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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 4:12 am 

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Hi all,

Pleased to report a great victory this evening over the Lizardmen that I have otherwise been struggling with due to the LM high S and high T, cold blooded and good magic.

Although I wasn't quite able to get a lord and or hero choice on mount I did include more cavalry, which won me the day. To the new players or newbies that read this forum, make an account and post in this forum. The veteran players within the HE community are very knowledgeable and very welcoming. Dozens of hours of list making solo doesn't compare to just 1 thread of knowledge on this forum. Dont be shy, just do it.

On to the list...
1000 High Elf vs Lizardmen.
Result. Top of turn 4 HE victory, no lizardmen models left on the table. 8th edition rules. 4x3 table. Battle line scenario.

LM list. 24 spear n shield Saurus full command. 15 sword and board suarus full command, Lev 2 heavens skink with 4+ ward. Basiladon with the Lazer beam thing. 2 salamanders with extra crews.

Loremaster of Hoeth with armour or Caledor
280 points

15 archers w musician
160 points

5 Reavers w bows and musician
95 points

5 Dragon Princes w standard and musician
165 points

14 Phoenix Guard w standard and musician
230 points. Loremaster went here. 3x5 formation.

Eagle bolt thrower
Total: 1000 on the dot

That many points on a lord and him into my only melee unit was scary at first. But his good armour save and amazing signature spell tool belt was amazing. He killed the skink priest with death magic sniper spell. And then searing doomed the Basildon. Fireball and the 1S 1T spell was amazing too. I also got off the -1 to hit on the Saurus big block too, also dropping their WS too. A miscast would have wrecked my day though.

The dragon princes we're amazing against clearing the flank. And Reavers did their job oddly enough without taking a single loss. Archers as usual we're garbage. I need to stop bringing them and switch to silver helms (unless I need a mage bunker).

All in all, tabled the Lizardmen and only lost 6 PHX guard and 1 dragon princes.

Things to note:
Would have been nice to get the razor standard on the PHX Guard and or a few more bodies into the PG. I'll try and re do my 1250 list built around this list. Anything higher than 1250 I'll need to re work so a BSB can be added, and or a level 4.

Cheers for the help... and nice recommendations with the Dragon Princes. Although the LoreMaster was MVP the dragon princes handled an entire flank by themselves​. selves.


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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2017 10:48 am 
Green Istari

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VirtuePHX wrote:
To the new players or newbies that read this forum, make an account and post in this forum.

Exactly. We're keen to hear from you guys!

VirtuePHX wrote:
But his good armour save and amazing signature spell tool belt was amazing.

Loremaster can be very strong in smaller games as you explain well Virtue.

VirtuePHX wrote:
The dragon princes we're amazing against clearing the flank.

I imagine the 2+ Ward vs Flaming helped? More though, Lizardmen are tough so elves need to use distance against them. Our shooting outranges theirs and our cavalry and flyers can outmaneouvre them.

VirtuePHX wrote:
Archers as usual we're garbage.

They're not good vs tough targets. Against elves though, or light troops (which can mess us around big time) they're strong. Depends what you tend to face.

VirtuePHX wrote:
Cheers for the help...

You're welcome Virtue and well played!


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PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 6:51 am 
Auctor Aeternitatum
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The loremaster is a great character. At low points he brings a lot of versatility and an absolutely killer magic phase. At higher points he's great backup mage or a low cost swiss army knife character. At higher points a common setup is a loremaster with Book of Hoeth and Armour of Silvered steel. You lose the 6+ ward and fireborn rule. But you gain the reroll on a dice per spell. Which combined with the low casting cost of the signature spells is very strong.

As for the Phoenix Guard, I take them a lot and even at higher points games I often run them in a unit of 15 with full command and the razor banner. They chew through a lot of stuff in that setup and can take an awful lot of punishment. And they are not soo expensive that losing them means losing the game. In my experience, they work in a lot of different kinds of lists.

Archers... Well, they never really do much for me either. But, they clear up (very) light units, are a nice distraction and can actually fight surprisingly well for what they are. ASF, ws4, I5 is nothing to be ashamed off.

The fact that all your reavers survived the game is pretty unique. They often are amongst the first casualties for me.

Thank you for sharing your game and list :) And congratulations on the win.


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