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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 5:39 am 

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Hi guys,

Im new to the forum Im from Argentina so sorry if my english is not so good :? :D
This friday Im entering a 6 round tournament and this is the army I have in mind, Im very open to suggestions, thats why I made an account!

The only rule is no name characters and 2400 points

Archmage Level 4 (General) > Lore of Death, Book of Hoeth> 275 pts
Mage Level 2, (Undecided probably beasts but open to opinions), Dispel Scroll > 145 pts
Noble BSB, Dragon Armour, Ithilmar Steed, Merwyrm shield, Sword of Might > 155 pts
Ellyrian revers x 5, Bows > 85 pts
Silver Helms x 10, shields, standard bearer, champion > 250 pts
Silver Helms x 5, shield, standard bearer > 135 pts
Silver Helms x 5, shield, standard bearer > 135 pts
White lions x 28, Full Command, Banner of World Dragon > 444 pts
Dragon Princes x 5, Champion, standard bearer, Banner of eternal flame > 175 pts
Eagle Bolt Thrower > 70 pts
Great Eagle > 50 pts
Frost Phoenix > 240 pts
Frost Phoenix > 240 pts

Please let me know what potential problems I may have :D


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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 2:21 am 

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Your bsb only gets the 4+ parry save from the merwyrm shield if he's on foot. Cavalry doesn't get a parry save.

Your list is very mobile. I don't know how much good 1 bolt thrower would be. Maybe swap it out for another eagle or maybe a ward save for your archmage.

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 8:18 am 

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Hi! I´m spanish but i´m gonna answer you in english due to the rules of this fórum...

I like your list but in my opinión it has several mistakes to be a really effective and competitive list.

* The archmage with death is really good with the book, but i miss a 4+ Ward save

* lvl2 Mage i would prefer with high magic dispell scroll and fury ring (he gives magical shoots to the army)

* bsb on foot and equipped the same way (or maybe with ellirion bow, Golden Crown of atrazar and merwyn shield?)

* My favourite core units composition is 3x 5 ellyrian reavers and 3x 6 silverhelms with shields and champions

* lions perfect (even if you put 3 less to have a 28 miniatures unit including the 2 mages and the bsb is good)

* In rare units is where I have more doubts... if you want combat include 2 frost Phoenix, but in my opinión and for a competitive list are more usefull 4 bolt throwers), so i would use 4 bolt thowers, 1 frostheart Phoenix as a hard support unit and a great Eagle...

I hope my advices will be useful for you.


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