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Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well and thank you for looking!

I played my 8th game of AoS last night (4th with the set list I am trying) against Idoneth Deepkin. Game rolled was focal points, which was good, as with new scenery rules and the 5 objectives, there wasn’t really anywhere for her ships to go down (though they don’t do much for her list)

Her list:

Idoneth Deepkin
Enclave: Ionrach
Realm of Battle: Ulgu
Isharann Tidecaster (General) Born from Agony, Vorpal Maelstrom
Eidolon of Mathlann (combat) Sword of Judgement
Eidolon of Mathlann (Magic) Steed of stides
Isharnn Soulscryer
Black Ark Fleetmaster
10 Namarti Reavers
10 Namarti Thralls
10 Namarti Thralls
1 Akhelian Allopexes
3 Akhelian Ishlaen Guard
40 Black Ark Corsairs

We had a discussion about her list, as she doesn’t have many eels as shes still not sure if she wants to go more into IDK or switch to Sylvaneath (her 1st army) or DoK (she wants a snake army, and after this game that was reinforced lol)

She picked sides but I had less drops, and with her setting up 9 from the center I choose to go first to see if I could alpha strike (as her tidecaster as general can reverse the tides and have the ASF for round 2)

So moved the snakes up left and ran the WE up right, with Cauldron center screened by WE. Sadly mindrazor failed to cast as did blessing of khaine

SoS held back a little on obj as his Allopexes, combat Mathlann and soulscryer, were in reserve

Killed a 5 Thralls from 1 unit, 1 eel and 2 wounds on another and 8 thralls from the 2nd unit.

In return I lost like 5 WE. I got 6pts

Her turn she dropped her 3 units down from reserve behind me, charged in the corsairs into the we as well as the caster Mathlann

Combat Mathlann charged 1 unit of SoS thanks to a command point but the rest failed to get in
Combat saw me lose 7 SoS, 13 WE for 3 Wounds on the Mathlann combat, 2 wounds on the caster mathlann, another eel and 7 corsairs and the last of the thralls

She gets 3pt
Turn 2, I retain initiative (we both rolled 1 lol)

Mind Razor fails to cast again, Catachism failed also. I put Sacrament/blessing on the snakes

Movement sees the 2nd unit of sos up 6 from the Shark, charge in a hag to the last eel and move up the SQ. I drop down my Kannaries 1 to each of his support characters
Shooting sees the Medusa FINALLY GETTING TO SHOOT! She was in range of a lot of corsairs and killed 6. Cauldron does 2 wounds to the caster mathlann. Kannaries do 2 wounds to the tidecaster and 1 to the scryer.

I charge in the snakes into the bowmen and corsairs, the SQ into the caster mathlann. The Kanaries also make it into both their targets

Combat sees them strike first with the whole army, killing the last 2 sos, 2 snakes, 6 more WE.
My combat sees the SQ kill the mathlann with the avatar, Hag kills the last eel, Snakes wipe out remaining units

SoS pile into the shark, do 2 wounds but then do 3 MW from shields for the loss of no sisters.

I get 6pts

Her turn 2, She charges the Combat mathlann into the snakes to try and make an impact.

Combat sees her supports die to the heartrenders, SoS finish the shark, Mathlann kills 2 snakes but is then destroyed by the snakes.

She gets 1pt

Game ends at the end of turn 2, 14pts vs 4pts

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Game 8: Slaanesh
Relocation Orb (I hate this scenario)
Host : Godseekers
Realm : Aqshy

Keeper Of Secrets - General
-Sinistrous Hand
Command Trait: Speed Chaser
Artefact: Thermal Rider Cloak
Spell: Slothful Stupor

Keeper of Secrets
-Sinistrous Hand
Artefact: Cameo of the Dark Prince
Spell: Progeny of Damnation

The Contorted Epitome
Spell: Hysterical Frenzy

Bladebringer on Exalted Seeker Chariot
Spell: Born of Damnation

Infernal Enrapturess

Daemonetes x 30
Daemonettes x 10
Hellstriders x 5

Battalions : Supreme Sybarites

Endless Spells: Cronomantic Cogs

1990 pts

This was my first run in with Slaanesh and I was worried it would be a whitewash against me due to snakes, but actually it was an interesting game.

I lost the game, 8pts to 7pts, but I tabled his whole army (including a summoned unit of 30 Daemonettes, 10 daemonntes, herald and 5 seekers)

The main reason I lost was the objective. Turn 1 and 2 it moved into his territory, and he made me go first. In turn 3 it also stayed in his area rather than jump to the middle. Urgh

End of turn 2 he got the double also, which really out some hurt on

Only things I Would have played different was, turn 2, I dropped 5 of my heartrenders down to ensure I finished the last wound on his general keeper. It was more insurance as I had the cauldron shooting at it and stuff in combat, but didn’t want to lose anymore snakes. If id held them up, I would have had 2 units trying to take the obj enc of turn 3, not just 1 (vs 5 seekers) and would have had more models on point

Oh well. I automatically had the “should I take Morathi” moment, but overall the army did really well, even the snakes though I lost 10 turn 1. (godseeker, cogs, fly cloak, high movement) and 5 died in combat and 5 more from battleshock (in hindsite I forgot I could use a command point to pass the battleshock)

Fun thing was my slaughterqueen with witchbrew and mindrazor (for AP not extra damage as they are LD10) solo’d his second kipper rocked, as did 30 WE only losing 2 models from his 30 daemonettes and them taking his unit off in return. The WE were buffed fully though

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

It sounds like a tactical (and fun) game. Andf it's often the ones we lose that teach us the most. Interesting that you managed to get his whole army. That's some serious damage output. I must say I'm impressed with how the army performs. It sounds absolutely brutal.

I'd love to see a picture of the army in practice :)


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Yes, I will totally try and do more pictures sometime, especially as more gets painted.

So, I tried my new list, and I lost vs one of the better players in the area using Skaven tide….BUT…I could won but made some mistakes. He actually said it’s the first game he nearly lost bar a hail mary.

We played focal point. I tabled his army bar 1 model on 1 wound but he won 16-14

I was using:

Hagg Nar
Morathi (Mindrazor)
Hag Queen (Catachism)
Hag Queen (Sacrament)
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron (General, Devoted Disciples, Blessing of Khaine, Iron Circlet)
30 Witch aelves
30 Sisters of Slaughter
10 Witch Aelves
10 Blood Sisters
Malevolent Maelstorm

Reason for the change to Morathi is Flesh Eater court and Slaanesh are smashing the local tournament Scene and Morathi is a good counter to the Gristolecore FEC general or that Scarey keeper of secrets that cant bleed summon points from Morathi fast

He was running:

Warpseer with Etheral Amulet
Greyseer on bell with death frenzy
40 Clan Rats
20 Clan Rats
20 Clan rats
40 Plague Monks
12 Jezails
Warp lightning vortex

He took turn 1, and basically stuck the vortex in front of my Witch Aelves big block. Morathi failed to stop any spells, and he moves up to take the center and flanks

My turn I chose not to transform Morathi (A mistake) cause I wanted to dispel the vortex, get maelstrom up and maybe get some wounds on the warpseer with black horror. All failed to cast or dispel (facepalm)

Over the rest of the game I push forwards and table his army, but over 4 turns I fail to dispel Vortex.

Errors I made were:

1: I misunderstood a number of his rules (as he wasn’t clear at times) which could have changed a few things, but not drastic. He also wasn’t clear what amulet was on the warpseer until we were in combat, cause in hindsight I would have put one of my sos or WE into the warpseer and Morathi/Cauldron into units as he ignored my rends. Also not knowing skaven leadership shinninigans vs mindrazor

2: I shoulda transformed Morathi turn 1, and had her go straight up a flank for the jazails. Man, with sparks on them from the bomber they can churn out a lot of damage but die so easily in combat

3: I should have ran my hag into the middle objective turn 4, but forgot to move her. This would netted me 2vps as nothing was there.

4: I should have left the 10 witch aelves to sit on the bag gnarhole. He teleported his bomber turn 4 to cap that point for 3pts

5: I held my witch alvves block back for 3 turns due to vortex. I should have just slowly started to move them around or through to be more of a threat, but I was waiting on him moving his 40 clanrats before reacting, which he didn’t.

SO, yeah. Turn 1-3 it was strong for Skaven, but my turn 3 and 4 I pulled it back to look like a DoK win.

It was a good learning game. I like losing games when I learn A LOT. Its much better than just stomping someone and learning nothing


1: Slaughterqueen going back to glyph pendent. Too useful to keep her alive and increase movement

2: Sisters of slaughter are going to have daggers not shields. I like shields on the 30 Witch Aelves, as they usually have 3 attacks anyway. Only 2 on the sisters of slaughter without daggers can hurt, and Id rather do the damage on the 6” pile in than reactive damage if I roll a 6. The 10 witch aelves that can support them have extra daggers also for extra blending

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

nice game. I can imagine that it was very educational. Those games are best I think.

A bit of bad luck with not dispelling the vortex the whole game. It happens... Other then that, some valuable lessons in there. It does seem that you can be more "agressive" in going fo the objectives. It's always a bit tricky of course, since going after an objective means giving up something else (like delaying going for a combat with an enemy unit for a turn). But they pay such a big part in the outcome of the battle that they're worth going for.


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Totally, its really important in AoS and I am trying to learn that. Wiping out both armies is fun but losing by 1 or 2pts makes it pointless.

I should have just pushed the 30 WE through the Vortex. It only does D3 (D6 on a 6) Moral Wounds and I have the 5+ FNP so can risk it. Yeah, I can't run through it, but I could have moved through and had that unit put pressure. Even 1/4 of that unit would total the 40 clanrats

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Played against skaven last night, different player and different list.

Roughly he had:

Claw Leader
Gray Seer
40 Stormvermin
40 Clanrats
20 Clanrats
Warp Thrower
Doom Wheel
Warp Lightning cannon
Plague Catapult

Scenario was total commitment.

Now, this ended up being a 10 – 10 Drawer and him winning on army points. I made a number of stupid plays in this game which I really need to take home.

1: I made my snakes go along the bottom flank to try and take the point there vs 40 clanrats. This was pointless, as I should have kept them with my main force and gone for 1 objective. I had left 10 WE to baby sit my objectives inc covering the gnawhole. I ended up losing 4 from wlc and then the rest fluffed in combat due to no support. They could have helped smashed up the middle line if Id held them with the core

2: I failed a 6” charge turn 1, which I could have rerolled with a command point but I forgot. Woulda got Morathi smashing up stuff turn 1 and putting his attention on her.

3: I went 1st. His stuff had limited range, bar the plague catapult, and I could have set up to let him go first and try for the double turn. I ran my WE too far forwards turn 1 with a pretty lmpossible charge, and they ended up getting charged in the face by the stormvermin (with death frenzy) who did 84 odd wounds (3+ to hit, 2+ to wound, rend 1. I killed 12 with shields but then they get to pile in and kill again)

This also lost me most of my SoS (5 died from catapult turn 1) meaning Morathi and the cauldron had to do all the work.

4: Item choice on the cauldron didn’t help me as I rolled 2’s. I am considering the cloak that means I cant be hit unit it attacks, or the crone blade (heal a wound for each model you kill). The rate shes ripped through units the last 3 games she would be on full wounds half the time.

5: My dice were pretty poor this game. No excuse, but still sucks at times.

So things I need to do is mainly keep my army together and push the objectives I can hold. Don’t over extend of get cocky cause my units can just delete stuff.

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

So, after losing 4 times in a row with that list vs Skaven and Slaanesh (prob top armies bar Flesh eater court) I decided to switch it up a bit and look at preparing for the tournament at the end of Oct (different than LVO as thats gonna be tough)

4 of the 5 objectives are shifting ones, so I wanted a mobile army that can grab the objectives early, hold them as long as I can while Morathi just holds up the biggest scariest unit


Morathi (Mirror Dance)
SQ on Cauldron (General) with Crimson Rejuvenation (Not sure what item to take. Hag brew, Croneblade, Scales and Thermalrider all good options)
HagQueen (Catechism)
Bloodwrack Medusa with Shadow Stone and Mindrazor
3 x 10 Witch Aelves (knives)
30 Sisters of slaughter (Knives)
2 x 5 Lifetakers
Cauldron Guard

6 drops

Idea is to get msu Witch Aelves everywhere, Morathi being a constant threat turn 1, and Using lifetakers as support or for capping objectives they they move to a position I can capitalize

Turn 1 is basically Khaileborn Shadow thehag somewhere, making sure Morathi is out of range of dispel and in the 24" mirror bubble. Transform her and switch her out with the hag.

Hag buff supports Sisters of slaughter. Army runs up but spread out (within 18 of cauldron). Maybe MR Morathi before she goes if worth it.

Morathi moves around, free to do so and heads for deadlist unit to hold up or great targets to smash up (A local guy is terrorizing the scene with 12 jezzails)

Turn 2, teleport some WE near Morathi but 9 from Enemy. If places right I can use the command ability to reroll charge, and with +1 for cauldron that can work well. Also, could drop down Lifetakers, try and put MR and Catachism on them for some tasty damage

SOS are the big block to support and do combat damage

Basically the army is pretty fast(why I was looking at thermal rider on SQ so she can run up and smash face)

I wont be able to cast my 1 witch brew turn 1, as the mirror dance units have to be 6 inch away from another unit, but thats ok as Morathi will hopefully take the attention away and I can command point the battleshock test if needs be

Anyway, just an idea I might try. it can be very tactical and if against some I cant chip off I can just jump on Objectives turn 1 and hold them for as long as I can while slowing the enemy with msu

So, with this, I tested it out last night at a local GW vs a blade of khorne list. Game was starstrike

roughly he had:

2 blood thirsters
2 Slaughter priests
Blood Secretor
30 Blood letters
10 Marauders
5 Flesh hounds
5 Blood warriors
5 Wrath Mongers




Morathi got the turn 1 charge due to the trick as above, with mind razor and catachcism and totaled 17 blood letters and a few marauders and she took her 3 wounds.

He pushes forwards to be right in my face. No other combat bar Morathi who went down to 6 wounds. My plan was to back off but he got the double turn. Objective dropped down right in the center of the about to be fight.

he smashed into my army, Flesh hounds into snakes, BT 1 into WE infront of cauldron, BT2 next to him. Blood warriors into right WE. He used some daemon shinninigans to be able to pile in 6 inches, and attack again, so the blood thirster 1 killed the witch aelves and then piled into the cauldron doing 7 wounds. luckily, I managed to pile in my sisters of slaughter into TH2 to shield the cauldren from both attacking it. This allowed the SQ to take off BT1 in return. The flesh hounds did 3 wounds to the snakes at the cost of his unit, and the Witch aleves took 3 wounds for 1 of his guys. Morathi wiped out the last of the stuff she was with, remaining on 3 wounds.

At the start of my turn 2 he dropped a blood comet thing on me with blood points, doing 2 wounds to the cauldron, 3 to the medusa and 2 to the sisters. Morathi managed to black horror off a wounded slaughter priest and flew for the other, with the snakes mindrazoring up and heading for the blood secrator. I healed the cauldron for 1 and all the other prayers failed to cast.

Shooting saw Morathi take off a wrathmonger

Combat saw the snakes take out the secreator
Wrath mongers kill 2 more snakes and wound Morathi
the now witch brewed up sos surrounded the remaining Blood thirster (on 8 wounds) and kill him
Morathi takes the priest to 2 wounds (he saved with the shrine)
We finish off the Blood warriors.

We drop down 2 more objectives

He gets turn 3, Using blood comet again but has little impact. At that point we call game, as he would take the middle objective for 3, but then next turn I wipe out his army, cap the middle objective for 3 and drop the Khanari on each other objective

So, it was interesting. The -1 to hit didnt come into play, but the teleport shinnanigans to get Morathi in his face from the get go was good. Being able to do that to Slaanesh (the big block of deamonettes) or Fec (the lord) or skaven (jezzails/plague bearers) would be great, and holding up armies while capping obj could just work

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Sounds like a pretty good fight. The fact that Morathi can hold against so much punishment really pays off here. Getting her in your face T1 throws pretty much any battle plan you could have out of the window.

Could your opponent have focused everything on Morathi instead to take her out and then only worry about the rest of your army and the objectives in later turns?


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Morathi has a rule that she can only take 3 wounds in a player turn. So basically it takes two whole battle rounds to kill her (unless you have something thats instant death, and some endless spells hurt out of phase so dont count to the 3 wounds)

She also doesnt take battle shock, so when she is somewhere, the only way shes going is a slog fight or ignore her.

Her base attacks at full health are:

5 x 3's, 3's 1 damage
6 x 3's, 3's, rend 2, 3 damage
1 x 3's, 3's, rend 2, 6 Wounds

With Catachism on her, all 6's to hit give another hit
With mindrazor, her attacks are +1 Rend, +1 Damage (if bravery is higher) and as hers is 9 thats most things

So against the marauder, i targeted the snakes as they get the rend and damage
against the blood letters it was the rest

Now I coulda gone for the bloodthirsters and held them up, but taking out the biggest unit was more of a priority as they can do a lot more damage

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

I knew she was tough, but that's even more impressive then I thought. It indeed makes it very hard to deal with her and your strategy, unless you design a list specifically to counter her. The best option (as your opponent) perhaps is to get her stuck against a cheap tarpit. Than your army is free to deal with the rest. Either that or hold back until she's dealt with (which is tough to do with the speed of your army).


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

So i was thinking the other night I am looking at the tournament in Oct all wrong.

it will be my 1st in AOS, and I havent even played vs half the armies yet, so why am i putting pressure on myself to do well like I would for LVO

So, with that in mind, I am taking a more light hearted list....mainly so I can shout like Brian Blessed most games lol

Hagg Nar
Hag Queen on Cauldron (General, Devoted Disciples, Ignax's Scales, Catachism of Murder)
30 Sisters of slaughter
10 Witch Aelves
10 Witch Aelves
10 Witch Aelves

So 3 combat screens for clearing their screens or 1 to hold an objective.

Buffs go on sos as a heavy multi hit unit

Morathi is the anvil and Gotrek the hammer.

Hag is tough to shift, with 13 wounds, 4+ AS, 5+ FNP and 4+ vs MW. I was gonna have blessing also but I think the damage output of catachism is more important
She can be pretty killy also, as with prayer her weapon does D3 damage, and the avatar does AP2/3 Damage

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

I like the approach to the tournament :)
wamphyri101 wrote:
I was gonna have blessing also but I think the damage output of catachism is more important

Using overwhelming force can really pay off. As can concentration of force. So I agree that maximizing the damage output here can be very beneficial. The only thing is that you need to be able to keep her alive. But as you say, she's a pretty touch beast to shift, so I think you're good to go :)

Are you planning on taking some pictures during the tournament?


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Yeah, I will try and get some of my games. I actually have a 1 dayer now Oct 6th for charity so will take some there.

Played with this last night and I got a win at the bottom of my 3rd (delayed due to him getting double turn)

Played Total commitment and he was using Legion of Grief (makes Mind razor pointless due to his LD10 and immune to rend)

Gotrek was a beast, killing 880pts inc the general due to him leaving a gap big enough to charge through. He did die though, as 1 turn he took 4 wounds from Dreadscythe Harridans, another 2 the turn later from black knights (rolled double 1's) and his last wound popped from the necromancer arcane bolt. So him living really relies on rolling better lol

He killed a Mournghoul, 5 black knights, 5 Dire wolves, 20 DreadScythe Harridans, Dreadblade Harrow

Morathi struggled to kill as much as he kept making his saves as rend has no affect

I actually caught him off guard as he expected me to charge forwards 1st turn, but I held back everything bar Morathi and Gotrek who just headed straight for his two objectives. I committed my when I won the roll for turn 2

It was total commitment, but I think i might drop 10 Witch Aelves and with their points and the 40 I had left grab 2 units of lifetakers. Puts me at 8 drops which isnt bad

Here is a pic of Gotreks game kills around him lol
Kinda wanna do this every game


What was really nice was a few guys at GW commented that my army was looking really nice, which is great to hear as I dont think I am that good

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Gotrek does look very bad-ass in that picture.
wamphyri101 wrote:
So him living really relies on rolling better lol

I've read that the best way to achieve this is to ritually sacrifice one of the underperforming dice in front of the others as a warning.

And having a fully painted army. That helps appease the dice gods as well.
wamphyri101 wrote:
What was really nice was a few guys at GW commented that my army was looking really nice, which is great to hear as I dont think I am that good

Just having a uniformly painted army with a couple of centerpieces always helps. And what I've seen from it your army indeed looks very nice.


Author:  SpellArcher [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

wamphyri101 wrote:
Here is a pic of Gotreks game kills around him lol

True to the fluff!


He looks great.

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Did a 1 day 2k charity tournament on Sunday.

As was going to be facing armies I havent played yet, thought Id take something like my Morathtrek list

Ended up being

Morathi (Mind Razor)
Hag on Cauldron (Catachism, general, Ignax scales)
30 Sisters of slaughter with Bucklers
10 Witch Aelves with Dagger
10 Witch Aelves with Dagger
5 Life takers
5 Life takers

Not the best picture, Will try and get a better one at Kippers at the end of the month:


I will do more of a write up when I get the lists from the people, but I went 3 - 0 and won the mini event.

Game 1: Bonesplitters (Star Strike - 19 vs 18)
Game 2: Free Cities - Greywater (Shifting Objectives, 19 vs 6)
Game 3: Free Cities - Living City (Relocation Orb, 3 vs 2)

Gotrek lived through all 3 games (down to 2w, 3w, 4w over the 3 games) but he only got his point back game 1. Yeah he got into combat and killed stuff each game, plus he was a massive target for the enemy (especially in game 3, where Duthru and 2 x 10 sisters of the water ambushed in to take him out, failed, he took out duthru and sos took out sow)

I am still in two minds which list to take for kippers, whether I wanna just have a semi comp list and have fun, and save doing something more hardcore for LVO when I have had more exp, or go for something tougher.

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

wamphyri101 wrote:
Not the best picture

A bit out of focus, but it gets the idea across nicely. I really like the Morathi model. She makes for a great centerpiece for the army. I'm (still) not a fan of the cauldron, but that's just because I don't like the model. The paint job on it looks very nice :)

Congrats on the win. Sounds like you had a great time.

As for Gotrek, I'm not sure he actually needs to make his points back to be worth bringing. By simply not dying he can already be valuable. Even more so since it's a model that can't easily be ignored by your opponent, who deals some serious damage and who manages to draw a lot of attention and keep stuff busy. Makes him sound like a win to me :) Also, it sounds like he's very capable of taking out big baddies, which is always worth having in a list.


Author:  SpellArcher [ Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Lovely army, though I suspect Gotrek might want to have a go at the rest of it with his axe!


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

For those interested, the free cities book is actually alright

Though high elf Bolt throwers/Dragons/archers/spearmen/white lions/chariots of all 3 types and swordmasters are pretty much gone at this time (I still think there will be another Elf book/cities book next year which has these in) other elf stuff has made a come back, biggest of all Shadow warriors and Phoenix guard

With the magic and fire support phoenix guard can get now, they are one of the best infantry units in the game.

2 attacks, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound (with rerolls due to annointed command ability) and rend 1 now is great. They are immune to battle shock if wholly within 12 of an annointed, and with 4+ armour. 4+ ward they are tough as hell to kill. To add to this, since cities magic is buffed for endless spells, if you take lifeswarm you get D6 PG back a turn, and there is a heal spell that heals/resses D3 models per unit in 12. So so good

Shadow warriors now deep strike, and have a bow shot which is +1/+1 if in cover. They get 2 attacks in combat also so are a great little objective dropper/single character assassins. All for 110 points for 10.


Kippers is 2 weeks Saturday, and I will probably take my Morathitrek list. Kippers is not LVO, and I think i will save my hardcore list for that

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Oct 11, 2019 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

They are both pretty great indeed. I think it's very tough to get rid of a large size unit of PG. They just grind really well.

As for Shadow Warriors, I think those rules are what HE players have hoped for all those years. Not game-breaking good. But with a decent bow shot and some combat punch, meaning that if you scout with them they don't just fall over in a stiff breeze.

Good luck in the tournaments. I think you're pretty prepared.


Author:  wamphyri101 [ Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

So looked at a Free Cities list I might try for fun after kippers. Tried to look at it as an all phase list:

I wanted something that can:

1: Move forward and be a threat/pack a punch
2: High amount magic support
3: some decent shooting in support

I also dont want to by more models really, so using what I have with my high elves

Hallowheart (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/ ... _of_Sigmar)

Anointed: General
Veteran of the blazing crusade

Battlemage (Ghur - Wildform)
Warding Brand, Ignite Weapons

Battlemage (Aqushy - Fireball)
Sear Wounds, Elemental Cyclon, Ignax's Scales

Sorceress: Adjutant
Sear Wounds, Roaming wildfire (2nd sear wounds in case I lose the battlemage)

30 Phoenix Guard

10 Phoenix Guard: Retinue

20 Darkshards
*full command*

Gotrek Gunnisson

10 Shadow Warriors

10 Shadow Warriors

Purple Sun of Shyish

Emerald Lifeswarm

So 30 PG in front with a hole for Gotrek to run through

Annointed behind with the mages

10 PG behind their body guards

Darkshards next to or behind them (close enough for sorceress to use her ability) I know we have access to better shooting, but needed more core and 200pts for 40 3+/4+ isnt bad since the PG will be holding them up while arrows rain down. They are good to help clear the way for PG Gotrek. Also cheap kills for sorceress

Life swarm/Sear wounds to keep Gotrek/PG alive (and the battle mage taking the wounds to increase casting. Hopefully scales mitigates that)

Purple sun for close range killing big things

Shadow warriors for capping obj or taking our weak solo characters

As for my kippers list, I submitted my Morathitrek list with a change to HQs load out:

Morathi (Mind Razor)
Hag on Cauldron (Catachism, general, Blood sigil: Blessing of khaine)
30 Sisters of slaughter with Bucklers
10 Witch Aelves with Dagger
10 Witch Aelves with Dagger
5 Life takers
5 Life takers

Scales just didnt come into effect really. So sigil gives me that second prayer and means I can put blessing on any of the units if I want them to be tanky

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Mon Oct 28, 2019 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

So, I went to my 1st 2day AoS tournament at the weekend (Kippers Melee 2019) which had 36 sign up

My army can be seen here:


I went into this event thinking I would struggle, as there were a lot of strong lists and mine was good but not optimal

I went 4-1 and tied with 4 other people for the top as no one went 5-0

I ended up coming 2nd Overall and only lost 1800pts all tournament

Games were:

1: Stormcast – Hammers of Sigmar – Shifting objectives
Vandus Hammerhand
Lord Relictor (Translocation)
Lord Ordinator
2 x 5 Liberators (shields)
Liberator (warhammers)
10 Retributors
5 Evocators
6 Vanguard Raptors with longstrikes
2 x Celestar Ballista

Though I took 1st and took the points early, the game was wavering in his favor until round 4, where I managed to pull it around and table him bar 1 model. Capped the points turn 4 and 5 to take the win

Game 2: Gloomspite gitz – Places or Arcane Power

Skragott, the loonking - General, hand of gork
Fungoid Shamen (great green spite)
Loonboss on mangler squig (gryph feather charm)
2x60 Stabbas with 9 nets (shields)
20 Shootas
2 x 5 Fanatics
10 Boingrot Bounderz
Morks Mighty mushroom

My only loss, I destroyed him down to the shaman/30 stabbas. My mistake was charging Gotrek and Morathi onto Skragott, but I should have charged morathi 1st so when Skragott died she coulda stayed and Gotrek go after the last stuff, as his damage is far superior. Meant bottom of turn 4 I have 2 points held, but only for 2 turns and 3 turns, and he had his last one for 4 turns (plus the other two for two)

Meant if he won priotiry, he wins. If I won, he loses as Gotrek rips through the unit and kills the shaman (or Morathi magics it, Lifetakers get them)

He won the roll and won the game.

Game 3: Sylvaneth – Winterleaf – Blood and glory

Alarielle the everqueen – Throne of vines
Branchwraith – Verdurous Harmony
Arch Revenant – General, My heart is ice, Frozen Kernal
Treelord Ancient – Etheral Amulet, Regrowth
3 x 5 Spite Revenants
6 Kurnoth Hunters – Scythes
5 Tree Revenants
Extra command point

Morathi went forward and hit right into Alarielle, shooting off the branchwraith with luck. Morathi managed to lock her into combat till the sos arrived to finish her off. Gotrek threatened the other flank while the witch aelves held the other two points. Game ended top of turn 3 when Gotrek pushed the last points and wiped it out with 5 Cannaries dropping to help add bodies

Game 4: Slaanesh – Godseakers (eeeeeg) – Starstrike

Keeper of Secrets: General, Thrill seeker, Sinistrous hand, Ghyrstrike, Progeny of damnation
Keeper of Secrets: Living whip, Entangling blade, slothful stupor
Infernal Entrapuress: cameo of the dark prince
Infernal Entrapuress
30 Daemonettes
20 Daemonettes
10 daemonettes
Epicurean Revellers
Supreme Sybrarites
Extra command point

This…did not go as I expected. I went 1st, Throwing Morathi and 10 WE into 10 Daemonettes and an entrapuress and killing them, while buffing the SOS and setting up a we wall in front of them with Gotrek slightly behind that line, bracing for the charge. His 20 Daemonettes hit my WE line, His kipper hit the sos flank and 30 daemonettes pinched between his 2 units. Luckily, he forgot where gortek was.

He his first with his kipper general, and fluffed, killing 2. Gotrek went next, taking out the whole unit of 20 Daemonettes. This now mean his unit of 30 hard hardly any in combat, but my sos got to pile in 6 and do a lot of damage to both. Next turn Gotrek ran into the 2nd kipper, killing him, while Morathi took out the 2nd entrapuress in the middle. Sos held up the kipper and deamoneetes but being knocked down to 8, but meant on state of turn 3 he only had the kipper on 1 wound and 15 Daemonettes left, surrounded by a full wound cauldron, the ramining sis, lifetakers (to stop summoning) and Gortek running into them. Cauldron pipped the last wound from the Kipper with shooting then gotrek finished the rest. I had all points by this point, so game ended top of round 3….

Game 5: Skaventide – Relocation orb

Grey Seer – Skitterleap
Warlock engineer – Vigordust, More More warp power
Warlock Engineer – More more warp power
Verminlord – General, Master of magic
3 x 20 clan rats
6 stormfiends
1 Warp grinder
Hell Pit Abom
Extra command point
Soulsnare Shackles
Germinids of Uhl-Gysh

I took turn 1, buffing and throwing morathi forwards. I wanted to get her into the stormfriends with her reach 2, but with a reroll charge she couldn’t reach them but could the abom. My army pushed up to take the point. Morathi killed half the clanrats and killed the Abom, but it came back on 3 wounds.

His turn he pushed his warpseer onto the point area but not in combat, and the 2nd unit of clanrats there also. His magic failed big time also. He retreated everything from combat with Morathi. Luckily, he pushed the clanrats too far forwards and into 6” sos pile in, who surged forwards and wiped them out, meaning he failed to take the point for 3.

He then got the double, and hurt me bad. His magic all went off, shackling Gotrek, Germids taking half my army with debuffs and doing some wounds across the board. His shooting then hurt also, taking the cauldron to 6 wounds, killing 1 unit of 10 witch aelves and 6 sos. His warpseer went into Morathi doing 3 wounds for only 3 back (damn Germids)

My turn saw me fail to unshackle Gotrek. I pulled my SOS towards the new obj location *which had landed on my cauldron* Morathi hit some more wounds of the warpseer but again she pretty much fluffed.

I won priority turn 3, and let him go first to screw him on points (as at this point it was 4-0 on VPs) as the orb went back to the center

he made me suffer for it, taking out 10 SOS and killing the Cauldron. He pulled his warpseer out of combat and onto the point with 10 Clanrats helping hold it.
My turn 3, Morathi falls back with the remaining SOS and witch elves to deal with 20 clanrats and the greyseer who had teleported to try and take my back line. I unshackled Gotrek, who got into the side of the clanrats, wiping them out and clipping the warpseer and taking him to 2 wounds. Panicked, in his hit back he fled with the Warpseer, but totally forgot this meant Gotrek was the only one within 6 of the point and handed me 3points! So at this point it was 7 vs 1. This pretty much ended the game but we played on as had time.

Orb went back to where morathi was (now on 3 wounds) and he made me go 1st. Gotrek ran at hiswarp seer but failed to get in. Nothing much happened and I hit 8pts.

His turn he shackles Gotrek again, but loses his last two wounds as the spell hits him also. The abom runs in, killing 5 khinaries that screened Morathi and the WE, and morathi finished off the Abom.

His left the stormfiends and an warlock on one corner of the board, and Gotrek, 2 wound Morathi and 8 WE on the other and a win for DOK

So there we go. Played 3 races I haven’t played before and 2 armies I have only lost against. But 5 really fun games and friendly players.

Depending on LVO scenarios I might actually take a similar list with a few changes as the list is 7-1 atm with a 1st and 2nd place.

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

So had this idea for a list for LVO2020.

Since Scenarios/ sub missions/Side obj etc are all important, plus it looks like casters get additional realm spells, I wanted to try something a little different.

Also, Cities of Sigmar/endless spells really are going to hit hard I think, and this really reduces Morathi’s value. Also, with the pending Slaanesh nerf in December it means snakes might be worth taking again.

Bloodwrack Medusa, Devoted Disciples, Shadowstone, Mindrazor. (Will hide behind the Cauldron Hag)

Hag Queen on Cauldron, Blessing of Khaine

Hag Queen, Catechism of Murder


30 Sisters of Slaughter (Bucklers)

20 Blood Sisters

10 Witch Aelves (two knives)

5 Doomfire Warlocks (Withering)

5 Doomfire Warlocks (Shroud of Despair)

Everblaze Comet

9 drops

*Not sure whether to do 2x5 or 1x10 for warlocks. One gives me additional spell selection, a 4th dispel, more movement options for late game obj grabbing. Other is +1 cast/dispel and that 6 Mortal wounds and 8 drops.

Plan would be have the WE front line as screen, with SOS slightly behind (but 3 inches after)

Snakes behind that

In the middle of it all would be the 2 hags, cauldron, Incantor and medusa

Flanking will be the warlocks but behind the sos

Gives me 4 casts/4 dispels with a instant dispel (really needed atm I feel)
40 Bow shots with the warlocks

Everblaze comet for helping to deal with bunched up heroes

I might even swap catechism for crimson rej as being able to heal the medusa/cauldron might be very useful.

Being able to Shroud/Mindrazor for dealing with high LD stuff will help.

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Played the first game with that list last night, went very well (I think I lost only 10 SOS and 4 WE, and won end round 3 turn 1)
Played Focal points
Played Undead:

Prince Vhordari (Vile Transfer)
Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon (Walking dead, Blade of Endings, Amaranthane orb)
3 x 5 Dire Wolves
Mortis Engine
2 Bat Swarms
2 x 5 Black knights
20 Dreadscythe Harridans

He didnt really get the dragons into combat fast enough, so with magic/comet I got them low and then charged in with fully buffed Blood sisters and wiped them out

For LVO, this list can work, as scenarios came out and all using realm command abilities and extra spells, so will give me some real diversity

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ht5 ... -Jwdg/edit

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Played against Bonedaddies for the first time last night (Ossiarch Bonereapers, new AoS faction)


We played Starstrike (one of LVO missions)

Petrifex Elite (+1 AS army wide, +2 wounds on general, godbane item (ignores 1st wound a turn)

Arkhan the black
Arcane Command, Empower Nadirite Weapons, Protection of Nagash, reinforce Battle-shields, Drain mortality, Mortal Contract

Mortisan Soulmason
General, Mighty Archaeossian (+2W) Godboone Armour, Arcane command)

2 x 10 Mortek Guard
5 Kavlos Deathriders
2 x 3 Immortis Guard
4 Morghast Archai
Aegis Immortal Battalion
Umbral Spellportal
Aethervoid Pendulum
The Nightmare Predator

top things of note:

1: 10 Witch Aelves with Mindrazor and Witchbrew charged into 10 Mortek guard.
3’s to hit, rerolling 4’s to wound with Rend -1. I gave him 19 wound and I killed 1 model…
These guys can tank like a boss with their shield wall ability. It is one of their abilities that give multi units reroll 1s on saves (with +1 save faction is tough as mortaks get a 3+/3+/6+ most of the time

2: batallion with Immortals and Mortarchs can absorb so much damage ad transferred wounds are ignored on a 5+ (so with saves,
transfers and undead rule they can absorb tons, plus Archon just heals them back)

3: the 30pt endless spell is a pain for just 30pts

4: being able to give Mortarchs +1 rend for rend 3, 3 damage each attack really hurts.
4 can throw out 12x 3+ (reroll 1’s) 3+, Rend -3, 3 W attacks….Thats a whole lot of pain.

5: Arkhan can heal 4 units anywhere on the table for 3 damage. This is huge in an army which is hard to kill/wound. That can also res 1 rider or 3 Morteks, but mainly healing the Immortis Guard.

I managed to win the game top of turn 4. I went and held obj while blocking him up as much as I could. I got the double turn 2, so pushed to try and hit his core hard, which didn’t go to plan and over 2 rounds of combat I went from 20 fully buffed snakes to 1. (I rolled no 6’s for Catachism, and Should did -2 ld on the big guys, but they have a -1 Br within 6 so made us even. Bum.)

Saving grace was the cauldron losing her shit, getting fully buffed and charging into the Mortarchs, and taking all 4 of them off in one turn. (Catachism, Witch Brew, Mindrazor, blessing, Turn 3 buffs (cauldron and rerolls) and her Rune of Khaine)

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

That sounds like a brutal list to play against, with how much damage it can absorb. I imagine the battle between your armies as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. :)

It looks great by the way. Lovely pictures :)

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

Prince of Spires wrote:
That sounds like a brutal list to play against, with how much damage it can absorb. I imagine the battle between your armies as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. :)

It looks great by the way. Lovely pictures :)

Cheers muchly :)

Yeah, they can be tanky. Luckily yes, daughters are a blender army so has the volume of attacks when needed

I am playing Blades of Khorne tomorrow, and thinking of changing my list slightly. I dont think 2 units of warlocks are that needed, and for 160pts (plus 10 left) i can and something more flexible (since I thought the crossbows were 16inch, but they are 10)

Two options I am thinking of atm are both stormcast.

1: Knight-Incantor with Dais disk endless spell (140pts + 30pts)
2nd person who can cast comet
2nd Auto dispel
2 lots of flasks.
Another caster to use realm spells (LVO)
With Dais, he can have a 2nd dispel, +1AS and 12" fly. Makes a great unit with mystic shield for a 2+ reroll AS unit that can fly 12"

This can give me 5 dispels a turn (2 of which one shot auto dispels)

2: 3 Vanguard Longstrikes (170pts)
24inch range (30 if not moved) can give me snipe capability to support the comet. 3 shots at 2+/3+, Rend -2, 2 damage is pretty good, especially 6's to hit being 2MW. Great way to finish a support hero/do extra damage when mixed with Comet.

Testing out the Vanguards tomorrow

Author:  wamphyri101 [ Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's AoS Adventures - Daughters of Khaine

3rd LVO practice game last night with my unit tweek. We played “Knife to the Heart”



Allegiance: Khorne
- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceLeaders
Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (270)
- General
- Trait: Mage Eater
- Artefact: The Crimson Crown
Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80)
- Artefact: Skullshard Mantle
Bloodsecrator (120)
- Banner of Khorne (Artefact): Banner of Wrath
Slaughterpriest (100)
- Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy
Slaughterpriest (100)
- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBattleline
20 x Bloodletters (220)
20 x Bloodletters (220)
20 x Bloodletters (220)
5 x Blood Warriors (100)
- Goreaxes
10 x Bloodreavers (70)
- Reaver BladesUnits
1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)
- Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice
- AlliesBattalions
Charnel Host (140)
Gore Pilgrims (140)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Wrath-Axe (60)Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 2
Allies: 160 / 400
Wounds: 128

He made me go first, which made me move up defensively, buffing the snakes as much as I could and making them a roadblock (Mindrazor, witchbrew and Blessing. Catachism failed. I was also out of range for doombolt so I put mystic shield on them also) . Failed to cast comet turn 1

His turn 1 he moved up, preparing for the double and cautious of fully charging my snakes and getting slapped back

I got turn 2, and failed mindrazor, but got comet off, doing 3 wound to both priests and his secrator (plus some units). I then managed to doombolt off the Blood Secrator

I charged in my snakes, clipping 3 units. They took out a whole unit of bloodletter, half the unit of another, and the blood warriors. I lost maybe 2 snakes back, but he piled in a priest within 6 of my SOS so they jumped into him and the Shrine. He used an ability to pile his BT in 6 and killed 2 more snakes.

His turn, he pulled the BT back and charged in the next unit of BL, using an ability to attack twice. I probably lost 4 more snakes, but then the snakes wiped out the rest of the blood letters bar 4, and both priests went down but not before they blood boiled off my hag on foot.

I got priority for turn 3, which saw magic finish off the last of the blood letters, letting the snakes free to move. This meant I got the WE, Snakes and SOS into the bloodthrister on the obj but it died from just the snakes

Author:  Prince of Spires [ Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wamphyri101's Road to LVO2020 - Daughters of Khaine

I'm not sure giving your army the initiative is a smart move... Well played.

It looks great by the way. The battle field looks epic. I really like what they did with the terrain tiles with embedding the symbols in them.

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