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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:09 am 
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Just started listening to this podcast and thought I'd post it here for those that don't know about it. Whether you play 40k, or like me, you just love the 40k/30k fluff but haven't played for a LONG time (or never!), this is a great show.

It's from the guys that make Garagehammer, a fantasy podcast which I'm sure many of you will have heard of at some point. Garagehammer is kind of famous for doing ridiculously long (like 5 hours plus) reviews and discussions of Warhammer books - for instance they're currently going through the end times books with a fine tooth comb (to give you an idea of length, their Khaine two-parter comes in at just under 8 hours :shock:).

Anyway, After Ullanor is a similar idea to those lengthy book reviews, but taking on the Black Library Horus Heresy books. For like 18 months they've been working their way through the series, book by book. The releases can be kind of sporadic but they're worth the wait if you're at all into the 40k fluff. They are also very stringent about not spoiling stuff from later books so you can kind of "read-along" with them.

The format works really well, one guy doesn't know that much about 30/40k fluff so there's often quite good explanations from the other guy about stuff you might not have known. They also do feedback episodes where listeners can contribute to the discussion.

Anyway, I know most people might already know about it, but I thought I'd post it up anyway, I only just found it and maybe someone else might enjoy it too :lol:. If you're at all into the Horus heresy this is a pretty comprehensive way to learn a lot more about it in a fun format with two guys who complement each other well. The coverage is good enough to get a real good feel of the series and the plot without spending hundreds on all the books (what are there, like 30+ now?).


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