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 Post subject: 3 Dragons at 3000 points
PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:58 am 

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Okay, so a couple weeks ago i created a list with 3 dragons in it and posted it up on ulthaun. It was meant as a cavalry (considering dragons cav) only army based on a rumor from a long time ago with silver helms as core. I got bored today and decided to make it usable with 8th. No clue if its insanely bad, way too cheesy, or just a fluff but here goes. Please note that the army is of Caledor fluff and so any changes would try to stay within that (ie, don't suggest LSG Lions, PG, ect unless you can really come up with good fluff for why they'd be in the pride and joy of Caledor). Also the goal was to have 3 dragons, so they won't be removed.

Link to the original list: http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=32224

-Star Dragon
-Armor of Destiny
-Enchanted Shield
-Extra Hand Weapon
He's going to be the general. The armor and shield give him 2+/4++ making him survivable. The OgreBlade and extra hand weapons give him 5S6 attacks. Between him and the dragon he should beat on anything he gets into combat with.

Dragon Mage-385
-Silver Wand
-Guardian Pheonix
Dragon Mage-360
-Talisman of Protection
These two will hold down flanks (i'll set up a standard deployment at the end) Main plan is to hope for at least flaming sword (if it turns out its not considered basic anymore) if it is i'll take flame sword fireball and whatever random comes up. The mages have the best cheap basic saves i could give them, though i don't hold hope for them to survive, goal is to mainly use dragons to mess with stuff and maybe have the magi cast some decent spells to get their points back.

Spearelvesx42-418(7x6 or 6x7 not 100% sure, depends on what they're likely to fight)
-Standard of Discipline
Spearelvesx35-340 (7x5 or 5x7 again, depends on situation)
These two units will act as anchors, hopefully being able to hold things in place while dragons or DPs end up on a flank to deal some heavy damage, though at a max of 29 attacks they too will deal some damage, even if they are S3

Dragon Princesx12-445
-Banner of Arcane Protection
-Screeching Blade
Dragon Princesx12-425
-Eternal Flame
-Krieger Curse
DPs will attack from flanks, with 2 ranks (as long 2 don't die on me) they'll break ranked units. The one with eternal flame is for stuff with regeneration. Arcane should protect one of the units, Krieger curse was filler (had extra 5 points) i'll put the Krieger/flame on the side with multiwound chars. Other side is the arcane prot/screeching blade.

So thats the basic list. Deployment is fairly simple, DP-DM-Spears-SD-spears-DM-DP, with some variation depending on opponent deployment. What do you guys think? Viable, cheesy, fun fluff?

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:06 pm 

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For the Spears, you'd be better off making them either smaller or larger. You really want to get all your attacks off.

10x5 gets all attacks thanks to horde and elf spears.

Below that, 7x4 would give you max attacks against 5 wide ranked enemies. Those are probably your best choices for spears.

Get the Prince the Helm of Fortune or Vambraces of Defence. Rerolling those armor saves will be awesome. Also, I don't think you can benefit from a shield and an extra hand weapon. Shields in 8th are just a 6+ ward anyways. Also, you should probably take a Star Lance if you're on Dragonback. S7 hit on the charge, and you'd best be getting the charge.

You might be better off taking the Banner of Sorcery rather than the MR banner. With two Mages, you want those extra power dice.

Cavalry have been seriously Nerfed in 8th. If you charge the Dragon Princes into fully ranked infantry in Horde formation, You'll likely lose. Or at least be stuck for several turns. Ranked units in 8th get Stubborn (Unmodified Leadership Rolls for Panic) if they have more ranks than you. They'll likely make those, and they'll strike back at you with full attacks because of Stepping Up.

That's about all I can think of.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:27 pm 

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After reading this month's White Dwarf (which is always accurate of course :lol: ), it seems the parry save from the shield can stack with another ward save, making the Prince's save a 3++. That could be quite nasty if it's true.

Also, might be an idea to give Dragon Princes the banner that gives them armour piercing. Not so important on the first charge but vital in the upcoming phases when you're stuck in combat and can do nothing with you 3S3 attacks. Something to consider.

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