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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:52 am 

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Hi all

Long time no see having drifted away shortly after the hardback armybook came out. I was daid13 but I couldn't get the password reset to work so now I'm just Daid.

I've got a game against woodies tomorrow (eek that's soon), 1500 pts. Any advice would be welcome.

My current list is looking like
Archmage Lv4 lore of life, Book of Hoeth & Talisman of Preservation 320
Noble BSB Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone and Ogre Blade 157
5x Ellyrian Reavers 80
5x Ellyrian Reavers 80
21x Archers Musican 220
15x Phoenix Guard Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer w. Banner of the World Dragon 305
10x Sword Masters 130
Great Eagle 50

That leaves me about 150 pts spare, I'm thinking either drop the eagle and a few things for a phoenix or adding a mage, maybe with dispel scroll and then I have a few more points for little upgrades, I think.

The vague plan is a phoenix guard death star which will hopefully smash lots of woodies but I don't really know what might be in his list and what's good and bad with either army.


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:43 pm 
Green Istari

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Hi Daid


Daid wrote:
Any advice would be welcome.

It depends what your opponent brings of course. But Wild Riders are very dangerous, best shot. I guess you’ll be very likely to face Enchanted Arrows. Your Archers will be good for counterfire, WE’s find them annoying. I don’t rate Life against WE’s, they’re too MSUish, High Magic might be better because it’d buff the PG up to a 3+ Ward and the spells are good v elves. A Phoenix would be very helpful.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:59 pm 

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I'm currently panicking about having a really slow deathstar but nothing to force them to come to me so theorising about using 12 silver helms instead though not sure it's an improvement. Maybe two nobles and archmage in the unit.

Will sleep on it.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:02 am 
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Welcome back.

First, on the administrative side. If you want I can recover your old account and give it a new password so you can use that again. Just let me know.

A couple of things about your list. First off, don't worry about it too much. If you haven't played in years then the aim of the game is to simply get started again. It's more about taking a bit of everything and seeing how it works then trying to get the best possible list. Also, 1500 pts is an interesting points level. You can't take everything and some games can end up unbalanced. All in all, your list is good enough for this game I think. So, have fun.

As for specifics:
- I agree with SA that I'm not too big a fan of life for your list. I would take either high or shadow.
- Also, I think that the Book of Hoeth is not that great when combined with Life. It's not terrible. But you'll end up going for a couple of big spells, which reduces the impact of the reroll. Both in fewer spells being cast (with 4 spells you get 4 rerolls, with 2 you get only 2...) But also the +2 that the Book gets you on average matters a lot with 2 dice, but a lot less with 4 or 5 dice.
If you go with High then you could probably also drop the talisman of preservation.

- Change the banner of the PG to the razor banner. BotWD is nice on PG, but very expensive for what you get. They are already very durable with the 4+ ward. The razor banner on the other hand helps with their one weakness, which is low S. The -1 to armour saves is very good and means that the PG can go up against almost all units without a 2+ or 2+ armour save without too much worry.

- Drop the eagle. You already have 2 redirectors in the reavers. Which is more then enough at 1500pts. You could even drop an eagle and a unit of reavers and be fine (though then of course you would need something different to make min-core requirements).

- I would change the dragon armour on the BSB to heavy armour. Dragon armour isn't very good this edition and very expensive for what it does. If you want the 2+ ward vs fire (which you're unlikely to run in to), change the enchanted shield to a normal shield and bring the dragon helm instead. If you drop the dragon armour, you could consider giving him a lion cloak for an extra 2+ save. Though I suspect most WE shooting is magical, so it won't do much.

If you do all this, drop the talisman, the dragon armour, the eagle and swith the banner on the PG, the you should have 256 pts to play around with. Which buys you a frostheart phoenix and the talisman of protection on the mage for instance. Which adds a big, fast threat to the army and gives the mage some protection. Or a unit of 7 or so dragon princes, with some points left over for goodies.

Alternatively, you could take a unit of SH as a core unit (something like 9 with shields) by dropping the reavers and downsizing the archers. In this case you want to keep the eagle. And you also want to mount the BSB (which has the added benefit of making him a lot more durable).

As a side note, while I love a unit of SM, they aren't the best unit in the book (though they are servicable). Take them and see how they perform. But my guess is they'll get shot to pieces by the WE player or underperform when in combat.


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:34 am 

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Thanks guys.

The suggestions with the archmage look good, I'll change that certainly.

I think your maths is slightly wrong on the noble Rod, I'm currently spending 15 pts for 3+, 6++ and fireborn whereas your suggestion is 16 pts for 3+ and fireborn of which 5 more is magic item. I think you would be bang on if it was a prince though. I might drop the 6++ and fireborn though, depends on if those few points are hanging around at the end.

Razor banner does sound good and especially having changed to high magic, there isn't much different between the 3++ and situational 2++.

Dropping the eagle is the last thing that gives me room for the Frostheart.

16 pts left gives me either an extra Phoenix guard or dragon armour and an extra archer, I think either should be decent. Not sure how useful having the 6++ starting place to be upgraded by high magic is on the BSB.

Having access to my old account would be nice, the weird thing is it doesn't seem to be linked with the emails I thought it might be, though I have 2 old emails I might have used and haven't checked, I even still have access to one of them!

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