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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 1:45 am 

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Hello all!

First I would like to thank you for this wonderful forum, which has provided me with many ideas and much inspiration for this hobby!

I am looking to start a high elves army, and I would like some feedback for two lists, trying to make them as "hard" as possible. I am playing vs Skaven, HE and DE, and the idea is that we bring the filthiest lists! I am hoping some more experienced players can help me with this, as we will playtest the lists online, before committing to buying all the models.

And now the two cookie-cutter-like lists, that I hope you can help me with followed by a few questions on how to deal with stuff.

List 1, the aggressive list:

Lords: 608 points
Lvl 4 High, Book, 4++ on steed

Prince on barded steed, HA, Giant Blade, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone and Potion of Speed

Heroes: 317
Mage lvl 1 on steed, beasts, Scroll and Khaines Ring

Noble BSB on barded steed, DA, shield and Banner of the World Dragon

Core: 603
Reavers x5

Silver Helms x6 w/ shields and champion

Silver Helms x15 w/ shields, champion, musician and standard

Rare: 580
Frost Phoenix x2
Eagle x2

Points left: 292

I suppose I need another noble to push my BSB to the second rank, is that needed and if so, what build should he take? Maybe something including the Ironcurse Icon to buff ward? I would probarly also need more killing power, but I think this list is very limited in what points it can claim, if the opponent stalls the bus. I dont have any easy way to remove chaff (apart from soul quench), and I dont see adding more archers as a possibility. Also, would the bus need Crown of Command?
Would there be any benefits to giving my prince a "0" armour save with dragon armour?
I feel like the best the list can do, is one big combat with one or both phoenixes and the bus, but if the opponent does not break that turn, I will lose the grind. Especially considdering poisoned attacks on the phoenixes.
I am undecided what lore to run on the mage, so I figured beasts was a safe one because of wildform. The archmage I have considdered death and metal, but I felt that high is needed to give helms more surviveability. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

The other list is a defensive one:

Archmage lvl 4 High, Book and 4++

Mage lvl 1 Metal, Scoll and Khaine's Ring

Noble BSB, shield, DA, Obsidian Lodestone and Ironcurse Icon

Reavers x5 w/ bows

Reavers x5 w/ bows

Silver Helms x6 w/ shields

Archers x30

Phoenix Guard x29, full command w/ Razor Standard

White Lions x30, full command w/ Banner of the World Dragon

Great Eagle

Sisters of Avelorn x10 w/ champion

Points left: 0

I feel the second list is more powerfull, but I am still looking to improve it, so any critisism is very welcome! I am unsure about my magic lores, especially in regards to the enemies I am facing. I felt like I needed the flaming attacks from sisters vs Hellpit, and 10+ champ should put a wound on it, so archers with fx hand of glory would be able to finnish it. I dont see how this list will deal with warmachines however.

Of the armies I am facing I know I will face a block of 32 Witch Elves with Cauldron BSB with Witchbrew, 3 Hydras, 2x5 Doomfire Warlocks, 2 Warp Lightning Cannons, at least 1 Grey Seer, and high magic from the HE player. I am then unsure of how to deal with some of the threats:

Warmachines in general? I need to kill bolt throwers, or they kill my Silver Helms, and WLC's can rip my poor elves with their templates. How do I do this? Flyers are an option untill storm banner goes down. I was considdering adding shades, are they reliable at killing warmachines? The opponent can just deploy smart, and they will not have a clear shot or be able to deploy near them. Or shall I just focus on getting into combat and ignore the shooting?

Storm banner? It shuts down the fliers from list 1, and in list 2 the shooting gets quite worse. Is that just something I have to "suck up" and try to play around?

The Hydras I suppose I can just shoot with bolt throwers, but what about list 1?

The block of Witches I plan on redirecting and shooting/magic'ing untill they are combat ineffective.

The doomlocks I am clueless against? Shall I let them run rampant or try to kill with bolt throwers? They will get to the WMs fast I guess.

How do I avoid bricks of slaves with the second list?

How do I defend against the 13th? Just take it on the chin?

And how will I kill frostheart phoenixes? Again I am thinking Bolt Throwers here, so this is why I lean towards the second list. It has more counters against the armies I will be playing for the first long period of time.

Thank you for reaching the bottom of the wall, you have earned some kind of internet reward!
I look forward to a constructive debate about the lists, and how to deal with the mentioned armies, and thank you for your time!

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