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Dawn of Time The turning of Elf :-$

At the bottom of a long standing mountain a battle site. A tower stands facing a bloody site. A rebellion against the king, as we see troops on foot troops, whose faith has been turned around, and led by a chaos lord fighting against the cavalry whose general is a mighty Tyrion. Inside the Tower lies the Phoenix King senseless, abandoned by his servants without hope.
But it is not Dawn of the eleven times. And the prayers of the Queen of the Everland haven't been forgotten. The Gods have yet given them endothermic chance, but it is now up to the king it self to fight the darkness and awake.

I thought this is an interesting scenario. The key is all named characters fight on the good side i.e. the of the Phoenix king. So does all your cavalry including the chariots. On the dark side nobles lead their small units on Sword master of Hoeth, Sea Guard and spearmen, one noble per unit. A unit of archers supports the attack. Shadow warriors come in from the open side. And the chaos Lord sits back.

I would suggest playing the battle in a Connery of a room if you are at home or in a corner of a table. I can decide the sizes yourself. I've played it in 18'' squared so that archers can reach across and along.
Game sequence wise the game continues for as long as one side wins. The aim of the dark side is two capture the tower, the aim of the other side is to destroy the dark army. The Chaos lord is the only one allowed to flee once all the troops in his command are dead. If the chaos lord is dead the charms of dark magic fall and the game stops the dark player looses. My suggestion would be to protect the chaos lord from the start do not put him up front. If a unit has been forced of the battle field it shall aper the next turn, doesn't matter whose turn it is.
From the second turn on the good side player throws 3 dices if he gets a sequence such as : 1 2 3 or 2 3 4 and so on the Phoenix king comes in to play as a level 3 Mage using only eleven magic. The dark side player how ever is allowed to counter. He throwers a D6 if he gets a 6 the Phoenix king does not come into play until the next turn when the good side player now has to throw 4 dices.
Leave a comment what you think
Good luck.

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