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PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 8:58 pm 

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so hello everybody
I wanted to hear what you guys think of the following list,
I know there is still some work and I am also focussing on the enemies I will face most: WOC, VC, and dwarfs

So here is the list:

LORDS 625pts total:
Anointed/chosen of asuryan (still don't know how they call them exactly) 305pts
"he will be my general and a hard challenger"
magic items :
-blade of leaping gold (to gain more attacks)
-charmed shield (to avoid dying the first round of combat and still considering enchanted shield for overall better defences)
-potion of strength (if rly needed, on enemy general)

Archmage 320pts
lvl4, High magic
magic items:
-book of hoeth (to be sure I can't fail my spells)
-talisman of preservation (for eventual attacks against the mage

HEROES 300pts total:
Mage 145pts
lvl2, high magic
magic items:
-dispel scroll

noble 155pts
BSB, dragon armor,
longbow (because I had 5 pts left)
magic items:
-shield of merwyrm (together with his 4+ AS and 5+ward he will be difficult to kill)
-talisman of endurance

CORE 650pts total:
Archers 110pts : 10x archers with muscician,
Archers 110pts : 10x archers with muscician,
Ellyrian Reavers 105 pts : 5x reavers, muscician, bows AND spears (because 5 arrows are useless so still not sure to take bows away)
Ellyrian Reavers 105 pts : 5x reavers, muscician, bows AND spears (^)
Spearman 220pts: 20x spearman, FC, banner of eternal flame

SPECIAL 400pts total:
Phoenix guard 400pts: 20x guard, FC, razor standard, spellthieving sword (to take away spells from VC lords/heroes)

Rare 525pts total:
2x Bolt throwers (70pts+70pts = 140pts)
flamespyre phoenix (flame above frost because VC are vulnurable to fire and its more a distraction tool than a combat unit)
sisters of avalorn: 10x sisters, champion, shrieking blade (to avoid terrorgheist/skullcrushers/knights terror away the unit)

so the tactics are more or less easy
Arch and chosen of asuryan go into spearman block trying to make them though (6+ward save and immune to psychology + high magic spell lore)
bsb and mage into phoenix guard to make chars safe and guard very though (witness to destiny + high magic spell lore)
all the shooting stuff to prevent quick enemies to come near (formation: archers on flank, then bolters and sisters must be protected)
and then reavers and phoenix as distraction for the enemy (if possible doing some serious damage like killing corpse cart)

magic must be done like I have read using max. 2 dice for every spell and I just need the spell lore so if spells are dispelled i don't care (unless i got that part wrong)

so any tips or instructions? (btw THIS IS ALL I GOT FROM TROOPS, I am proxying bolters, sisters and reavers already)=> but ofcourse if these troops work better don't mind telling me.

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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 11:39 am 
Green Istari

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The overall concept looks not too far from the list that won US Masters a couple of years ago.

The Anointed build isn't bad but I'd be happier with it if you had a Lore that could boost his killing power, Beasts say. With High Magic I feel you may be better off with Giant Blade, Dawnstone, Enchanted Shield. If necessary he can challenge out very tough enemies. Why not just take the 4+ Ward armour on the BSB with mundane shield or great weapon? Or you could go with just Merwyrm shield and put him in with the Anointed. The main problem with Merwyrm is getting Death sniped but with a 6+ Ward from Anointed and MR2, plus maybe Shield of Saphery he'd be fine. The other issue with Merwyrm is getting Thunderstomped in a challenge but just say no! That might leave him with more points to play with.

I'd be tempted to go with Fury Ring and Reaver Bow instead of the magic swords.

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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 9:06 pm 

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I think a Prince with Dragon armour, ogre blade, merwyrm shield and Obsidant amulet is better than you Anointed and cost much less.
High mage is good and needed vs VC. But you need more against armour so the second mage should be metal.
I have cleaned up, add silver helms for speed and range.
Newer pick flame over frost it is so much better - but you could play with both, Not sold on the spearmen, but if you like them. Taken out Archers - they are no good against any of you opponents.

Have fun

Prince @ 250
Dragon armour, ogre blade, merwyrm shield and Obsidant amulet, potion of foolhardness.

Archmage (High) @ 320
lvl4, book of hoeth, talisman of preservation.

Mage (Metal) @ 120
Dispel scroll.

Noble BSB @ 149
Armour of Destiny, Great weapon.

10 x Archers @ 100

5 x Ellyrian Reavers @ 80
5 x Ellyrian Reavers @ 80

5 x Silver helms with shields @ 115
5 x Silver helms with shields @ 115

18 x Spearman @ 190
Standard, Musician Banner of eternal flame.

20 x Phoenix guard @ 375
Full Command, razor standard

2 x Bolt throwers @ 140

Frostheart @ 240

Flame Phoenix @ 225

Love making army lists
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