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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:12 am 
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Welcome to the Ulhuan Army List forum! (Now for 8th edition!)

What is this forum about?

The army list forum is meant to discuss all tactical aspects of Warhammer Fantasy. If you want to put up your army list for advice, share a battlereport with us or start a discussion about one or more styles of play, this is the place to be. Obviously, any army may be discussed and not just High Elves. Many gamers play multiple races and even more of them have an extensive knowledge of their opponents. Lastly, this forum can be used to post drafts of articles written for the Tactics Section of the Library of Hoeth, or even to compile a useful guide together!

Rules, requirements and requests
    1. When venturing in the Army List forum, always remember Warhammer is a game. Treat it as such when posting, but also when reading other posts. This means that there is to be no flaming or trolling of lists.

    2. Make sure the title of your post clearly reflects the content. A good title covers at least the type of thread (discussion, list, battle report) and the subject of the thread. ?Army list: 2k HE vs Empire? is a good title, ?My HE army!? is not.

    3. When putting up an army list for comments, always make sure people know what you are asking for. There is a big difference between a competive list and a themed army. Which models you have available greatly effects the advice you're given and writing down which purpose each unit has will teach others, and also helps users to see what you are trying to achieve and thus give better advice. It's also a good idea to give some information about your opponents.

    4. Don't post any rules. It's illegal and gets us into trouble. Don't tell anyone where to get them, either. This means that such things as point costs for specific characters/unit upgrades/items are out of the question. It is legal to post what a unit costs, it is not legal to post what the champion upgrade costs or how much a dispel scroll costs.

    5. When posting a roster from Army Builder, adjust the format to be readable. Don't post links to rosters either, but post actual lists. This is easier to respond to for other users and will allow the search function to be more of use.

    6. When responding to a posted list, ensure that the advice you give is clear, concise and most importantly reasoned. By this, I mean that if you tell them to get some Eagles, then say why they should take some Eagles. Doing otherwise will hinder the development of the list moreso than it will help. Posts that don't follow this guideline will likely be marked as lazy and thoughtless (deletion may follow soon after) - if you're not willing to expand and explain your reasoning, then don't give the advice in the first place.

    7. With reference to the point about advice being clear and concise, ensure that you use a modicum of proper grammar and spelling. This way, your tactics, ideas and list will be easier to understand and thus assist others with their comments.

    8. In relation to point #5, do not attempt to reprimand or otherwise derail a thread by calling into question the spelling and grammar of posters. If you think that the post in question is bad enough that it is difficult to understand, then report it. However, also note that this is not an excuse to post like you are a five year old child.

Useful information

Below is a general list of links to useful information contained further down this thread and on other webpages both on this site and others. You are kindly required to check these before asking on the forums.

Magic FAQ

As for the Library, it would be a good idea to read the Tactics Classes by Ryo (marked with a square) and the article about Support Units by Elthair (marked with a star). These are generally considered to cover some important aspects of the game.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:02 pm 
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The list of rules has been updated.

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