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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:08 am 
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These here are possible iterations of Honors for the coming Highborn Elves book:


Master Strategist: 35 Points. After Deployment, but before scouts are placed, you can remove a single unit and redeploy it anywhere within 18" of its original position. The unit must end within your deployment zone, and units containing characters cannot be redeployed.

Natural Leader: 25 Points. The character and any unit he joins is Immune to Panic and Fear. Additionally, the model may add 3” to the range of Hold Your Ground or Hold Your Presence Special Rules.

Disciplined Mind: 25 Points. Wizard Only. Damage caused by Miscasts is resolved at -2 Strength. The model may not use more than 4 dice when casting any one spell.

Channeler: 10 Points. Wizard Only. After Power and Dispel Dice are generated, the model may elect to subtract 1 from the number of dice available to him. This die may instead be used in the following Magic Phase as a Power or Dispel die. Model may not take Arcane Items.

Rider of Tyr: 15 Points. Character must purchase a Horse Chariot, Lion Chariot, or Hawk Chariot as a Mount. Up to four Horse Chariots may be taken as a Core Choice, as either one or two units.

Lionblood: 40 Points. High Captain or High Prince on Foot only. Model comes equipped with a Great Weapon and Lion Fur. A single unit of up to 15 Lion Guard may be taken in Core. Character with Lionblood must choose to deploy with this unit.

Hero of the Shadow Lands: 30 Points. Character must be on Foot, and comes equipped with a Longbow. Has the Scout, Poisonous Attacks (Bow), and Elven Shadow Cloaks Special Rules. The character and any unit of Shadow Watchers he joins gain the Blurry Special Rule.

Mage Prince: 50 Points. Character is a Level 1 Wizard, who may pick the Signature Spell of any Battle Path or the Path of White Magic during Army Creation. Character may only be mounted on an Elven Steed or Great Eagle.

Please take note that this is all pre beta and subject to probable (if not certain) changes. :mrgreen:

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