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 Post subject: 2500 8th Edition
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:20 am 

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So about two months ago a friend and i decided to get into Warhammer, great timing with 8th, so i built an army list that worked for 7th. But things have changed so heres the edited version for 8th.

Archmage L4 (Life)
-Moon Dragon
-Sliver Wand
-Talismen of Preservation
He's going to fly around the battlefield buffing and refreshing what needs it, going to use the basic spell to make sure that the spears have regen, and use his dragon to deal damage as need be. I feel he'll be decently protected with the combination Talismen of Preservation (4+ ward) and the fact that any successful cast allows him to regen a wound (no clue if this can exceed starting wounds). As long as i can cast in combat i can even use the dragon to really mess up any threatening units.

Noble BSB-164
-Armor of Destiny
-Spear and Shield
BSB will live with spears, a 9 Ld with rerolls is a 97.6% success. Added in with the spears being 6-7 deep its not likely to move, at least early on.

Lives with the PGs as added damage. Also the general, didn't want to leave the Archmage as the General.

-Banner of Eternal Flame
One of the two main anvils. Why eternal flame you might ask, mainly because at 7 wide by 6 deep i'll be throwing out 28 Flaming attacks, if i run into anything regenerating i'll hopefully be able to get by it (my friend plays DE, War hydras scare me) Plus it'll be fear on any cav that show up (or beastmen).

Mainly to whittle down the infantry hordes that show up, Run in 5x2 either side of the main battle line.

Phoenix Guardsx24-440
-Banner of Sorcery
The second anvil, PGs seem to be buffed this time around. With caradryan in the mix they'll be 5x5 throwing out 12 S5 attacks with Caradryans being flaming. 5+/4++ should keep them alive. Banner of Sorc is there to make sure i can get a couple Life spells off per magic phase. its its fairly rare that i'll shoot past the 12 allowed at a time.
Dragon Princesx6-180
One of the two hammer units, will be place on one side of the main battle line to fall into the flank of anything trapped by the anvils.
Lion Chariot-140
Personally i love Lion Chariots, i think they're one of the coolest units the HEs have. D6 impact+6S6 is nothing to sniff at, and hopefully combat will end and they can move on. Tae the opposite flank as the DPs.

Repeating Bolt Thrower-100
Help out on the damage to any monsters, or take down cav/infantry. Same as always
March blocking (whats left) and warmachine hunting mainly, maybe chasing down anything thats fled somewhere.

And thats pretty much it, Main goal is hammer and anvil and work my way through their army while using Life to save what dies and buff what is in danger. What do you guys think?

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 Post subject: Re: 2500 8th Edition
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:52 pm 

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I actually quite like it. Seems balanced. I only wish that you had room for one more hammer unit. Do you think the dragon will see much combat? If you don't intend to really get into combat then it's a huge point sink, and you can achieve that mobility much more cheaply with a different mount for the AM. If you usually play aggressively with that model, though, then go for it.

The lion chariots are some of my favorites as well, though I think the lions are only strength 5. So, I believe they'll get d6 impact with 4 S5 from the beasts and 2 S6 from the riders. Still nothing to sneeze at though!

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 Post subject: Re: 2500 8th Edition
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:29 am 

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Quite frankly, template weapons scare the dickens out of me playing any large targets or individual models not inside infantry blocks. If you're dead set on taking a dragon, more power to you, but those 300 points could be a level 2 mage and another block of infantry of some sort (Swordmasters or White Lions?)

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