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 Post subject: The End Times
PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:14 pm 
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Storm clouds gather! War becons! Death approaches!

Lords and ladies of Ulthuan the End Times are upon us!

We have come to the end of history!

From the seething north a Keigh-mon warlord leads the hordes of the Dark brothers to drown the world in fire and blood while the accursed spawn of Tar Uritharhain seeks dominion over this existance and the next. In this darkest of hours I call upon you daughters of Isha and sons of Kurnous to string you bows and sharpen your spears and heed the sword's song. Embrace the bloodlust of Khaine, let Drakira into your hearts but balance them with wisdom of Hoeth and honour of Eldrazor.

Though our fair homeland is beset on all sides, we shall resist, as our forefathers did at the dawn of time. As doom approaches, as the tainted ones ravage our shores, we stand defiant and shall emerge victorious. For we are the Asur, beloved of the Gods, heirs to the world and we shall never fall!!!

To arms now!

Let no evil deed go unanswered, no foul creature unoposed!

Cleanse this world or die with honour!!!

OOC: Today begins a new and exciting era in the World of Warhammer. The End Times have come and all the races of the world now march to either ruin or salvation as the world dies around them. It is an expansion we hope will see many among you fight great battles that you will add to our Battle Report section or inspire you to construct and paint more wonderous models that you can share in the Painting section. Also all those feeling the need to share the writen side of their hobby are more than welcome to expand our literary section

On the behalf of the Loremaster council

Admiral Giladis


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 Post subject: Re: The End Times
PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:51 pm 
Auctor Aeternitatum
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Spires looked at the papers on his desk in front of him. Behind him, the noise from the city that had given him his name drifted in through the paneled balcony doors. He permitted himself a small, tired sigh. No one was around to notice this lapse in hard, unshakable exterior. The lack of sleep was getting its toll. But too many things still needed to be arranged if even only half of the documents contained some truth. It was hard to be sure about news from afar.

Things were afoot. Too many pieces seemed to be moving at once, independent from one another. But his years in the colonies had shown him coincidences rarely occurred. There was bound to be a connection. Some piece of the puzzle he was missing.

He looked at the different documents again.

The first was a letter from Ailana of Saphery. After Arakis they had kept up a regular correspondence. Both of them had information the other could use. It was always useful to keep up with the latest gossip from the upper echelons of the Ever Empire.

By itself, the content of the letter was relatively innocent. The phoenix king was being reclusive and eccentric again. But then he had always been that way. Creatures were stirring in the Annullian mountains in greater number then before. And there were reports of things moving in the swirls of the Vortex. Some claimed to even have seen flashes of Grom the Paunch in the mists of Yvress.

Of course, the Vortex was always acting up. By itself it wouldn’t be much to worry about. But Chaos was also rumored to be on the march. Spires’ ships and contacts in the Old World reported greater than average movement in the far North. Whole tribes and nations were said to be on the move. Deamons driving them on. Of course, no one reliable had actually seen them. It was always someone who had talked to a trader who knew someone who had had a drink with a lad who had seen something.

But then, most people wouldn’t live long enough to report Chaos Deamons on the move. Especially if the person in question was human. They generally either went mad or cowered somewhere until they were overrun.

The rumors were also backed up by reports from closer to home. All along the north eastern order of the territories of the City of Spires skirmishes were breaking out. Ogres were pouring out of the mountains of Mourn in ever greater number. So far they mostly had been turned aside and been diverted around the colony. Directed towards easier prey. But if the numbers kept increasing at this rate then Spires’ border guard would be hard pressed to keep the lumbering brutes at bay.

The whole mountain range seemed to be emptying. But if it was because the Ogres had joined forces with Chaos and were looking for plunder or if they were being driven onwards by invading legions no report told. Standing in the way of an Ogre migration was a surefire way to get eaten. Even for one of the Nagarathi scouts.

And then there were the lands to the west of the city of Spires. The ancient kingdom of Kemry. The land of the Dead. Dreadful and bleak. Devoid of life and yet home to one of greatest human civilizations. The dead were restless. Ships had disappeared while mooring in previously safe harbors along the coast of Kemri. Those ships alone had lost Spires a small fortune in goods from Ulthuan.

But if the coasts were unsafe, then the inlands were even worse. For some reason, fighting had broken out amongst the different undead factions. And living explores were simply considered new recruits. After losing large parts of several expeditions sent to gather intel from Kemri, Spires had stopped sending them. He now was blind as far as the Southlands of the Old World were concerned.

Spires put the different documents down again on their different piles. There had to be a connection. Gracefully, cat-like, he got up and walked out onto the balcony. Down below the city of Spires spread out towards the harbor. Several of the rock spires that gave the city its name reared up around the palace. To the left was what was known as the Little Tower, a nod to the white tower in Saphery, home too many of the mages of the city. Over to the right, nearer the city wall, the watchtower stood guard. Highest of the spires, an elf standing atop it could watch all the way to the foothills of the mountains of Mourn. And over by the docks, the Spires chapter Company. Lower and broad, it housed the largest trading chapter of the city. Much of the wealth of the colonies was linked to that spire.

Around this last spire, Spires saw several of his regiments march towards the docks. At the moment it was still Sea Guards, Ballista’s and one of his units of Swordmasters. Not too many yet. But the call from Ulthuan would come. Spires could feel the storm brewing on the horizon. The Ever Empire would come under attack again. And Spires intended to have his pawns in place when it did. And so the sons of the colonies were being shipped home. To be ready when the call came.

Behind him the door to Spires’ study crashed open. His secretary El’An rushed in. Three steps brought Spires back to his desk. He arched an eyebrow in anger at El’An. This was not to be accepted. Proper form needed to be followed. And one does not simply rush in on a Prince. El’An was young, granted. But youth only could excuse so much.

El’An raised his right hand almost like a ward before him. “A report sir, from the Dragon Isles” he said in a timid voice. “It was just now delivered by Eagle”
The Prince of Spires looked at the sealed scroll. And saw the reason for El’An’s haste. Four ribbons were attached to the seal. Each of them Red and White, the colors of the City. His personal colors. An urgent missive. For his eyes only. The ribbons were his code, known only by the commanders and high magistrates he had appointed to rule his different outposts. The only message more urgent then this one would be one from the Phoenix King himself.
“Thank you, El’An” Spires said as he took the report. “You may go now.”

Spires rolled the letter in his hands for a short while after El’An had closed the door behind himself again. He felt a trepidation to open it. Would this be the missing puzzle piece? What could be so important that the message carried this encoding? With his nail Spires broke the wax seal and unrolled the letter.
“Dear sir,
Great disturbances have shaken the Dragon Isles. The different volcanoes of the archipelago have become restless. And the dragons are awakening and rising. Not just one or two. But they all seem to be waking from their eternal slumber. Even the oldest species, which were already in deep sleep 500 years ago when we first found them are getting restive. It won’t be long before even they rise.
Already at this moment, large flocks of them circle on the thermal currents surrounding the islands. And, which is the direct cause of this letter, the first Star Dragon has left his lair. As I write this, he is currently feeding on one of the herds around New Harbor.

This seems news of great importance. Hence the urgency of this missive.
Commander An-Ar Oleth”

Spires dropped the letter to the ground. The dragons were waking. He never thought it would actually occur in his lifetime. It was indeed the final piece of the puzzle. He thought back to his lessons in the White Tower in his youth, almost a 1000 years ago now. There were the prophecies. In all Elven writings about Dragons, there was always only one reason why the dragons would wake up. It was worse than he had anticipated. For once, the Prince of Spires was caught off guard.

The End Times had come.

Eirik wrote:
Please try to remember that, no matter how 'official' the source seems, rumours are basically just a dictionary combined with a random number generator

For Nagarythe: Come to the dark side.
PS: Bring cookies!

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 Post subject: Re: The End Times
PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:16 am 
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Elessehta reclined in his camp tent, sipping a fine wine from the Empire, little to no flavour, mostly alcohol...
He'd was processing the message that had arrived this morning. Borne by a hunting falcon, the message was from his beloved.
It instructed him to return home, the Warden's mission had failed, and he was presumed dead. The Archon's were meeting in Tor Yvresse to elect a new Warden.

After reading it twice, he'd handed it to Oh'tarelen with tears in his eyes, ordering him to see to the preparations, while he took a moment to grieve.
Only a moment, as it would take weeks to get back to Ulthuan, and Yvresse needed a new Warden.
Apparently the Mist Walkers had noticed an increase in the amount of Daemons in the mist, this was worrying.

Lord Elessehta Silverbough of Ar Yvrellion, Ruler of Athel Anarhain, Prince of the Yvressi.
Beastly member of The Mage Knight Guild.
Narrin’Tim wrote:
These may be the last days of the Asur, but if we are to leave this world let us do it as the heroes of old, sword raised against evil!

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