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PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 2:15 am 
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Welcome to the Asur.org Painting and Modelling forum!

What is this forum about?

This forum is where you can go to offer up your work for criticism by other painters and modellers. Any models and terrain pieces are welcome here, though ones that relate to a GW-produced game (be it as proxies or something else) are preferable.

Rules, requirements and requests

    1. When browsing, always remember that this forum in particular is intended to be a place where people can congregate, admire and offer an opinion on models, terrain and the like. This means that there is to be no flaming or trolling of other people merely because you might not like their work. If you feel that you are being flamed or insulted in some manner, then use the Report Post feature (the little ! in the top right hand corner of the offending post), and one of the Loremasters will intervene if necessary.

    2. Make sure the title of your post clearly reflects the content. A good title covers at least the type of thread and the subject of the thread. ?Golden Demon Entry: Dragon Prince? is a good title, while ?My competition entry? is not.

    3. When responding to a post, ensure that the advice you give is clear, concise and most importantly reasoned. By this, I mean that if you tell somebody that their painting skills suck, then say why you think it is. Doing otherwise will hinder moreso than it will help. Posts that don't follow this guideline will likely be marked as lazy and thoughtless (deletion may follow soon after) - if you're not willing to expand and explain your reasoning, then don't give the advice in the first place.

    4. With reference to the point about advice being clear and concise, ensure that you use a modicum of proper grammar and spelling. This way, your posts will be easier to understand and thus assist others in giving advice and opinions on your work.

    5. In relation to point #5, do not attempt to reprimand or otherwise derail a thread by calling into question the spelling and grammar of posters. If you think that the post in question is bad enough that it is difficult to understand, then report it. However, also note that this is not an excuse to post like you are a five year old child.

    6. Obviously, this is a forum for Painting and Modelling, so there will undoubtedly be a number of pictures posted. We would request that you try and minimize the file size of the images you post, to ensure that those rare people still on a dial-up connection aren't completely incapable of viewing a forum. Also, we would also be happier if you restricted the dimensions of the images to 600x800 where possible, as otherwise, the page formatting can be broken.

    7. Do not simply say "Nice work" or something to that effect. While it may indeed be nice work, posts like that fall under the definition of spam. Remember, there will always be something for you to comment on, an area that might need a bit of improving.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:51 am 
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