, became a giant torch in the morning dusk. 
Soretu watched a sortie of massed cavalry, charge down the length of the wall towards their position. Good he thought, reinforcements. 

"Shall we join them on the beach captain?" The mage asked, as Zen'istor unsheathed his favorite longsword with a large red gem attached to the hilt. 

"I think we shall!" Soretu answered, as he jumped off the edge of the mid deck rail, and let loose another arrow mid-flight. 

His ship was built with an extremely shallow draft and with the help of his navigators magic, the ship was barely in the water until the attack had started. 

Soretu landed in a crouched position with the sea water up to his knees, the soft sand dampened the impact. He drew another arrow and let his arrow fly once again.  
His crew were outnumbered.. but this was not something new to them. They moved in a unison that came from decades of training, the outer ring created a shield wall with pointed spears, which threatened to impale anything they encountered. Behind them came those with their bows drawn and were loosing arrows into the undead army. The  regiment advanced with blazing horns, and support from the bolt throwers on the ship. 

The Cavalry cut a path through the enemy along the walls and disrupted those trying to climb into the siege towers, things were turning into their favor. 

The initial surprise was losing its affect as the enemy seemed to regroup rather quickly for an undead foe, these desert warriors were made for battle. 
The skeletons that charged his lines were fully armored with shields and menacing curved blades, which swung in deadly and rather accurate arcs. 

"Hold firm!" Soretu shouted as he drew his long sword and joined his crew on the front line. 

Soretu slashed and stabbed at the skeletons trying to break their lines, disarming strikes seemed to be the most effective before the kill. Something the Captain had become rather precise with over years of training on the high seas. 

The thunderous crash of the Elven cavalry, brought relief, as the Seaguard line began to buckle. The reinforcements hit the rear of the skeleton formation and cut deep. 
The two elven forces soon met as they cut their way through the armored foe from all angles. 

Soretu took a few steps back behind his lines, as he tried to realize what was happening to his senses. Everything became dead quiet as the Captain could see the battle raging around him, but could hear nothing at all. 

A green light came from a tall mound in the center of the undead army, the light grew in intensity and became a darker green with black coils circling it. 

Time seemed to slow to a standstill, as Soretu watched a beam of light extend across the plateau, and hit the front gate. The great doors were instantly crushed from the force and the entire keep seemed to buckle, as a massive green light erupted from the corridor. 

The Captains' hearing returned to the massive boom of the fortress gate erupting into the air. Massive pieces of marble came down on the plateau, into the city and onto the nearby walls, the amount of bodies in the air was horrifying. 
Half of the twin drum towers were missing, and their peaked roofs came crashing down, the right side fell forward and onto the incoming rat horde. The left fell across the opening, hitting the right side and destroying it even further.

Zen'istor came up to the captains right side with a look of horror and said.

"Isha help us." 
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Attack when they are unprepared, make your move when they least expect it.

Only in your darkest hour, will you triumph over true evil.

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