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I am currently about to run a WFRPG game in which the The players are tasked with infiltrating and sinking a Black Ark. My Co-GM has come up with a fast paced system to help describe the day to day goings on and minor encounters without slowwing the whole of the game down by having to put everyone in combat each time a scouting party finds the players. He will ask the players for X skill checks from the party with any skill the PC's want to long as they have a small description of what they are trying to do and Y checks of specific types that are relitive to the area of the Black Ark they are in. With the occasional special check that has lasting affects based on sucsess or failure we have a good and quick way to have the players travel or have time pass without things seeming too easy or the players feeling like every mundaine thing is just given to them. Going a little further, I am comiming up with a list of 1 or 2 sentence descriptions that can be thrown in to help set the scene as seen fit by the GM's. Some examples are 'red tinted water trickles down the street here' or ' A lone slave curls into a corner, hiding from you elfen gaze.' or ' City Guard see you. They exchange shots with you at long ranger before moving on.' ect.
I am asking you, Ulthuan.net for help setting a realistic tone for my adventures. I am a long time High Elf player but know very little about Druchii outside of what is given in the HE army books. If you can take a moment or two to jot down a scene description I would be very grateful. Also, anyone who is running WFRPG or simply interested in Tabletop RP and would like to know a little more about 'the Mechanic' as we call it, feel free to PM me.

Thank you

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