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Welcome to the Asur.org Warhammer Fantasy forum!

What is this forum about?

This forum is the place to be if you want to discuss the Warhammer hobby and, in particular, the elven side of things. Do you have a rules query, or perhaps rumours to share? Or a question about the background of the Warhammer world in general? Then you have found the right forum.

Please note that revision threads belong in Ideas forum instead, and background questions specifically about the High Elves are to be directed to the High Elf Culture forum.

Rules, requirements and requests

    1. When venturing through these forums, always remember that Warhammer is a game. Treat it as such when posting, but also when reading other posts. This means that there is to be no flaming or trolling of other people. If you feel that you are being flamed or insulted in some manner, then use the Report Post feature (the little ! in the top right hand corner of the offending post), and one of the Loremasters will intervene if necessary. Note that time spent on the forum (and the number of posts accumulated) does not grant you immunity to anything.

    1a. To define both trolling and flaming:

    Trolling is classified as a post intended to offend and/or annoy another poster. Obviously, this is a fairly wide range, so it will be the Loremaster dealing with the problem who makes the decision on whether or not a post can be classified as trolling.

    Flaming is classified as insults of other members of the forum. You may critique an argument, naturally (after all, debates are one of the reasons that this forum exists), but restrain yourself from attacking the person behind that argument. Debates are fine, but they should not degenerate into personal attacks.

    2. Make sure the title of your post clearly reflects the content. A good title covers at least the type of thread (discussion, list, battle report) and the subject of the thread. "Phoenix Guard and Goblins" is a good title, while "Help me!" is not.

    3. Don't post any rules. It?s illegal and gets us into trouble. Don't tell anyone where to get them, either.

    4. When responding to a question, ensure that the advice you give is clear, concise and most importantly reasoned. By this, I mean that if you tell somebody to use Silver Helms against infantry, then say why they should do that. Doing otherwise will hinder moreso than it will help. Posts that don't follow this guideline will likely be marked as lazy and thoughtless (deletion may follow soon after) - if you're not willing to expand and explain your reasoning, then don't give the advice in the first place.

    5. With reference to the point about advice being clear and concise, ensure that you use a modicum of proper grammar and spelling. This way, your posts will be easier to understand and thus assist others in giving advice and opinions, be it about tactics, rumours or anything else that springs to mind.

    6. In relation to point #5, do not attempt to reprimand or otherwise derail a thread by calling into question the spelling and grammar of posters. If you think that the post in question is bad enough that it is difficult to understand, then report it. However, also note that this is not an excuse to post like you are a five year old child.

    7. When looking for a particular rule or expansion set, such as the Albion items (something that is asked about quite regularly), use the Search feature before posting, or check one of the links contained in this FAQ. That way, those who have seen the question time and again won't have cause to get annoyed and cross a line.

Useful information:
Below is a general list of links to useful information contained further down this thread and on other webpages both on this site and others. You are kindly required to check these before asking on the forums.

Frequently asked questions

Great Library of Asur.org

Common abbreviations

~ I like maxims that don't encourage behavior modification.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:46 am 
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This post is split into two sections. First is the official GW High Elf FAQ, covering a variety of questions you may have about the 7th Edition High Elf book, followed by an unofficial section constructed by members here at Ulthuan.net which deals with other questions that may perplex newcomers to the high elves. Or, at least, that's the idea. Enjoy!

(The High Elf FAQ may be found here - below is merely a copy of this FAQ. Wait, that's a lie; their usage of the English language is so bad I changed a few phrases to make sense - try Lion Cloaks being singular instead of plural... _)

Warhammer Armies Book: High Elves - Errata and FAQs


Page 71, Magic Items, The Phoenix Blade.


'All attacks made with the Phoenix Blade are flaming attacks.'


'Halberd. All attacks made with the Phoenix Blade are flaming attacks.'


The Forces of Ulthuan

Q. When two models with the always strikes first (ASF) rule are in combat, and one is equipped with a great weapon, does the model equipped with the great weapon strike last? For example, if a High Elf model with an Initiative value of 6 and equipped with a great weapon is fighting against an enemy model with the ASF rule, and initiative of 4, and a hand weapon, who strikes first in the combat?
A. When Two Models with the ASF rule are fighting, they will strike in descending Initiative Order, rolling a dice in case of same Initiative. All other factors, such as charging, great weapons, etc., are ignored because they have already been bypassed by the ASF rule.

Q. How many Victory Points is a Sun Dragon ridden by a Dragon Mage of Caledor worth?
A. 230 points. The Dragon Mage himself is 120 plus any upgrades and magic items.

Q. Do Lion Cloaks provide any form of protection against magic missiles (or other forms of direct damage magic)?

A. No, they have no effect against magical attacks.

Heroes of Ulthuan

Q. Is Eltharion allowed to use spells from the High Magic Lore? Or does the Talisman of Hoeth restrict him to using spells from one of the eight Lores of Magic found in the Warhammer rulebook?

A. He cannot use High Magic. He's more of a warrior than a mage.

Q. Does Tyrion have a 1+ or a 0+ armour save?
A. 0+. He does not count Malhandir's barding... but he is still mounted (and thus entitled to a +1 armour save bonus). The Dragon Armour of Aenarion grants him a 1+ armour save, but it doesn't say it cannot be modified further.

Q. Is Teclis considered to be a High Elf Archmage for purposes of granting an army he is included in a +1 to dispel?
A. Yes. An important philosophical note: We're fully aware that this answer is not RAW (Rules As Written), but we trust everybody would agree that it's one of those rare cases that are obviously too wrong to apply RAW.

The Arts of Saphery.

Q. Does Drain Magic affect Bound Spells or Tomb King's Incantations?
A. No, as they don't have a casting value.

Q. If Drain Magic has been successfully cast, does it make it more difficult to dispel Remains in Play spells? For example, if a High Elf Archmage successfully casts Flames of the Phoenix upon the enemy and a High Elf Mage subsequently successfully casts Drain Magic, would the enemy been to roll a 14 to dispel it in his turn? Or would the enemy only need to roll an 11 to dispel it in his turn?
A. The enemy would need a 14 - Drain Magic does make Remains in Play spells more difficult to dispel, as it raises their casting value. When Drain Magic stops working, however, the Remains in Play spells revert to their original casting value.

Q. Similarly, does Drain Magic have an affect on spells that are cast at the power level of their casting cost? For example, if a spell is cast due to a result of 6 on the Miscast table when Drain Magic is in play, would it be cast at its listed casting value or its listed casting value + 3?
A. +3, following the answer above. Such a spell would be more difficult to dispel, as it would have a higher casting value.

Q. If an enemy Wizard with Magic Resistance is present upon the battlefield, and Drain Magic is case, does the enemy Wizard get to apply their Magical Resistance against the Spell?

A. No, as the spell does not directly affect any enemy model.

Vaul's Forge.

Q. If a model (or its mount) equipped with Dragon Armour is hit by a flaming cannonball, flaming bolt, flaming sword and so on, is the Model immune to the entire attack, or will they still be crushed by the underlying bolt, cannonball, sword, etc?

A. They are immune to the entire attack. The rules are clear, and obviously the alchemical reason for this is that the armour repels both the element of fire and the vessel that is imbued with it.

Q. If Remains in Play spells which cause damage at the start of all Magic phases are in play and a High Elf player wishes to use the Vortex Shard, which occurs first? The damage spells or the Vortex Shard?
A. As they both apply 'at the start of the magic phase', you need to apply the Most Important Rule to see which one happens first.

Q. If an enemy has magic items or special rules that are activated at the start of his magic phase and a High Elf player wishes to use the Vortex Shard, which occurs first? The enemy magic items and special rules, or the Vortex Shard?
A. Same as above.

Q. Does a model with the Reaver Bow suffer the -1 to hit penalty for firing multiple shots? Also, may a model armed with the Reaver Bow fire it three times as part of a Stand and Shoot reaction?
A. No (it does not have the 'multiple shots' rule) and no (it can only fire three times in its shooting phase.)

Q. How do the Pendant of Vengeance and Thorek Ironbrow's Kraggi re-rolls interact?
A. Remember, a dice can only be re-rolled once, so the two never interact at all.

In other words, the Pendant forces you to re-roll successful rolls, and Kraggi allows you to re-roll a failed roll, but in both cases you cannot then re-roll the second result.

Q. If a model/unit is protected by the Sacred Incense or similar rule (-1 to be hit by shooting attacks), does this affect the 4+ needed by partial hits caused by a weapon that uses a template, like a stone thrower?
A. No, partial hits are always resolved at 4+.

Unofficial FAQ Questions:


Q: Noting the lack of the normal paragraph after the BSB bearer option: can the High Elf BSB carry a shield/two-handed weapons?
A: Yes. Unless Gamesworkshop publishes an Errata saying otherwise, the High Elf BSB can use a shield/two-handed weapon.

Q: Under the title "Magic Items" for archmages/mages/dragon mages, it states "Any, up to a total of...". Does this mean I can take magical armour for my mages?
A: No. Note the last sentence in the introduction to Vaul's Forge: "All the rules on magic items presented in the Warhammer rulebook also apply to the 'High Elf only' magic items." Therefore, following the ruling of the rulebook, since mages cannot take mudane armour, they also cannot take magical armour.

Q: Considering the Radiant Gem of Hoeth does not specifically allow you to cast while wearing armour, does this mean a prince/noble equipped with one has to choose between wearing armour or not being able to cast spells?
A: No. The rule about not being able to cast while wearing armour has been removed from the rulebook. The fact that a model is wearing armour has no effect on it's ability to cast spells.

Q: Do chariot or eagle mounts for heroes/lords/special characters take up a special/rare slot?
A: No, they do not.

Q: The rulebook states that a killing blow wound automatically kills the opponent, regardless of number of wounds - note that it does not seem to mention how many wounds the killing blow counts as inflicting. The Golden Crown of Atrazar states that it discounts the first unsaved wound suffered, even if it is a Killing Blow. Does this mean that it discounts the entire killing blow wound, or that it discounts 1 of the wounds from the total that the Killing Blow would cause?
A: It discounts the entire killing blow wound. The rulebook states that the killing blow is a wound which multiplies, not multiple wounds. Note, however, that in the case of facing KB-causing model(s) it might be wise to ask your opponent to roll each to-wound roll separately, so that you know which was the "first" wound.

Q: A character who activated the Talisman of Loec at the start of the Close Combat phase wins his combat and over-runs into another combat. Since the two combats happen within the same Close Combat phase, does the Talisman of Loec's effects still apply in the second combat?
A: Yes - it lasts for the entire Close Combat phase, and the two combats are (as stated) both taking place within one phase.

Q: Is Dragon affected by Dragonhorn - can he re-roll his monster reaction test?
A: No - neither the monster reaction test or the leadership test taken beforehand are Psychology or Rally tests, therefore the Dragonhorn has no effect.

Q: When facing a goblin unit smaller than twice their size, do Phoenix Guard cause terror?
A: No. Fear is not accumulative unless specified otherwise (such as in the spells Walking Death and Shades of Death).

Q: The Talisman of Loec causes a wound that cannot be saved in any way. Can the Golden Crown of Atrazar be used against this wound, as it does not save wounds but "discounts" them?
A: Yes. Any wound that is not saved is the opposite – unsaved. Therefore, it can be discounted by the Golden Crown of Atrazar. Note there is some dispute: there is an argument that the wound caused by the Talisman of Loec is meant to be completely unavoidable.

Q: Is the White Sword a Great Weapon (for when destroyed by Vauls Unmaking or otherwise)?
A: No – it does not state it is a Great Weapon in the rules, so it is not. However, note that in the French and Spanish (plus possibly other) versions it is a Great Weapon - this is one that needs errata'd.

Q: If a Dark Elf Sorceress is equipped with the Crown of Black Iron (ignores all effects of High and Light Magic), does she still suffer the +3 to casting value caused by Drain Magic.
A: Nope - she is immune to all effects, which includes the +3 to casting value. Any spells she casts will be cast at their normal casting value.

Q: On a similar note, the model for Tyrion has a monster base, due to Malhandir being a monster in 6th edition. Now that he is merely a mount, can we assume that Tyrion should be mounted on a standard cavalry base?
A: Yes, since Malhandir is W1 he is a normal mount and therefore Tyrion should be mounted on a normal cavalry base.

Q: Does the Reaver Bow have a -1 to hit because of firing 3 shots?
A: No, it does not. Other modifiers apply normally.

Q: I have recently acquired the Alarielle the Everqueen-miniature and was thinking about using it to represent an Archmage. Is this legal to do in tournaments?
A: Yes, it is perfectly legal as long as you remember to state that it represents an Archmage and goes by the rules of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Q: Can Tyrion join a unit of Silver Helms or one of the Dragon Princes?
A: Yes, he can. Just remember to use the rules for differing base sizes inside of a unit for purposes of ranking up and targeting characters.

Q: Can Tyrion be targeted when inside a friendly unit or within 5? of one?
A: Yes, unless there?s a miniature with the same base size within the unit or that range.

Q: Can Vaul?s Unmaking be used to destroy the Casket of Souls or an Anvil of Doom?
A: No, they are not magic items.


Q: Are the wounds caused by Caradyran's Mark of Asuryan considered magical for the Ethereal creatures and Daemonic/Forest Spirit Ward Saves?

Q: Does the Standard of Balance remove hatred / frenzy from an enemy unit for the remainder of the game? ... or does it only remove hatred / frenzy while the affected enemy unit is in contact with the unit carrying the Standard of Balance?


Q: Do counter-charging detachments strike before ASF troops?
A: Unknown. The two rules contradict one another - Detachment rules say that you resolve the attacks of the detachments before the enemy, whereas the ASF rule states that ASF troops strike before everything else in close combat, which the detachments are obviously in. Agree upon this with your opponent or gaming group before playing.

Q: When using the Talisman of Loec, do you have to re-roll all rolls to hit/wound, regardless of success? Also, do you have to use it for both hits and wounds or are you allowed to use it for only one of the two.
A: Undecided – the exact wording of the rules is too unclear to determine an exact answer. Agree upon this issue with your opponent or gaming group before playing.


Q: What year in the Imperial Calendar did the Storm of Chaos take place? (a 6th edition campaign).
A: It took place in Imperial Year 2523.

Q: What is the current year in the WH setting?
A: Going by the Nemesis Crown being set "several years" after Malekith's invasion of Ulthuan failed, and also being set after the Storm of Chaos, the current year is likely to be Imperial Year 2530 or somewhere around that point. If you don't believe that the NC campaign progressed the setting, then it remains 2523.

Q: Is Khaine merely Khorne by another name?
A: No.

Q: Are Elves immortal?
A: No, just very long-lived. Caradryel, a Phoenix King, is proven to have died of old age, as did Phoenix Kings Bel-Korhadris and Bel-Hathor.

Q: Are the perspectives demonstrated in the 6th edition High Elf Army Book the actual events of the time?
A: No.


The questions with answers will be added here from now on, so feel free to post them here: viewtopic.php?p=574596#574596

Originally Posted by Ediblespread and Elthair, credit goes to both of em and anyone else putting time into this.

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Common abbreviations

To navigate this rather long list of abbreviations, it is adviced to make use of the ctrl-f function of your webbrowser. Search for the abbreviation or the word and it should turn out the right result. I'll see if I can add links to the various categories later.

Games Workshop
WFB/WHFB - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
GW - Games Workshop
WD - White Dwarf
WFRP - Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
40K - [Warhammer] 40,000
LOTR - Lord of the Rings
SoC - Storm of Chaos campaign
BFG - Battle Fleet Gothic

GD - Games Day
GT - Grand Tournament

RH - Ravening Hordes
BRB - Big Red Book (Fantasy rulebook)
BBB - Big Black Book (40k rulebook)

COL - Conclave of the Light Alliance

Generic stuff

BSB - Battle Standard Bearer
Mu - Musician
Std - Standard Bearer
Champ - Champion
Cmd - Full Command Group (Mu, Std, Ldr)
add hw - Additional hand weapon
2H - Double handed weapon
lt/LA - light armor
hvy/HA - heavy armor
(lt or hvy)/s - armor with shield
Bd - Barded Warhorse
MU1, MU2 etc. - 1st level spell caster, et al.(Magic User)
L# - magic level nr#
SAFH - Shooty army from hell
MAFH - Magic Army from hell.
MBU - Main Battle Unit
SU - Support Unit
VP - Victory Points
MSU - Multiple Small/support Units
MSE - Multiple Small Elites

HW = Hand Weapons
DHW = Double Handed Weapons
B = Bow
LBow = Long Bow
SBow= Short Bow
CB/XB/Xbow = Crossbow


M# (# being a number) - Movement
WS# - Weapon skill
BS# - Ballistic/Bow skill
S# - Strength
T# - Toughness
W# - Wounds
I# - Initiative
A# - Attacks
Ld# - Leadership
AS - Armour save
WS - Ward Save


hth - Hand to hand (combat)
btb - Base to base (contact)
TDARR - Templates, dices and Range Rulers
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get

The Races

(Slang names in Brackets afterwards)
DE - Dark Elves (Or Druchii)
HE - High Elves (Or Asur)
WE - Wood Elves (Or Woodies)
CD - Chaos Dwarves
Brets - Bretonnians
TK/TKoK - Tomb Kings/Tomb Kings of Khemri
Dw - Dwarves (uncommon) (Or Stunties)
O+G - Orcs and Goblins (Or Greenskins)
VC - Vampire Counts (Or Blood suckers, vamps)
DoW/DOW - Dogs of War (Or Mercenaries)
Emp - Empire (Or Humies, Imperials)


GK - Grail knights
QK - Questing knights
KOR/KotR - Knights of the Realm
KE - Knights Errant
M@A/MAA - Men at Arms
LotL - Lady of the Lake (Not common)

Dark Elves

RXB - Repeater Crossbow
DR - Dark Riders
COK - Cold One Knights
COC - Cold One Chariot
COB - Cauldron of Blood
WE - Witch Elves
Exe's - Executioners
RBTs - Reaper Bolt Throwers
BG - Black Guard

WoP - Word of Pain

High Elves

RBT - Repeater Bolt Thrower
SH - Silver Helm
SE - Spear Elves (Never Spear Men)
LSG - Lorthern Seaguard
GE - Great eagle
SW - Shadow warriors
SM - Swordmasters
DP- Dragon Prince
Wl - White Lion
PG - Phoenix Guard
I@C - Intrigue At Court


BOSG - Blade of Sea Gold
AOG - Armour of the Gods
SOM - Sword of Might
BB - Battle Banner
BOS - Banner of Sorcery
ROF - Ring of Fury


FOK - Fury of Khaine
FOTP - Flames of the Phoenix
CoAA - Curse of Arrow Attraction
WBW - Walk Between Worlds

Wood Elves

Wood Elves = WE, Woodies, or Welves (hehe, I started this one off)
Glade Guard = GG, or GGuard
Glade Riders = GR
Wardancers = WD
Great Eagles = GE
Warhawk Riders = Hawks, WH, or WHR
Waywatchers = WW
Treeman = TM
Glade Guardian = GGian
Forest Lord = FL
Forest Dragon = FD


Hunting Spear = HS
Hail of Doom Arrow = HoDA
Bow of Loren = BoL
Cloak of Mists = CoM
Spirit Sword = SS
Blade of Fury = BoF
Amber Amulet = AA
Vambrace of Lightning = VoL

Tomb Kings of Khemri

LH - Light Horsemen
HH - Heavy Horsemen
LP - Liche Priest
HLP - High Liche Priest
TG - Tomb GUard
TS - Tomb Scorpion


WLC - Warp Lightning Cannon
GR - Gutter Runners
GRT - Gutter Runner Tunelers

Those things Unique to Ulthuan.org and things that fit no-where else

DD - Deeply Disturbed (This abbrevation is officially banned from Asur.org)
Loremaster - the administrators
AoD - Arena of Death
Anarcist - A particularly irritating Loremaster adept at pointing out everyone's little foibles.
Ulthuan.com - the original site created in 1999
Ulthuan.org - The second site, created in 2003
GWAC - Great War against Chaos
PM - Private Message
lol - Laughing out Loud
rotfl - Rolling on the floor laughing
afaik - As far as I know
IIRC - If I recall correctly
DW - Deamon Wars
TLDR - Too long, didn't read
'Inya' - A now-banned member, the name has become a term occasionally used to say another member is being overly argumentative.


RPG - roleplaying game
DM - dungeon master
GM - Games Master
D&D - dungeons and dragons
IC - the post is made In Character
OOC - The post is made Out Of Character.

(Originally compiled by Ricold on the Strike-to-stun.com forums. Thanks to Delothui (Strike-to-stun.com), Sir Lancelot (Strike-to-stun.com), Tyrion Reaper (Ulthuan.org), Lord Wizbang (Strike-to-stun.com), Dark Alliance (Druchii.net), Elthair (Ulthuan.org), Valaros (Ulthuan.org), Huangar (lightalliance.co.uk), Ranulf Doomhammer (BugmansBrewery.com), Armond du Forge (lightalliance.co.uk), Robert de Giselles (Bretonnia.hinet.nu), Meavar (angelfire.com/ma2/machiara), Lord Aewyn Machiara (angelfire.com/ma2/machiara), Earl Frederique (Bretonnia.org) for their help)

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The rules have been updated.

"Hi guys, I just want to say that for some unknown reason I dreamed the entire Lore team was on my roof last night and we were barbequing a marlin while discussing some rand stuff. It was vivid enough for me that my mother had to wake me up to stop me from mumbling and twitching, believing I was having a nightmare." ~Giladis

"Think of the Loremasters as irresponsible parents. VictorK is the one you need to talk to if you want permission for something, I'm the evil parent that says 'no' and Eldacar is your grumpy grandfather who fought in some war and is scary and authoritative." ~Ruerl Khan

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A new FAQ for the Main Rulebook has been added...

About time!

http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_Cus ... n_2009.pdf

Kalandros Shadowsun

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