Of the Riftsever Court and the Asur of Tor Koruali
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Author:  Loremaster Avarael [ Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:30 am ]
Post subject:  Of the Riftsever Court and the Asur of Tor Koruali

I should have led with this from the beginning. My original account name was Glorfindain but that account was deleted during the curfuffle when the site was updated. So I used the opportunity of a new account to get the story of my little corner of the Warhammer World out there.

The City of Tor Koruali

Found in the bright days after the victory over the Demons and the completion of the Great Vortex Tor Koruali was to be a place of asceticism and serenity. Lord Eldorath Starmantle and his wife, Lady Adanessa Ambereve wanted to find a place for their people away from the burgeoning cities of the west from which to explore the world and the potential of the Elvish people unfettered by war and political wrangling of the other kingdoms. They settled in the rugged and mist-wreathed land that would become the Kingdom of Yvresse to be their home. On the seaward arm of the Bay of Kanaloak, named for the great Merwyrm, they set the foundations of a city that would spread it's influence across oceans and over mountains.

As in the rest of Ulthuan Prince Eldorath and his house were hemmed in by mountain and sea so were unable to build a sprawling city out across the countryside so instead, they built up. The entirety of Tor Koruali is made up of and held within a single structure of majesty and elegance. The shape of the great Tor is that of a vast cylinder set on end with gracefully curving bridges connecting various galleries and balconies on one side of the cities inner ring to the other. Some of these bridges meet and through puissant spells long since cast small orchards and landings are kept suspended in midair. In the great grandiose sweep of the city's construction can be found long colonnades set with pillars worked in the shape of far-reaching trees, lofty arches that show griffins and Phoenix meeting mid-flight that soar over parks and great balustrades overlook the Bay in the west and open ocean to the east. The internal space was focused on communal areas to create a tightly knit community so it is that the suites of the nobles have enclosed spaces comparable to those resided in by any Asur yet it is the covered verandas and porticoes on the outer surfaces of the Tor that are the pride and joy of a Noble House. So fabulous is the city's construction that the architectural drawings used in it's planning were one of the key inspirational elements to The White Tower of Hoeth.

As the years have gone by and various threats have changed life in Yvresse the wondrous complex of Tor Koruali has had to change with it. From the contemplative retreat it was first envisioned to the self contained city it has become the tower of Koruali was so masterfully laid out that it has stood the test of time even when it's purpose has evolved. Today the city is broadly divided in to three districts. The lowest area is the one given over to all things martial and is referred to as the Murkwatch Approach. Both gates to the greater city are found here, one leading to the harbor to the immediate west of the city while the other is oriented on the north-west facing of the city. Deeper in the city and past the gatehouses and ramparts of the outer defenses are found the greater part of the Tor's barracks with companies of The Wall, squadrons of Riftsever Lancers and Coldstorm found here. The second and largest district of the city, known as Siofdaed's Repose, is the residential area in which dwell all Asur in the city. Common laborer and Noble aristocrat all share space here seeking leisure in the wide halls and bridge-parks or in secluded balconies and verandas. As the primary duty of the order is the protection the citizens of the Tor the Steelsoul Coterie is quartered here in their pillar-fortress. The upper-most district, the Crown, has undergone the most drastic transformation. The Riftsever Court is still as it's designers first intended as are the theaters, libraries and lamaseries that take up the top few levels of the soaring tower. It is the actual top of the structure, it's roof, is where the great changes have been made. After the outlying farms and fields were despoiled by Demons the decision was made to convert the city's roof to it's agricultural center. There vineyards of fruit-covered arbors and curving orchards, along with the city's fishing fleet, supply the entirety of Koruali with food. The district's name comes from the minarets and defensive ramparts that were added during the reign of The Whitestar, Prince Nualkyrath, along the roof's edge.

The haven-keeps were built as a direct response to the Great Reaping, that tragedy of old when Demons rampaged through the Tor and the streets ran red with blood. Multiple refuges were needed throughout the city both as rallying points for it;s defenders and places of safety for it's citizens if enemies ever broke through the outer defences. The city's bottom levels have been entirely reworked into a series of bastions and choke points so that the entirety of the Approach is a fortress. Skypillar Aegis is the home of the Steelsoul Coterie and has been incorporated into one of the ciey's main support pillars. The other haven-keep in the Repose is the Supernal Arch which is located across the Waystone Gap opposite the Skypillar Aegis. The Supernal Arch has a garrison of archers and spears but it's most potent defenders are the Ithilmar Flames, the Phoenix Guard that came to Koruali with the White Seraph. The Riftsever Court itself is the final haven-keep of the city and is home to the Edges of Candor and Avarael's following of student-mages.

The gap in the city's center, running from the foundations to the structure's upper-most edge, is home to the largest Waystone for several leagues in any direction. This node of magical energy rests atop a pillar of magically-hardened stone that is half the height of the city and glows like a star pulled from the night sky. Long ago the builders of the city used the Waystone as an anchor for the huge amounts of magic needed to keep the city standing. When the invisible currents of the Eight Winds flow through the city to reach the Waystone some of those magical currents are caught by wards and enchantments that make the logic-defying construction of Tor Koruali possible.

The Riftsever Host

The Priory of Origin - A religious order dedicated to Ladrielle and her philosophy of guiding those in need and protecting what is lost. The priestesses are based at The Seven Sisters shrine and work in tandem with the Steelsouls to patrol the surrounding area. For millennia the holy warriors of the Lady of Mists have fought against monsters from the Anulii and Demons from the Realm of Chaos. Presently led by Lady-Vigilant Aulyskar Stillnight the Priory has fought many battles beside the forces of Tor Koruali. After the Sisters turned the tide of battle at Nostolique Falls by sending volley after volley of arrows into the accursed ranks of the enemy and slaying the Screaming Bride of Slaanesh Avarael labored for seventeen years crafting his thanks in the form of an enchanted bow for each sister. In place of arrows these arcane weapons fire bolts of Hysh energy that immolate their targets, doubly so against those who are intrinsically evil.
The Edge of Candor - Since it's inception the order of the Swordmasters has accrued an almost endless roll of battlefield victories and feats of martial excellence. Just as dangerous as rampaging minotaurs, roaring Juggernauts or covens of necromancers that attack the Asur from beyond the borders of Ulthuan are the Cynathari, cultists that seek to bring it down from within. Through patient investigation, knowledge of the occult and peerless blade-skill the adherents of The White Tower have found cankers of spiritual corruption from Lothern to Tor Gard. By their tireless work are convoys protected, sacred rites kept sacrosanct and assassins slain before their poisoned daggers strike. The conclave of Swordmasters that followed Avarael to Tor Koruali were the same agents that he led for decades battling followers of the Undergods, Druchii Spymasters and Demons summoned by foul rituals.
When initially called home Avarael saw an opportunity to accomplish two goals by bringing a following of Hoeth's warriors with him. The first was to greatly bolster the fighting strength of his home city while the second was to give the Swordmasters a secure base with which to conduct their clandestine business from. Bladelord Lariel Sureblade quickly agreed and the two heroes soon gathered a following of veteran cult hunters to their cause. In present day The Edges split their strength between Avarael's military needs and a more secretive role of infiltrating Asur society at all levels. The goings on from Tor Dynal in the north all the way to Cairn Thel in the south are reported to the Sureblade.

The Steelsoul Coterie - This order of Demon Hunters was founded in the early days of Tor Koruali when Prince Eradrath Starmantle led the army of the Tor north against the Druchii. While her brother was away fighting Malekith's followers Siofdaed Starmantle held the city against many Demonic attacks. Most were dashed against the Tor's battlements with few elf casualties, others were closely fought battles that were won through tenacity and courage but one, The Great Reaping, was a tragedy without equal. After that devastating attack Lady Starmantle formed a body of warriors charged solely with the mission of carrying the fight against the Demons in the mists. No expanding the frontier's of the Asur empire or marching to the Gates to fight the Dark Ones for these stoic warriors, only desperate battle in shaded glen and murk-wreathed hill. The Steelsouls will defend the Tor against any threat that comes against their people but only so that they can return to the eternal hunt for hellish tresspassers. Elves from all walks of life are welcome in the Coterie but once the vows are spoken all former ties are cut. Potters, smiths, weavers and Princes have all taken up the glaive and cloak. All have spoken the words and walked into the murk.
Having existed for millenia before High Prince Moranion founded the Mistwalkers the Steelsoul Coterie sees this newer band of Demon hunters as inexperienced amatuers and glory-seeking nobles playing at being warriors. The members of the Coterie have generations of experience to draw upon so that cadres in the wilds can move through the densest forrests without hinderance. Through the watchful vigilence of the Coterie Demonic incursions beyond count have been stopped before fully manifesting. Hellish claws, talons, and sword are met by glaives and hearts of hardest steel.

The Wall and The Coldstorm - Where other kingdoms started a levy system under the reign of Morvael the Impetuous Yvresse has had it in place for dozens of centuries. Because of the constant threat of Demonic attack every Asur has contributed to the defense of the realm since the Kingdom was founded. This proportionately larger strength has been hidden form greater Ulthuan by the Princes of the Kingdom. Always they would lend a portion of their household's strength to the common cause while leaving enough troops behind to protect against any rifts that formed. So while the Elves of Caledor, Chrace and Tiranoc are ever boastful of their greatest victories the Yveressii hold theirs close to their hearts in secret satisfaction and grim remembrence.
Eldorath's Wall was formed by the first Lord Starmantle as it became clear that the Demonic raids suffered by his people weren't the last gasps from the Great Incursion but an ongoing threat with no end in sight. While the nobles of his House fought as they had in Aenarion's army, as heavy cavalry, the artisans, laborers and merchants that followed Eldorath were trained by veterans of past wars and formed in to phalanxes of spears and companies of archers. Again and again High Elves carrying tall spears and broad shields were the anvil that hellish armies were broken upon. After the Red Autumn and the defeat of Coalgoldurrogfin the Enigma Eldorath said that it wasn't any bulwark of stone that protected his lands but the wall of valor made by his people. The duty of The Wall has always been to protect the people and city of Tor Koruali and as such the spear companies rarely leave the soaring ramparts of the city.
Over the course of millenia The Wall has had a turbulent record of battle. Its members have written their actions across the ages in blood, both of their enemies and that of fallen heroes. The multitudes of The Wall are broken up into companies referred to as Banners of which several have earned lasting revrence in the annals of the Tor. The Cobalt Avengers led by Hacarith Wavedance were a dour brotherhood whose ancestors fought to hack a life from the wilderness of the Old World in ages past yet had to return after the War of the Beard to wage war upon the Druchii rebels. Aragadir Deepglen's Sapphire Tallshields were known for their daring in war and will followed their leader in his quest for justice. Silevel Fairfury and the Cerulean Victors are heroes all that fought in the depthless mists alongside Glorfindain during the March of Swords.

The Coldstorm Archers- As in every other land in Ulthuan the Asur that come of age contribute to the defence of the land first as archers. The Coldstorm earned it's name during the formative years of Tor Koruali even as the tower-city was still being constructed. Prince Eldorath had taken the greater portion of his armed forces to Elthin Arvan to carve soaring towers and shining cities out of the wilderness there. The curtain wall was still rising around the foundations of the great Tor that would one day become Koruali when a rift to the Chaos Plane opened not far from the newly fashioned gates and packs of Demon Hounds and lacivious Fiends attacked. With the Prince's court and the greater balance of spear companies at his side it fell to the citizens of the city to defend it. All along the ascending wall Asur formed into lines with longbows in hand. With alacrity and focus the Elves sent volley after volley in to the approaching mass of Demon raiders. So concentrated and devestating was the deluge of arrows that only a paltry few of the Blood Hounds made it in to combat and they were soon dispatched with sword and spear.

The Riftsever Court – The court is composed of the descendents of the Elves that swore fealty to Eldorath Starmantle and fought at his side against the Demons. More than any other fighting force of Tor Koruali the warriors of the Noble houses have perpetuated the continuous fight against the Demons in the mist, the lurkers behind the veil. The Riftsever Court itself is just a much a testament to their martial skill and valor as it is the seat of Starmantle power. Frescoes of Asur Lancers driving home charges in to the ranks or Orcs, slaying fire-breathing Hydrae and riding down Demon kings adorn the walls and seal the heroes of Tor Koruali in the annals of history.

The Ithilmar Flames – This is the name given to the blessed warriors of the Shrine of Asuryan that accompanied the Annointed called the White Seraph to Tor Koruali. As to why they came there is no definite reason, just supposition and rumor. Inquiries were made and it is clear that Finubar did not order them to relocate to Yvresse. A surprise though they were they have quickly become a cornerstone in the army of Prince Avarael. On the offensive they are as implacable as the Creator's own judgement, while on defensive the holy Asur cannot be moved. Out of all their battles as part of Tor Koruali's armed forces the most memorable was the storming of the Joyous Lament, a Black Arc that chose the wrong city to raid. At the battles height the High Elves has fought the Druchii rebels back to the gate of the Arc itself but could push no further because the yawning portal was held by a conclave of Executioners of Khaine. Dread were the devotees of the Murder God whose masks and blades were splattered with the blood of those who had challenged them so far. The Asur ranks drew back to regroup when the clouds opened and a brilliant column of sunlight poured forth to bath the rear of the Yvressii formations in radiance. From out of the corona, their tall halberds and ithilmar plate seeming to be aflame with the blessings of their God, marched the Phoenix Guard. Like the tongues of some silver fire their halberds flickered out to pierce throats and sever arms. A moment later draichs sang down hungry for Asur lives but the moment Druchii steel came in contact with High Elf necks or helms the weapons of the Executioners stopped. Asuryan had written out the story of his chosen warrior's lives before the world was created and it was in His time that they would leave this world, not before. Protected by divine favor the Phoenix Guard reaped a terrible slaughter amongst the Dark Elves and set them to rout. With the entrance to the Arc in Korualii hands the High Elves swpet in freed any prisoners found and put any Druchii found to the sword. After the battle Avarael placed marks of ruin and fire upon the floating citadel and had it floated out to sea where it was consumed by a roaring conflagration.

Author:  Giladis [ Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:32 pm ]
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Very interesting =D>

Though I would adivse some more editing for text to be more reader friendly. My only objection is that it lacks an introduction of sorts. It took nearly up to the half of the text before I realised your guys were from Yvresse.

Cheers :D

Author:  Loremaster Avarael [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:13 am ]
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#-o I can't believe I didn't do that. Thank you for the advice!

Author:  Loremaster Avarael [ Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:04 am ]
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Sorry if I jump around with the story telling here. This is what my little corner of Ulthuan is up do during the End Times. More to come.

The Deliverance

Now is a dark time in Ulthuan, a time of Demonic invasion and Death ascendant. Cities that have withstood the brutal attentions of monsters from the Anulii and the depredations of Druchii raiders for dozens of centuries have fallen. Asur fortresses burn while the Phoenix King sequesters himself away when action is what is needed. Avatars of entropy lead legions of screaming clawed temptresses and schools of sky-sharks to make war upon the Ten Kingdoms. In the mountains of Caledor the nobility fight from the backs of the oldest allies of the High Elves burning armies and ripping Demon kings limb from limb. In Saphery Archmages incant spells of blistering power that blast droning Tallymen from the world with one breath and dispel curses of debilitating spasms with the next. In the east of sacred Ulthuan Yvresse is beset by Demons like all the rest of the Ten Kingdoms, yet such has always been life in the land of mists.

As Demonic forces manifested all over Ulthuan no other kingdom was at the state of readiness found in Yvresse. Patrols of Mistwalkers and Steelsouls were waiting as Plaguebearers and Skullcrushers ripped their way in to the world to send them back to hell with arrow and glaive. Yet with Eltharion gone the kingdom lacked leadership and each Prince looked to his own land's defense. Communication between the Tors and villas was still possible thanks to the mages in each community yet no Prince wanted to endanger his holdings by riding to the aid of another. Prince Avarael, the Spellsword of Yvresse, sought to strengthen the kingdom’s sense of unity and purpose by reaching out to nearby Asur holdings and sharing the burden of defense.

To that end messengers were sent to Prince Vanerion Dawncrest of Tor Andar, Warden Lasphearis Arcbreaker of Mistnar and Prince Kygalen Everswift, the Knight of Peaks, of the Skyhaven Plateau. Already, had word been sent to High Vigilant Nallundrian Suretread of the temple of the Seven Sisters along with a company of spears, archers and Steelsouls each to bolster the defense of the Beacon-Hall there. As a sign of co-operation and good will the High Vigilant sent a company of her sisters to aid Avarael in his endeavors. Though they were few when compared to other warrior orders of Tor Koruali the sisters were firm of heart and fell of deed. Their magic bows had already saved scores of pilgrims and slain hundreds of Demons over the recent few years.

As the Korualiian forces were marshaled the Eternal Threat tipped its hand. A huge rift, like a star of un-light, opened north of the city and poured out a torrent of Chaos filth. Extensions of Onogal and Kharneth, the Demons that flooded the seaward arm of the Bay of Kanaloak were blood-slicked or filth-smeared. The Bloodletter’s roars for carnage competed with the steady susurrus of the Plaguebearers as they cataloged each new disease born in to the world. Juggernaughts of brass and rage stomped forests flat and the occasional Nurgling that wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way. The skies above were filled with scores of screeching Furies and the deep droning of Rot Fly wings. An unholy product from Khorne’s own forges, growling eternally and leaking hellfire was flanked by lolloping and slime encrusted Beasts of Nurgle as its six legs carried it to the elven Tor.

Leading this army were two entities held high in esteem by their patrons. Agurzil the Ever-Frenzy was a Bloodthirster of Khorne and as such had butchered untold numbers in the name of his God. The Blood God’s favor was shown by Agurzil’s ability to smother enemy spellcaster’s enchantments with anger alone. In its clawed fist the Blooded One carried a weapon that was so much more that just hell-wrought metal; it was the very concept of slaughter given form. The sword was of mammoth proportions and looked to be made of volcanic glass from the burning mountains of Khorne’s own realm. The cowled and towering form of Dhumavond Woemother had not been seen in this world since the Great War against Chaos. She still wore the threadbare and moth-eaten burial shroud from when she was mortal. Underneath her hood no bestial visage or mutated face looked out, just a deep and hungry void. Although she had been a woman like any other when human her form now rivaled that of a troll and was girded in tarnished silver plate engraved with pale blue-glowing runes. In her gauntleted hand was a weapon like a double ended cleaver with blades as long as an elf is tall. Numbering in the thousands and led by demigods the Demons sought to tear down the structure of Tor Koruali and feast upon the suffering of its people.

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Great end times update! Was that daemon force one you faced on the battlefield?

Author:  Loremaster Avarael [ Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:36 am ]
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It was not, my regular opponent refuses to field Demons on account of the BoTWD. That hasn't stopped him from collecting DEs, OKs, CDs and a new Legion of the Dead. :roll:

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:46 pm ]
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Yvresse you say, welcome brother.

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