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 Post subject: Peacmakers Blood Elves
PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:41 am 

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Hello everyone.

I've painted 2 high elf miniatures to date. The blue/white one was done about 2 years ago. The Blood Elf one was done a few days ago. ...my gold paint wasn't the greatest and I couldn't find my good brush but I was having fun and it's just the test model for the colour scheme.



So I've been indecisive on what colour scheme to pick for my High Elves. I do like the traditional White/Blue/Silver. But I also really like the Red/Gold/Green/Black colours or the Blood Elves from World of Warcraft.

What do you guys think? ...keep in mind I can paint the blood elf to the same quality as the high elf one, so the gold will be a bit more defined and I'll be a bit less sloppy on the gemstones and add some extra highlights.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:04 am 
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I like both of them. The blue/white is the "traditional" HE color scheme (where traditional I think means after 6th edition, before that you'd have a much more varied color scheme). And the red/gold is a bit more passionate (for lack of a better term).

A few things to consider:
- Which do you like painting the most? Consider that a HE army might consist of 100 or more models, so you'd better enjoy painting them ;)
- Which do you paint the fastest? Similar to above. If one takes half the time from the other then it might be worth it for that reason.
- Does you army need to be in a single color scheme? You could paint different units in (slightly) different color schemes. Perhaps not as different as these two. But with the variety of provinces the units come from you could justify having units painted in different colors.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:24 pm 
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The Peacemaker wrote:
the gold will be a bit more defined

This could look very nice I think.

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