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 Post subject: Ultimate MSU ( E.T. )
PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:01 pm 

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Now that the 3 elves books are just one we can bring ( almost ) everything to the table . In my humble opinion the only thing we can't bring is low points wounds , since the less expensive units are core fighters for 9 pts ( not exactly that cheap ) .
I'll try to list what we can bring :
2500 pts , uncomped
Lords :
Archmages :imho the high elf archmage is the strongest out there due to the book of hoeth
Loremaster of hoeth : since every mage is a loremaster , knowing the whole brb + book of hoeth is not that bad .
I didn't listed figty or shooty lords since i'd like to have strong magic phases and few characters , so i think i'll just go for one of those mages ( i think i like the loremaster more ) .
Heroes :
Bsb : which one ? Wood for shooting , dark for protection or high for the banner of the world dragon ?
Something else : is there a a hero that is worth his point in a msu ? Waystalker perhaps ?
Loremaster of hoeth w book of hoeth w talisman of preservation 330
Noble bsb w reaver bow potion of strenght dragon armour charmed shield alberd 157
Waystalker 90
Core : here things are tricky :
What would you go for ? I think i like something like this :
5x reavers 80
5x reavers 80
6x silver helms w shields 138
6x silver helms w shields 138
15 x eternal guards w shields and full command and standard of discipline 225
Now , is the standard worth on a D9 unit ? Or it's better the repeat D test standard ? Are eternal guards fine , or shooty units are better ?
Rare units :
Due to the new magic mechanics i don't see the point of playing the dark elf slaanesh cavalry ( can't remember the name ) .
Great eagle 50
Great eagle 50
Bolt thrower 70
Bolt thrower 70
5x sister of avelorn 70
5x waywartchers 100
5x waywatchers 100
Could that be fine ? Maybe more bolt throwers ? More waywatchers ? Can't decide really .
Special :
10 white lions w standard 140
10 white lions w standard 140
10 white lions w standard w gleaming pennant 145
5 deepwood scouts w moonfire arrows 85
5 deepwood scouts w moonfire arrows 85
10 deepwood scouts w precise arrows 160
I like white lions , a lot , and now they even reroll 1s when wounding . Then i like skirmishers and i think deepwood scouts might be fine , but i don't know how wood elves work , not that much .
Total :
What do you think about it ? Would you go for a more combat oriented build ? More avoidance ?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:32 am 
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There is already a thread discussing ET combinations. Furthermore, for pure lists we have the army lists forum. I´m closing this thread.

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