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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:51 am 

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Hello Ulthuan community,
I will be playing in my first big tournament in a very long time and am hoping to get some advice. I live out of the way and there is no local gaming group, so I will be unable to play test the list and find its intricacies organically. What I would really love to hear is how you would smash my list in battle. Could you tell me what units you would target, what units I should fear and how I might deal with them. If you play any other army, can you tell me what you would not like to see my army to do i.e things I might try and target, single out or delay. Additional information you might like to include is welcome as well. Years ago, when I was well practiced with my dwarfs, I cold look at a list size it up and know how to go about cutting it to pieces. This is what I'm asking you to do to my list, so I can better prepare.

My list is pretty much set. I know its not an optimal list but I don't care, its what I like and rather lose with a list of my own than bring a net list. With that being said I'm still open to any advise on things I can improve as long as it doesn't change the feel of what I'm working with.

One tournament rule I should mention is that they are allowing 50% lords/heroes, but that is about it from the End Times
So here is my Army...

Lormaster (with Lions)
BoH, SotMerwyrm, SoAntiheros

Dragon Mage
lvl2, Enchanted shield,DA

Noble (with Princes)
Bsb, Starlance, Bardred Steed, DA, shield, PoFoolhardiness

5x Reavers
Bows, Spreas

5x Reavers
Bows, Spears

35x Seaguard
Shields, FC

20x White Lions (7x3)
Musician, Banner, BotWD

9x Dragon Princes
Musician, Banner

Sky Cutter

Sky Cutter


My only regret about the list is that I cant fit in any Shadow warriors.

So, just some basic tactics that I have in mind. Be aggressive, move up with the lions and try to bring princes + Cutters + Dragon on to one unit. I want the army to swing like a door, hinged on the seaguard whit the lions in the middle and flyers and knights on the end. For magic ill use the dragon mage to cast Flaming sword the seaguard to boost their shooting and, if the fickle winds of magic willing, spam fire ball. First the LM will cast fireball on 10+ then have the DM cast the big one, as he casts like a level 4 + kindleflame. I'll mix in the rest of the LM's bag of tricks where they best apply trying to keep my opponent on his toes.

Well, if you made it this far in to the post thanks for your time!


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:34 pm 
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IMHO opinion wood elves and dark elves are a problem, I also think aggressive high elf and chaos list run it over. I don't think 21 lions and 9 princes with a bsb is a big enough combat threat, I think the lore master although good, does not consistently offer enough spell that he can cast that really threaten the opponent, and the dragon Mage magic does what he does not as well and additionally doesn't provide a huge combat threat. My other concern is she is a huge and expensive warmachine target in a list that otherwise has very few.
From a theme perspective it's cool but I would seriously drop the sea guard for archers or even spears they both suit the theme better and are superior choices IMHO. I think I'd drop the dragon Mage for a frostie and squeeze some points for a level 4 shadow then the list has infinitely more power and certain concerns opponents more. Shadow and lore master work very very well together.

Ian Sturgess playing high elves and wood elves since 1990 ish
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:28 am 

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Were I playing my Empire I'd open up on your dragon mage like there was no tomorrow. Couple cannons should do the trick to get rid of both dragon and mage, and even one cannon can easily gank the mage leaving the dragon to have to test on the monster reaction table and possible be side lined in your deployment phase. With that guy out, your combat effectiveness if dropped by roughly 1/3 (dragons are nothing to shrug off when a pissed off combat mage is riding it). As far as the white lions, a decent casting of Miasma can drop their initiative to a reasonable level where they'll be going at the same time as standard core soldiers and with their squishy elven toughness and just heavy armor, they can be wrecked stubborn or not. That would be something to certainly look out for. Dragon princes I'm not too sure how I would deal with them short of masses of light shooting or throwing a huge unit to get them through combat res (maybe) or just to tarpit them. Watch out for cheap core units locking them into combat since they have to break on the charge.

I really think the Sword of Antiheroes is a great addition on the loremaster, but I'm wondering if he would do better with the seaguard simply because people will expect a block of lions to have the BotWD and won't be sending their characters to get into combat. I would personally just feed worthless units into that one and go after the seaguard instead (much squishier). Having said that, if the loremaster is in the seaguard unit, he can pump in the Life Lore's signature (earth blood?) to make them that much harder to kill (and heal a character to boot!) and also get the bonus of being able to be in contact with some those characters that wouldn't touch the lions. Lions are good enough to kick the tar out of most units anyway, except other elves I've found.

Good luck in the tournament! Show them the wrath of the Asur!

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